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Creating SMS Marketing Campaign (SqueezeMobillionaire)

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Connecting with consumers when they’re on the go is more important than ever and SMS marketing can be a highly effective technique.

Here are 5 tips for writing marketing texts that get read and produce results

The templates shown in this presentation are all in the Squeezemobillionaire platform. The mobile app and site builder in this platform has the feature to add news feeds to the sites/apps. Get to know more about what is included in the platform here: https://www.squeezemobillionaire.com/sign-up/pricing/

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  • Being memorable is always a must in marketing. With SMS though, you barely have any space (and no media) to achieve that goal, so you have to be really efficient. Good slides!
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Creating SMS Marketing Campaign (SqueezeMobillionaire)

  1. 1. SqueezeMobillionaire Training Series
  2. 2.  SMS Marketing – Dos and Don’ts TODAY’S TOPIC
  4. 4. 1. How to Create Your Message 2. SMS Marketing Campaign Samples 3. What Makes a Promotion Work OBJECTIVES
  5. 5. Connecting with consumers when they’re on the go is more important than ever and SMS marketing can be a highly effective technique CREATING YOUR MESSAGE
  6. 6. Here are 5 tips for writing marketing texts that get read and produce results CREATING YOUR MESSAGE
  7. 7.  Laser-focused  No room for fluff in mobile marketing  Know your target audience and speak directly to it TIP #1: BE BRIEF AND FOCUSED
  8. 8.  Leave out extaneous details  Describe only how to take advantage of your offer TIP #1: BE BRIEF AND FOCUSED
  9. 9.  If your message looks like spam, consumers will delete it  It is critical to leave out anything that is too slick or promotional TIP #2: AVOID HYPE SLANG ABBREVIATIONS
  10. 10.  That includes marketing hype like “amazing” offers, slang and abbreviations which can destroy your campaign TIP #2: AVOID HYPE SLANG ABBREVIATIONS
  11. 11.  No one wants to receive texts from a company unless the messages offer something of value TIP #3: OFFER SOMETHING OF IMMEDIATE VALUE
  12. 12.  Because SMS is instantaneous, you should include real- time offers TIP #3: OFFER SOMETHING OF IMMEDIATE VALUE
  13. 13.  Message should describe benefits of acting now TIP #3: OFFER SOMETHING OF IMMEDIATE VALUE
  14. 14.  How often do you receive a text that doesn’t identify the company? TIP #4: IDENTIFY YOURSELF
  15. 15.  Most of the time you will just see a phone number you don’t recognize TIP #4: IDENTIFY YOURSELF
  16. 16.  How many times have you just deleted those anonymous messages? TIP #4: IDENTIFY YOURSELF
  17. 17.  It is important you clearly identify your business or brand to avoid getting the spam treatment TIP #4: IDENTIFY YOURSELF
  18. 18.  Don’t clutter consumer’s text message inbox with offers and news they could easily get in the store. TIP #5: MAKE CONSUMERS FEEL SPECIAL
  19. 19.  Instead make recipients of your text feel they are special and have qualified for an exclusive promo TIP #5: MAKE CONSUMERS FEEL SPECIAL
  20. 20.  Otherwise they will just opt-out of receiving texts from you TIP #5: MAKE CONSUMERS FEEL SPECIAL
  22. 22. Sample 1: Amazing prices at www.abcbags.com almost 2G2BT. Miss these prices AYOR. BAD SAMPLES
  23. 23. Sample 2: Hey! Did you see this sale? www.abcbags.com. Gotta get your bag before it’s too late. BAD SAMPLES
  24. 24. What’s wrong with the last 2 messages? BAD SAMPLES
  25. 25.  Texts include hype  Slang  Abbreviations BAD SAMPLES
  26. 26.  These can hurt your campaign BAD SAMPLES
  27. 27. Sample 1: 50% off all leather laptop bags at www.abcbags.com for the next 48 hours only. Use coupon code HALFOFFTEXT at checkout. GOOD SAMPLES
  28. 28. Sample 2: ABC Bags 50% off leather laptop bags through 3/31/12. Show this message to store manager to get half off. Find a store: www.abcbags.com/locations. GOOD SAMPLES
  29. 29. What makes these two messages work? GOOD SAMPLES
  30. 30.  Offer is clearly stated with clear call-to-action  Provides sense of value, timeliness, exclusivity GOOD SAMPLES
  31. 31.  Message creates a sense of urgency GOOD SAMPLES
  32. 32.  Finding the right messages for your audience takes time and experimentation THINGS TO REMEMBER
  34. 34. Coca Cola Coca Cola were sued by a customer when their SMS marketing campaign message failed to include an opt-out facility THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  35. 35. Coca Cola Despite a customer texting ‘stop’ to the Coke shortcode, the customer continued to receive messages THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  36. 36. Coca Cola For a corporate giant like Coke costs are not a problem but for regular businesses a similar lawsuit is damaging THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  37. 37. Lesson Always include an opt- out THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  38. 38. Frijj Frijj is a milkshake brand that is popular with young people THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  39. 39. Frijj On the bottle was a small call-to-action: “text us, and get our company intern (Warren) to ‘do something’.” THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  40. 40. Frijj To participate in the competition, participants had to find a code on the bottom of the bottle THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  41. 41. Frijj Then text that plus an additional codeword, to a shortcode THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  42. 42. Lesson Keep it simple THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  43. 43. Lesson Make your call to action simple to understand and execute THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  44. 44. Lesson Every time you add a layer – multiple steps, keywords – you’re just making it harder for people to reach you THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  45. 45. Ford Ford ran an campaign inviting viewers to text a shortcode to learn more about their latest model and other offers THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  46. 46. Ford After customers text, the autoresponder just sent out a pretty bland message detailing financing offer and a phone number of a dealer THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  47. 47. Ford Two weeks later – same message. Two weeks after that – same message. Another two weeks – guess what? THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  48. 48. Lesson Quality over quantity THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  49. 49. Lesson While not technically spamming, it is just as annoying THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  50. 50. Pampers In 2011, they ran a list- generating campaign to encourage customers to sign up to their mailing list and receive rewards THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  51. 51. Pampers To do this, they stuck a sticker into their product packaging. The sticker instructed the reader in tiny writing that if they… THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  52. 52. Pampers Wished to benefit from rewards they should text the 15 digit reference to a shortcode number THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  53. 53. Pampers The reply they received was: “Sorry, we couldn’t find your mobile number. Please enter your email address. Msg&data rates may apply. reply STOP 2 quit, HELP 4help & T&Cs” THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  54. 54. Pampers Obviously you are going to send over your email, to which Pampers replied: “Sorry, we could not find your email @ Pampers GTG. Please register at pampers.com. Msg&data rates may apply. reply STOP 2 quit, HELP 4help” THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  55. 55. Pampers So customers would go to the website and found a long data-entry form asking for more information. THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  56. 56. Pampers What do you think customers did? THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  57. 57. Lesson You want customers signing up as soon as possible THINGS NOT TO FOLLOW
  59. 59. Orange Orange is a mobile network operator who, six years ago, began an SMS campaign THINGS TO FOLLOW
  60. 60. Orange that was designed to benefit Orange customers, but was in fact, so unbelievably successful that it actually ended up changing the habits of consumers regardless of their mobile phone provider. THINGS TO FOLLOW
  61. 61. Orange “Orange Wednesday” gave customers 2 for the price of 1 on cinema tickets when they requested a code, via SMS, from Orange THINGS TO FOLLOW
  62. 62. Orange This greatly increased customer retention THINGS TO FOLLOW
  63. 63. Lesson Make it memorable THINGS TO FOLLOW
  64. 64. Lesson Campaign worked because it was a good offer and relevant to the customer THINGS TO FOLLOW
  65. 65. Lesson More importantly it was memorable since practically everyone knows what “Orange Wednesday” is THINGS TO FOLLOW
  66. 66. BMW BMW Germany ran a campaign highlighting the necessity of winter tires. THINGS TO FOLLOW
  67. 67. BMW They sent an MMS to everyone who had bought a BMW that year, with a picture of the car they bought, in the color they bought it in, with the tires – and reminded customers of the requirement THINGS TO FOLLOW
  68. 68. BMW There was a 30% uptake in sales THINGS TO FOLLOW
  69. 69. Lesson Personalize it THINGS TO FOLLOW
  70. 70. Lesson By personalizing messages, sending the MMS, BMW built a marketing message that was personal and relevant THINGS TO FOLLOW
  71. 71. Dylon: Color Catcher Dylon are a fabric care company who specialize in fabric dye and clothing care products. THINGS TO FOLLOW
  72. 72. Dylon: Color Catcher Dylon promoted one of their products -Colour Catcher- via SMS THINGS TO FOLLOW
  73. 73. Dylon: Color Catcher They ran a series of adverts on TV offering a free sample so that consumers could see how well the product worked. THINGS TO FOLLOW
  74. 74. Dylon: Color Catcher They had anticipated sending out around 4,000 samples. THINGS TO FOLLOW
  75. 75. Dylon: Color Catcher In the end they were able to give out over 34,000 samples THINGS TO FOLLOW
  76. 76. Dylon: Color Catcher What makes this campaign interesting is Dylon’s decision to use different keywords for the inbound SMS THINGS TO FOLLOW
  77. 77. Dylon: Color Catcher So, they were able to tell what the take up was in different areas of the country- and refine subsequent campaigns accordingly. THINGS TO FOLLOW
  79. 79. Lesson By using different keywords, they were able to track where their customer base is most concentrated THINGS TO FOLLOW
  80. 80. Walkers Walkers make crisps (delicious crisps) and in 2009 ran a promotional campaign using SMS marketing. THINGS TO FOLLOW
  81. 81. Walkers Walkers gave away an iPod every hour to people who texted a code shown on their crisp packets. THINGS TO FOLLOW
  82. 82. Walkers Aside from dishing out the prizes to the winners, Walkers’ campaign is interesting because they also replied to the losers. THINGS TO FOLLOW
  83. 83. Walkers On one day, they sent the message ‘Did you know that 34% of the winners yesterday came from Barbecue Beef?’ – and the next day, 78% of the entrants came from that flavour. THINGS TO FOLLOW
  84. 84. Lesson Reply! THINGS TO FOLLOW
  85. 85. Lesson All they did was text back THINGS TO FOLLOW
  86. 86. Lesson We expect it from family, friends and colleagues. Why shouldn’t we expect it from a company who wants us to buy their stuff? THINGS TO FOLLOW
  87. 87. Lesson For Walkers, the reply was all it took to generate an increase in sales within 24 hours THINGS TO FOLLOW
  88. 88. Lesson Turn your campaigns into conversations – text back THINGS TO FOLLOW
  89. 89. IN SUMMARY
  90. 90.  Always include an opt- out  Keep it simple  Quality over quantity  Be helpful VALUABLE LESSONS
  91. 91.  Make it memorable  Personalize  Target  And Reply VALUABLE LESSONS
  93. 93. Let’s look at a Promotion and point out a few things that could improve their SMS marketing campaign BEFORE AND AFTER
  94. 94. Let’s take for example a Restaurant and Lounge business BEFORE AND AFTER
  95. 95. Promotion Before “All draft beer only $2 on Wednesday, Karaoke starts at 9pm come sing & get a chance to win dinner for 2. Show your server this txt for $2 drafts” BEFORE AND AFTER
  96. 96. Let’s see what’s wrong with this campaign BEFORE AND AFTER
  97. 97.  Call to Action Make sure to communicate a clear primary call to action in the SMS promotion BEFORE AND AFTER
  98. 98.  Call to Action Subscribers should be able to redeem the text without coupon questions BEFORE AND AFTER
  99. 99.  Make it Exclusive Reinforce exclusivity – make it known that no one else has access to your mobile coupons BEFORE AND AFTER
  100. 100.  Abbreviate Appropriately Typical shortened words work, ambiguous chat language does not BEFORE AND AFTER
  101. 101.  Respect time sensitivity Promote the day of the special, not days before BEFORE AND AFTER
  102. 102. Promotion After “Draft beer is only $2 all day today – simply show this text! Karaoke starts at 9pm, so come sing and enjoy the bang for your buck!” BEFORE AND AFTER
  103. 103. WRAP UP
  104. 104. There are many different channels out there that people are using to promote their products and offers SMS MARKETING
  105. 105. But the most effective is SMS because you don’t only get smartphone traffic but also those using feature phones SMS MARKETING
  106. 106. A lot of companies are incorporating SMS marketing SMS MARKETING
  107. 107. With SMS marketing you can continue to build a relationship with your customers SMS MARKETING
  108. 108. Any Questions? QUESTIONS AND FEEDBACK
  109. 109. Did you guys enjoy the session? QUESTIONS AND FEEDBACK
  110. 110. Have a Good Day and Take Care Everybody See You Next Time! QUESTIONS AND FEEDBACK