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  1. Maintenance Management Software SPUDWEB TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED SPUMAINT Presented By :-
  2. Browser Based / In Premise Solution Quickly access SPUMAINT from any Ethernet Connected / Internet-connected device, We bring modern convenience to Machinery Maintenance management. 2
  3. Features Conditioned or Time Based Maintenance Financial & Cost Management Asset Lifecycle Management Inventory Optimization & Parts Management Preventative Maintenance Breakdown Maintenance RCA Tools – Why-Why Analysis / RPN / Pareto MTBF / MTTR Analysis Work Order Management Advanced Analytics & Reporting Resource Scheduling
  4. 4 Home Screen – Critical Alerts & Notifications
  5. Master Settings Define Master Database 5
  6. Inventory Management Warehouse and Inventory Control Inventory Usage Analysis & Demand Planning Inventory Forecasting Approvals & Deployment Inventory Stock , Usage , Cost Analysis Purchasing and Vendor 6
  7. Preventive Maintenance PM Schedule - Up to date information is provided under a single Roof. Navigate to find Updated PM Schedules & WO Information Clear, Concise & Easy to read Work orders that show Procedures, checklists, Inventories, Tools and Labor Requirements. Accurate information with detailed and summarized costing reports by unit or service. Know what your maintenance repair costs are and what each detail is 7
  8. Preventive Maintenance 8
  9. Breakdown Maintenance Navigate / Schedule Man-days of work / Spares and Inventories associated with the concerned machine. Displays the Corrective Actions and necessary comments based on history. WHY – WHY Analysis / Pareto Analysis Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) and Mean Time To Recovery (MTTR) Analytics RPN / Scatter diagram / Histogram Horizontal deployment of root cause to similar machines PM deployment of Root causes 9
  10. Real Time Data Analytics KPI, Performance and OEE monitoring compliances Live Monitoring from PLC’s – Reporting Breakdowns and Failure Modes Comprehensive Statistical Analysis & Reporting of Log Book Data compilations through Web Interface Predictive Maintenance 10
  11. Machine Calibration SPUMAINT Calibration Feature is a Dynamic & Scalable solution for calibrating your assets during Installation & their successive shutdowns (Preventive & Breakdown Maintenance).Customized Calibrations Can be scheduled and assigned as corresponding Work Orders to operators according to specific Industrial standards, with the aid of calibrated test equipment’s associated as Spares / Tools by highly trained Maintenance technicians. Manage all aspects of your calibration operation with one paperless solution Maintain compliance with Asset Operation & Regulatory Standards Schedule Maintenance events Track assets as they move through Locations / Warehouses Create Calibration reports 11
  12. Advanced Analytics & Reporting Reports can be easily imported and exported using XML Real Time Tracking of Machine Efficiency – OEE / KPI MTBF / MTTR / Pareto Analysis for Asset Down Times & Down Time Management Quickly narrow down information to find the Assets that are underperforming. 12
  13. Advanced Analytics & Reporting Make better, data-driven budget decisions Reduce maintenance and operating costs Ensure regulatory compliance Improve efficiency and much more 13
  14. Benefits Project life cycle costs accurately and consistently Identify and manage your over/under utilized Assets Recoup more warranties on parts and equipment's Control spending and meet budget expectations Deliver mission-critical reports on virtually any aspect of your assets Dynamic root cause analysis tools Dedicated user management tool Complete track of the cost of each breakdown Much more…. 14
  15. How Will You Save With SPUMAINT ?? It all starts with having the right information. As the slashing of maintenance budgets continue, organizations are realizing they must get a fleet management system in place. Recapture lost warranty dollars $$ Find out how productive your employees are by comparing actual hours to industry standards. Downtime Reductions 15
  16. Contact Us SPUDWEB Technologies Private Limited 43/18, Ground Floor, GandhiNagar 3rd Main Road, Adyar, Chennai-600020 Email: PH +91-44-4266 6364 To visit website: Click Here To visit Blog : Click Here 16