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Death of Demographics: Moving beyond Consumer Profiling      @daveangulo | www.spotinfluence.com
Other generalizations include...http://www.life360.com/blog/the-rise-of-the-smartphone-mom-infographic-3
Demographics is about remotely dealing with generalizedabstractions of people.You can then pick a subset of them and ask d...
But... people are already talking about everything online!             Via Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, etc.
And there are hundreds of millions of people onlinewho are actively communicating their opinions about everything.
“Big Data” technologies finally enable us to capture  and understand these conversations, at scale.
So, adding it all up ...Public content posted on:                 +              +   = Blogs RSS                          ...
As a business, would you rather have ...                              Insights on your actualBroad Generalizations    audi...
At Spot Influence, we’re building a data platform to enable those insights.
Thanks!  Dave Angulo, Co-FounderWeb: www.spotinfluence.comEmail: info@spotinfluence.comTwitter: @spotinfluence
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So, adding it all up Death of Demographics

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So, adding it all up ...Public content posted on: + + = Blogs RSS Real Data on Any URL Actual People

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