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spotONfriday webinar: Best-in-class met lead management

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Bij veel B2B-bedrijven is marketing gefrustreerd dat sales geen follow-up van leads doet, terwijl sales klaagt over de kwaliteit van de leads die worden geleverd door marketing. Volgens SiriusDecisions, een gerenomeerd onderzoeksbureau, genereren ‘best-in-class’ bedrijven die een gestroomlijnd lead managementproces hebben 47% meer omzet dan een gemiddeld B2B-bedrijf. In deze presentatie vertellen we wat je moet weten over lead management in B2B.

Wil je weten:

- Wat lead management is en waarom het noodzakelijk is in B2B?
- Hoe je lead management op effectieve wijze inzet voor meer omzet en conversie?
- Waar je op moet letten als het gaat om het toepassen van lead management?
- Hoe je zorgt voor een betere samenwerking tussen marketing en sales?

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spotONfriday webinar: Best-in-class met lead management

  1. 1. spotONfriday webinar: Best-in-class met lead management 16 January 2015 Presentator: Shimon Ben Ayoun Managing Partner @shimonbenayoun shimon@spotonvision.com Host: Charles van der Wal Marketing Operations Consultant @charlesvdwal charles@spotonvision.com
  2. 2. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl MARKETING PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT BUYER PERSONA CONTENT MARKETING LEAD MANAGEMENT MARKETING AUTOMATION Who are we? With a dedicated passion for B2B marketing, a vast knowledge of the B2B buying process, content marketing and technology, spotONvision helps its customers to implement a buyer-centric marketing strategy & operations. By bringing strategy, execution and technologies together spotONvision enables its clients to drive pipeline growth, credibility and value.
  3. 3. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl 17 March 2015: B2B Marketing Forum 2015 Sign up: www.b2bmarketingforum.nl Coming up
  4. 4. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Coming up spotONwebinar: 12 February: De 3 sleutels voor succesvolle B2B marketing spotONvision masterclass: 23 April: Contentmarketing voor gevorderden
  5. 5. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Vragen? GoToWebinar: “Chat” or “Ask a question” OR Twitter: #b2bnl tag Twitter: @spotonvision
  6. 6. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Agenda • What is lead management? • Why should we take lead management it seriously? • Buyer Journey • Lead qualifications, lead definitions & lead scoring • Lead nurturing • Benefits of lead management
  7. 7. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Poll: Does your organization have a well defined lead management process?
  8. 8. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
  9. 9. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
  10. 10. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Sales wants “leads!” Marketing hits the “more” button Sales doesn’t follow up Marketing: “Why no followup?” Sales: The “leads” are no good Marketing: Wasted effort, poor performance, bitterness, despair How does this happen?
  11. 11. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl The Usual B-to-B Scenario Inquiries Marketing Qualified Leads Sales Qualified Leads Close Weak alignment at the top of the funnel results in poor performance in the middle and bottom. 417 inquiries to close 1 deal Sales Acceptance Marketing and Tele Qualification Inquiry 80%No nurture/ qualification 100%Sales accepts everything/nothing 3% - ??Inefficient use of sales resources SQL 10% - ?? Poor pipeline dynamics Sales Qualification
  12. 12. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Inquiries Marketing Qualified Leads Sales Accepted Leads Strong process and alignment at the top of the funnel creates strong efficiencies in the middle and bottom. 70 inquiries to close 1 deal Sales Acceptance Marketing and Tele Qualification Inquiry 9.3%Real lead qualification 85%Strong process that is adhered to 62%Sales becomes more efficient SQL 29% - ?? Pipeline dynamics improve Sales Qualification The Best-in-Class B-to-B Scenario
  13. 13. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
  14. 14. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl 1. Changing B2B buyer behavior 2. Quality becomes more important than quantity 3. Relevancy and timing are the keys to success! 4. Best-in-class organizations with a streamlined lead management process generate 47% more revenue than average B2B companies. Why should we take lead management seriously?
  15. 15. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
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  18. 18. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
  19. 19. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
  20. 20. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Leads Qualification • Lead definition – Response, MQL , SAL , SQL • Leads criteria – Demographics and Behavior “In order to succeed at lead generation, marketing and sales must reach consensus as to the definition of a lead”
  21. 21. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
  22. 22. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Poll: Do marketing & sales have naming & qualification criteria within your organization?
  23. 23. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
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  27. 27. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
  28. 28. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl • Companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50 percent more sales-ready leads at a 33 percent lower cost per lead (Forrester Research). • Nurtured leads produce a 20-percent increase In sales opportunities over non-nurtured leads (Demand Gen Report). Why lead nurturing?
  29. 29. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Types of lead nurturing campaigns
  30. 30. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Multichannel campaign flow
  31. 31. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
  32. 32. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Lead Planning • For what percentage to total revenues is marketing responsible? • How many leads does sales needs to ensure they hit revenue target? • How many responses we need to ensure required number of leads • What are the organizational conversion rates (response to lead – lead to sales)
  33. 33. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
  34. 34. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
  35. 35. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl • How much time does marketing have to route MQL’s to sales? • How fast does sales need to accept the lead? • How fast does sales need to contact a lead after accepting? • How fast does sales neet to qualify SAL/SQL? Marketing and Sales SLA’s
  36. 36. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl
  37. 37. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Marketing and Sales SLA’s • Volume: Impressions, clicks, registrations, MQL, SQL, Opportunities, deals • Velocity: Stage conversion speed • Value: Revenues and Pipeline • Conversion: Stage conversion stages • Costs: per lead, opportunity and deal Pipeline Value of the opportunities created directly from demand generation spent Marketing-driven Revenues The Formula = 3xV + 2xC
  38. 38. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl One more thing Sales enablement is a strategic, ongoing process that equips all client-facing employees with the ability to consistently and systematically have a valuable conversation with the right set of customer stakeholders at each stage of the customer's problem-solving life cycle to optimize the return of investment of the selling system.
  39. 39. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Benefits of Lead Management 1. Shortening the sales cycles 2. Reducing ‘Leads waste’ 3. Sales received fewer but better quality leads 4. Helps to show the added-value of the marketing department
  40. 40. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Q&A Vragen via “Chat” of “Ask a question”
  41. 41. @shimonbenayoun #b2bnl Meer weten? Of hulp nodig bij het implementeren van lead management? www.spotonvision.com @spotONvision @b2bmktforum @shimonbenayoun LinkedIn groepen: B2B Marketing Forum en Passion for B2B Marketing http://www.youtube.com/user/spotONvision