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Why the RNC Social Media Command Center Was Successful and How to Create One

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http://www.spiral16.com A Social Media Command Center is a highly effective add-on to events of any size. By serving as a "virtual help desk," companies offer personal assistance, engage audiences, create goodwill, and generate online buzz that spills over into enthusiastic mainstream press coverage.

At the 2012 Pivot Conference, Marketing Manager Eric Melin of Spiral16 livestreamed a presentation called 'Why the RNC Social Media Command Center Was Successful and How to Create One,' which was profiled the success of Spiral16 clients BarkleyREI and the city of Tampa Bay coming off of the 2012 Republican National Convention. This presentation also illustrates how your organization can add a Social Media Command Center to any event to make it a bigger win for everybody.

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Why the RNC Social Media Command Center Was Successful and How to Create One

  1. 1. Why the RNC Social Media Command Center Was Successful and How to Create OneEric MelinManager Marketing & Communications@Spiral16
  2. 2. Why Create a Social Media Command Center? There is simply nothing better for event marketing. A pic of the action at #TampaBays Social Media Command Center, the first of its kind for a natl political convention — @Tampa_Chamber
  3. 3. A Social Media Command Center…allows you tocreate conversationand engagementwith attendees andlocals.
  4. 4. A Social Media Command Center…allows you to offerhelpful advice tocreate a betteroverall eventexperience
  5. 5. A Social Media Command Center
  6. 6. A Social Media Command Center…allows youto directweb trafficto approvedevent assetsand spreadlinks acrossthe web
  7. 7. A Social Media Command Center…allows youto generateenormousmainstreamand onlinepresscoverage
  8. 8. A Social Media Command Center…allows you to measure the digital and socialimpact of event
  9. 9. A Social Media Command Center…allows you to create/strengthen partnerships withinthe community
  10. 10. A Social Media Command Center…allows you to turnvisitors into brandadvocates
  11. 11. A Social Media Command Center…allows you toboost theeconomy
  12. 12. A Social Media Command Center… and allows you to position the event/organizers asforward-thinking leaders.
  13. 13. A Social Media Command Center… and allows you to position the event/organizers asforward-thinking leaders.
  14. 14. #TampaBay SMCCWith atropicalstormapproaching…
  15. 15. #TampaBay SMCCand politicalnegativityswirling,
  16. 16. #TampaBay SMCC…the Tampa Bay SMCCcreated anoverwhelming amount ofpositive civicconversation and keptthe focus there, turning apotential disaster into abig win for the cityduring the RepublicanNational Convention.
  17. 17. #TampaBay SMCC Equipment• 6 dual-monitor listening workstations• 6 engagement workstations• 7 large monitors for measurement & visualizing data
  18. 18. #TampaBay SMCC StaffOver 60 volunteersfrom partnerorganizations loggedtime on theworkstations torespond to visitors,promoting thedestination brand andpushing content.
  19. 19. SMCC Staff RolesManagers Curators Engagents
  20. 20. Listening StrategyManagers monitor the keywords people are most likelyto use online .Core Concepts@visittampabay, @visitampabay, #visittampabay, #visitampabay, Visit Tampa Bay, VisitTampaBay"Social Media Command Center", "SMCC " #TampaBay, #Tampa, Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay TimesForum, Convention Center, #RNC, RNC, "Republican National Convention", @RNC_2012, #RNC2012,#RNC_2012, #RNC, #GOP, #GOPConvention, "GOP Convention"Associated Concepts/SilosEconomic development, Parking, Dining, Restaurant(s), Hotel(s), Lodging(s), Directions, Hospitality,Attraction(s), Convention, Airport(s), Traffic, Event(s), Taxi(s), Cab(s), NightlifeExclusionsBuccaneers, Bucs, Redskins, [Other Pre or Starting Season Opponents], Rays, [Rangers, otheropponents], Republican National Committee, more
  21. 21. #Tampa #RNC SMCC WorkflowBulk of engagement onTwitter, but blogs and otheronline outlets are monitored aswell.Managers managecommenting and responseselsewhere but pass on relevanttweets to the Curators.
  22. 22. #Tampa #RNC SMCC Workflow• Curators then determine sentiment and probable influence of tweets• Tag them by category food/drink attractions facts parking/transportation event emergency media inquiry• Pass them along to the Engagents
  23. 23. Real-Time Response StrategyArmed with a litany of helpful links, Internet know-how,and a general passion for Tampa Bay, engagents:• Respond to tweets using the @VisitTampa Twitter account• Brand with proper hashtags (#TampaBay, #VisitTampa Bay)• Personalize messages with their initials if needed
  24. 24. Measurement StrategyThe goal: Compare sentimentand conversation trends aboutTampa Bay during the RNC withposts before the RNC.The solution: Isolate /weed outpolitical-related chatter (Occupyprotests, GOP pro or con) thatcontained Tampa keywords, butdid not reflect an opinion aboutTampa Bay itself.
  25. 25. Measurement StrategyUsing Spiral16’s unique customized correlation scores foreach query, we divided chatter up into six categories.
  26. 26. Flexibility is KeyThe SMCC turned the RNC delay intoan opportunity to engage visitors inall Tampa Bay has to offer.VisitTampaBay encouraged tweetsand pushed messages featuring localattractions and partners usinghashtag #RainyDayRNC, turning anegative situation into a positive.
  27. 27. #RainyDayRNCChatter using #RainyDayRNCamounted to just over 4%of total Tampa activity duringthe RNC.
  28. 28. Local Voices Join InAs use of the #TampaBay and #RNC hashtags increasedto include more responses and helpful links from@VisitTampaBay……other local Twitter influencers joined in to share greatinformation about Tampa.
  29. 29. SMCC Generates News, ChatterNonstop media blitz of theSMCC generated enormouspositive buzz, making up 22% ofall Tampa Bay-related posts.• Nationally syndicated stories• Blogs• Retweets• Links shared
  30. 30. Social Images/Photo-SharingSMCC activated Tampafanbase encouraging andsharing photos taken byTampa residents andvisitors…resulting in Webstagramand Instagram placing #4and #5 in Top Domains forthe city.
  31. 31. Social Images/Photo-Sharing
  32. 32. Volume Captured/Reviewed382,000 conversations captured/filtered192,ooo conversations reviewedThat equals an avg. of 32,000/day, or 766/hour.
  33. 33. Volume Responded4,454 tweets/posts sent1,943 direct engagementsThat equals 6,397 total responses/posts.
  34. 34. Positive Online Buzz SnowballsAs the RNC wound down, themomentum of positive buzzcontinued to climb.By the end of the convention,positive sentiment was at 89%and the negative sentimentthat threatened to dominatethe Tampa conversationbefore the RNC started haddropped to 1%.
  35. 35. Positive Buzz Creates AmbassadorsPositive sentiment+ 43%Negative sentiment- 11%
  36. 36. More Tampa Bay AmbassadorsRecommendations appeared organically online, as didstories about the positive experiences visitors had inTampa.Even Hulk Hogan joined in, giving his own personal best-of Tampa list to ABC . When the network asked Hogan onething he would like to change about the city, he said:“Aside from renaming Tampa afterme, there is really nothing. Its myhome and I love it here.”
  37. 37. Tampa Bay AmbassadorsThe Hulks Tampa: RNC Must-Sees — ABC NewsTampa gets solid reviews — MyFoxTampaBay
  38. 38. Civic Interest and ExposureOver 60 VIP tours were given at the SMCC.VIPs included:• Fortune 500 CEOs• Mayor of Tampa• Government officials• Business leaders• Media outlets
  39. 39. Make Events ResonateSuccess was bigger than theSMCC – it was about:• Positioning Tampa as a brand and economic leader• Becoming a great host to conventions• Innovating approach to supporting area visitors with unprecedented scale.
  40. 40. The Basic Core of Any SMCCThe same elements as anygood social strategy:ListeningRespondingMeasuringThis can be done at any level.
  41. 41. Thanks! Eric Melin @Spiral16 on Twittereric.melin@spiral16.com