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Genre theory

  1. Sophie Lavis
  2.  What is a paradigm? A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline. What is iconography? a representation or a group of representations of a person, place, or thing, as a portrait or a collection of portraits.
  3.  James Bond A classic example of James bond Iconography would be the catchphrases used such as: "shaken not stirred" and "the names bond, James Bond". The clothing used within the James Bond films, the sharp edged of a well tailored suit always make an appearance and the sexy and sophisticated designer dresses also a sure to make an appearance for Bond's female companion. The opening credits of the Bond films are also a heavily recognisable piece of iconography associated with the Bond films, with the silhouettes of girls dancing, suspense creating music and of course the classic walk and turn of Bond with a gun. Alongside the classic bond gun movements Bond's cars are very impressive which helps to represent his masculinity once again. Having top of the range models with many modifications to help aid him through his normal work day is a 'very bond' way of going about things.
  4.  The Western The iconography ofWestern films include the geography of the film set, they go out to the west of America (Back before film sets could be made to look like the actual place) to show a realistic representation of the landscape with its rivers and mountains. Using an actual place to shoot the films also allow a genuine symbolic reference of the isolation and savagery of cowboys as they were back then. A classic costume for a western-cowboy is a pistol, mid calf boots, large rimmed hat, lasso and a horse (what other form of transport was there?) Classic cowboys are known to slur their words and be chewing on a piece of hay as some form of intimidation to the viewer.
  5.  For a romantic comedy (Rom-Com) the classic play- by-play of the films will go as followed: Boy meets girl OR Girl meets boy Boy falls in love with girl OR Girl falls in love with boy Boy loses girl OR Girl loses boy Many embarrassing and hilarious encounters and accidents happen Boy makes some (either simple or elaborate) scene to win back the girl OR Girl makes some (either simple or elaborate) scene to win back the boy. Boy gets girl OR Girl gets boy.
  6.  For aThriller it is usually (almost always) the Protagonist against the Antagonist. However usually the antagonist with start by having control over the situation and then somehow it will shift so that the protagonist will end up having control. Nine times out of ten the films narrative will be shown from the protagonists point of view and this will then enable the audience to be shown the heroic events that must be done by the protagonist so they can over come the issue. In the end eventual domination over the antagonist will occur and usually is some form of justice.
  7.  For a horror it is largely based upon playing with the audiences irrational and primal fears. With many scenes purposely intended to scare and upset horror are related to nightmares.The usual plot of a horror usually include the unexpected appearance of something evil, either an event, person or 'force' (which are all usually one form or another of supernatural) into the everyday life of the main character/characters.
  8.  Science fiction; a quote fromVivian Sobchack, an American cinema and media theorist as well as a cultural critic :  "Science fiction film is a film genre which emphasizes actual, extrapolative, or speculative science and the empirical method, interacting in a social context with the lesser emphasized, but still present, transcendentalism of magic and religion, in an attempt to reconcile man with the unknown (Sobchack 63)."  Vivian Sobchack is basically saying that there is some sort of link between the real world (empiricism) and supernatural (transcendentalism) with science fiction on the side of the real world and horror and thriller genre films acting on the side of the supernatural. With the science fiction genre there can be clashes between our traditional views of how aliens and monsters should look in comparison to peoples interpretations. Whereas distortions of human can allow familiar images seem more alien. And another alternative is alien and familiar images are juxtaposed (place close together for contrasting effect.).
  9.  The big wedding 2013 (rom-com) The BigWedding (2013) is a classic romantic comedy where not all the jokes can be laughed at; full of awkward and hilarious situations acted by the star filled, type-casted, cast. Featuring Katherine Heigl, Diane Keaton and Robert De Niro.The quintessential dysfunctional, highly competitive and top of the league family sort through their issues to please the very 'traditional catholic' biological family of the youngest son of the family (who is adopted and originally from Colombia).
  10.  Layer Cake 2004 (thriller [crime-thriller])  Layer Cake (2004) is a fast paced, mind boggling, action packed film. Designed to keep you on the edge of your seat, Layer Cake shows the stories of many different players within the drug circle in the underworld of London and how there are two different sides to the game, business and violence. However at some point both will cross over. Just like the typical thriller the protagonist (XXXX played by Daniel Craig) is a brave male who seeks to restore the equilibrium and peace to the disastrous situation; and no matter how much you cheer for XXXX for being fair, the good guy always gets what's coming to him.
  11.  Genre is important to audiences as it allows the audience to recognise the codes and conventions in which they gain most joy from the film, similarly genre also allows audiences to choose from within the same genre as they feel comfortable and know what to expect from the film. However genre can become confusing yet still important to audiences when hybrid-genres occur, hybrids allow audiences to experience a mixture of two different(or not so different) genres to be combined this will either result in a pleasing or displeasing effect to the audience, depending how enjoyable they find both of the genres and the outcome of the combination. For media producers genre can be handy to give them boundaries and guidelines to either conform to or to challenge when either creating a traditional media product or are aiming to break the rules and change it up a bit.
  12.  Genre can act as a limiting factor as many actors and producers get type-casted which then means they have a stigma upon them which makes it difficult for them to branch out of that genre, for example Kate Hudson is associated to romantic comedies and chick flicks, however when she tried to branch out to act in a thriller - The Skeleton Key, the audience had already assumed it would not work as her acting in a thriller as she is known for romantic films.
  13.  With Brokeback Mountain it tries to revive the Western genre with a twist, it tries to challenge the stigma and stereotype of homosexuals within the western American society during the 1960's some can argue that it worked to show how it wasn't always as frowned upon as once previously though however the way in which the homosexuality is presented on screen to the audience shows no sort of intimacy as during any sexual acts there is not any eye contact or 'close-ness' between the characters and everything is portrayed as rough and very 'butch' and seems to look like more of a fight rather than an intimate act. However the entire film was not a failure due to the lack of certain elements as it then spurred on the continuation of the revival of classic westerns film examples include: Django Unchained, Cowboys and Aliens, and 100WaysTo Die InThe West.
  14.  Moulin Rouge also helps to revive the classic movie-musicals, produced by Baz Lurhmann, it creates a mixture of the 1890's music (when the film is set) with a cross over between the pop- culture of the early 2000's (when the film was released) and with Nichole Kidman and Ewan McGregor as the main characters allows the film to use current songs that the audiences knows and can relate to too turn the 1890's into a more recent and relevant musical in which Baz Lurhmann says "said the idea of using songs anachronistically is nothing new". Another way that Moulin Rouge helps to revive the classic stigma on the musical genre is the use of song lyrics as dialogue. Once released it caused the knock on effect of more films to be created in the same genre such as Chicago released in 2002 and Burlesque released in 2010.
  15.  Short films that subvert the classic genre paradigms are Blinky - Bad robot ( 9rNqLxGw) and Love field ( CVro) in these films the producers can play with the genres and the codes and convention to recreate a twisted version of the genre so it is twisted to an alternative to surprise an unsuspecting audience.