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Hong kong

Hong Kong timeline

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Hong kong

  1. 1. HONG KONG 1973 – Sparticus education. In 1973 Nugan and Michael Hand set up Nugan Hand bank. Nugan ran operations in Sydney where as Hand set up a branch in Hong Kong. Australia to access a money laundering facility for illegal transfers of Australian money to Hong Kong. John Simkin Sept 1997- June 2013. 1982-97 – Corruption 14K, the Wo Shing Wo and Sun Yee On were all expanding across Asia. Building empires of gambling, sex slavery, extortion, drug trafficking, money laundering. Hong Kong and Macau bases. Triads brought into some of the casinos controlling high rollers that doubled as money laundering bases. Corrupt Hong Kong police. When Hong Kong returned to China in 1997 they went global. Vietnam and Australia launderers and drug runners. Operation Gordian. (p37 The Sting Nick McKenzie ©2012 Aust). August 1996 – President Hinckley visits Asian saints dedicated Hong Kong temple. Ensign p74 LDS. 2000 – Roderic Broadhurst Crime trends in Hong Kong university of Hong Kong. 2001 – Macau crime and the casino state. Leong Vengmei uni of Hong Kong pokfulan rd. (Worldcat database). 2004 – Emerald group publishing. Journal of money laundering control. Macau casinos and organised crime. Angela Veng Mei Leong. 15 November 2005 – Ian McWalters The link between organised crime and corruption. A Hong Kong perspective Int anti corruption conference. 2006 – Macao the Chinese Las Vegas Sceren network NY film library (Worldcat database). 2009 – The politics of cross border crime in greater China case studies of mainland China Hong Kong Macao Lo Sonny shiu Hing ebook ME Sharpe (Worldcat database). 2010 – Macao and US China relations Yufan Hao ebook Lanham Rowman Littlefield (Worldcat database). 2010 – Macao and Sino US relations Yufan Hao ebook Rowan Littlefield pub group (Worldcat database). 31 March 2010 – Business insider Australia. Reuters and PBS unite to uncover organised crime in Macau casinos. Lauren Streib. 27 January 2012 – ABC news Bribes Chinese mob ties alleged at casino of Gingrich money man. Brian Ross, Mathew Mosk, Cindy Galli and Rhonda Schwartz.
  2. 2. 7 March 2012 – ABC news watchdog mob ties at Chinese casinos owned by US firms. Matthew Mosk. 12 March 2012 – Asia Sentinel. Taking on the Macau casinos. 24 October 2012 – Reuters. Insight Nevada struggles with dark side of Macau casinos by Joseph Menn. 2013 – Google inc invests $300m in new Hong Kong data center. Running by 2013 Asian internet use.(AP 8 December 2011). 7 February 2013 – Casinos took in MOP 30.7 billion in August. Macau casinos. 3 March 2013 – Court documents say dragon head, Lai Tong Sang laundered Triad cash in Canada. Triad leader from Macau laundered millions of dollars in Canada. Simon Kwok Chow a leader of the 14K triads in Vancouver with links to Macau. (by Dene Moore Canadian free press Vancouver). 6 Aug 2013 – police reveal rare method of trafficking cocaine into Hong Kong Two men arrested 2kg cocaine seized Mong Kok. 7 September 2013 – Casinos in Asia. The rise of the low rollers. Macau, the worlds casino capital. Macau uses Hong Kong int airport. 9 September 2013 – SJm to buy shares in land to triple size of casino resort. By Vinicy Chan. Macau area. 11 September 2013 – Chinese ultra rich increase, some escape to Hong Kong. Tomohiro Ohsumi Bloomberg. 12 September 2013 – Siono Biopharm after CCTV bribes report. Hong Kong by Bloomberg news. 18 September 2013 – Hong Kong riddled with British spies, reports say. China real time report. The Wall street journal. blogs.wsj.com. Ta Kung Pao.