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Employee Engagement

  1. Talent Engagement: A Key to Workplace Harmony LENY R. MASLOG October 20, 2012
  2. Topics  Talent Management Framework  Definition/description  Engagement Drivers  Benefits of Having an Engaged Talent Pool  Steps to Strengthening Talent Engagement  Building Blocks to Engagement  The 21st Century Workplace  Engagement Initiatives
  3. Buck’s Talent Management Framework
  4. Definition/description  The key that drives lean organizations forward and sustains business performance  Extent to which employees are willing to go beyond the normal call of duty, going beyond what is typically required by their jobs
  5. Definition/description  High employee engagement is linked to employee commitment, a high performing workforce, satisfied and loyal customers, and a productive and profitable organization.  Crim & Seijts described an engaged employee as: inspired, fascinated, fully involved, and committed to its work and is willing to see the organization succeed in its mission.
  6. Definition/description The Institute of Employment Studies characterized an engaged workforce as:  One with belief in the organization, who understands the business and the bigger picture  One who desires to work and make things better  One who keeps up to date with developments in his field of expertise
  7. Engagement Drivers Opportunities Company Quality of Life Practices Engagement Total Rewards Work People
  8. Benefits of Having an Engaged Talent Pool  Creates a positive work environment  Increases productivity, reduces turnover  Creates transparency between leadership and employees  Reduces safety incidents
  9. Benefits of Having an Engaged Talent Pool  Lowers training costs  Lowers operating costs  Strengthens customer satisfaction  Increases annual revenues Business growth means growth for everybody.
  10. Steps to Building Engagement  Know your team’s engagement drivers; measure the level of engagement at each driver.  Validate results.  Conduct impact planning.  Plan and execute engagement program  Measure effectiveness and review plan
  11. Building Blocks  Empowered line management  Commitment to employee well-being  2-way communication lines  Effective internal cooperation  Development focus  Flexible work culture  Clear and accessible HR programs, policies and practices
  12. The 21st Century Workplace Borderless Remote work spaces Connectivity workplace Flexible work Collaboration culture Efficient tools processes Aligned HR, IT HR programs & physical atuned to the infrastructure Enriching work times and the environment job market
  13. Engagement Initiatives  A warm, welcoming on-boarding program  Robust performance management  Communication venues – all media  Continuous talent development programs  Creative rewards and recognition  Provide venue to exercise personal interests Involve your TALENTS in crafting programs. Own your engagement!
  14. Communicate..... Communicate....communicate Proud that we are NOVARE NOVARE EMPOWERING it’s CLIENTS Colleagues deployed to Smart NetPhone YOU make us PROUD!
  15. Communicate..... Communicate....communicate NOVARE is Red Herring Asia’s Top 100
  16. Note to the “Bosses”: (Excerpt from HBR) “The sins of the bad boss are far more often those of omission, not commission.” They fail to: Inspire Set clear visions and directions Set reasonable standards Walk the talk Collaborate Develop others
  17. Note to the “Bosses”: (Excerpt from HBR) “The sins of the bad boss are far more often those of omission, not commission.” They fail to: Improve and learn from mistakes Innovate and lead the change Develop others Demonstrate inept interpersonal skills Demonstrate good judgment and decision
  18. Remember....... “The best connections never come from speaking; the best connections always come from listening.”
  19. Good Read  Excerpt from Stephen Covey’s 8th Habit