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What to Consider When Selecting a Solenoid Valve

http://www.solenoidsolutionsinc.com/images/pdfs/SolenoidCatalog_lr1.pdf | Ensure you obtain the solenoid valves fit for your specific needs by considering the following options.

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What to Consider When Selecting a Solenoid Valve

  1. 1. • Using top-grade, modern CNC machining centers as well as other advanced assembly machines and techniques, Solenoid Solutions, Inc. designs and manufactures solenoid valves to our customers’ exact requirements. • Through statistical tracking and real-time monitoring displays at every workstation, assembly precision and efficiency are ensured. • At Solenoid Solutions, the average craftsperson has more than 15 years of industry experience.
  2. 2. • Solenoid Solutions valves are built to your specifications, ensuring appropriate flow and direction. Depending on your specific needs, solenoid valves control the flow of air, gases, and fluids. • With solenoid valve solutions across a broad range of industries, we offer 2-way and 3-way operating solenoid valves, including low wattage or low power solenoid valves, high capacity solenoid valves, miniature solenoid valves, and subminiature solenoid valves.
  3. 3. Solenoid valves serve many industries, with hundreds of applications, including, but not limited to: • Transportation/Class 8 Trucks • Air Treatment • Medical/Dental • Cleaning Systems • Food/Restaurants • Printing/Graphics • Instrumentation
  4. 4. • Solenoid Solutions offers a wide range of body materials to accommodate any application. These materials include industrial grade aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. • Proper seal material selection ensures bubble-tite leak protection and protects against cracking, dissolving, swelling, and potential seal damage from media within the valve.
  5. 5. Overview of Solenoid Solutions’ Valve Operations Miniature Valves •Wattmizer Series •Super Wattmizer Series Mid-Range Valves •7 Series •8 Series High Capacity Valves •2 Series
  6. 6. • Solenoid Solutions is committed to providing products that exceed customer expectations. As one of the early manufacturers to achieve ISO qualification, we have remained ISO certified since 1991. • The quality of our materials, design expertise, and operations are all engineered to prevent defects. • “Total Quality” is an integral component of ensuring that Solenoid Solutions- manufacturing system meets the requirements of the Quality System Standard ISO 9001: 2008 and other quality standards. A focus on Total Quality is maintained throughout all levels of Solenoid Solutions’ business.
  7. 7. • No matter your industry and objective, Solenoid Solutions understands the advantage of valve customization. We offer custom engineered solutions to match your specific system requirements and application needs. • Millions of design combinations are available. Ranging from electrical and plumbing connections, body and seal materials, voltages and wattages and an endless assortment of value added components and services. The possibilities are endless. • Feel free to contact us for help in specifying the right valve for your application and to request a quote.
  8. 8. • Solenoid valve design matches the orifice, coil, and port, body and seal materials, body design, valve type and many other factors to the requirements of the application; ensuring that the valve will operate as intended. • The orifice size and operating pressure are primary factors which determine flow rate. Larger orifices allow greater flow. • We offer a large range of coil types and connection options, as well as specialty coils upon request.
  9. 9. • Solenoid Solutions offers design engineering, assembly and build out services, and an array of purchasing and inventory support services. • Our design engineers and technicians strive to reduce your installation time by providing true “plug-and-play’ valve systems, thereby reducing your cost. And all Solenoid Solutions solenoid valves are fully tested for operation, flow and leakage before they leave our plant ensuring that they do what they were intended to do in your application. Our goal is to provide the highest quality products on time and ensure the lowest Total Cost Solution for our customers.
  10. 10. • Solenoid Solutions, Inc. was formed in 2006, built on an accumulated 45 years of expert solenoid valve design and manufacturing. The combined industry experience and quality assurance of Solenoid Solutions has resulted in an impeccable reputation across industries. We offer fast and accurate quotes, competitive market prices, attentive engineering and sales support, and on-time delivery. • Our product are backed by 100% testing on all available components and products. Agency recognition and approvals include UL, CSA, ROHS, FDA and CUL. All levels of manufacturing system adhere to ISO 9001:2008 certification standards. • Visit us today for more information at www.solenoidsolutionsinc.com.
  11. 11. Summary • Solenoid Solutions, Inc. outlines the different factors to consider when choosing solenoid valves and components. Each solenoid valve system is developed and designed to integrate and enhance any industry valve system. From quality to versatility and material, Solenoid Solutions provides a dynamic range of options to further optimize your valve requirements.