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Designing Your Reputation System

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10 practical questions for designing a reputation system. This talk was (partially!) given at the 2008 IA Summit.

Some of the themes and points from this presentation are expanded on in our book, Building Web Reputation Systems (O'Reilly, 2010) See more at http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596159801

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Designing Your Reputation System

  1. Designing your reputation system (in 15 10! easy steps) Bryce Glass bryce@yahoo-inc.com IA Summit 2008 Miami, Florida
  2. What will we cover? 1. First, let’s define our terms 2. Then we’ll review a number of common reputation patterns 3. Finally, I’ll pose a number of questions designed to assist you in employing these patterns properly. DESIGNING YOUR REPUTATION SYSTEM IN 15 EASY STEPS With 15 questions, I may be over-reaching. But once I’d submitted the talk title to the Summit, I felt committed! Though some questions will be given a highly-abbreviated treatment, the set really does represent every issue I think you’d have to deal with when designing a reputation system. I will try to publish a complete and annotated version of the questions online after the summit.