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Jw day 2 (unit 4)

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Jw day 2 (unit 4)

  2. 2. FIRST FIVE!• 1. Come in quietly and take your seat• 2. Place materials on desk• 3. Take out HW assignment• 4. Write down HW assignment in agenda book.• 5. Begin “JUST START!”
  3. 3. JUST START! (5 MIN)Open your Student Notebook 1. “Skywrite” these words& turn to High Frequency/ with your finger while youSight Words Section. spell them orally. DoHigh Frequency Words: three times for each - toward – Jack ran toward word. the bus. 2. Circle these new high - two – The two glasses are frequency words in your on the shelf. notebook. - too – I will help too. 3. Add the sentences in - also – I will help also. the High frequency/ Sight Words section. EXPLAIN: too means also or very. Now we have new HF Wordcards up here…
  4. 4. OBJECTIVES:• By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:• read, tap and spell out words with vowel suffix & consonant suffix• …80% of the time as measured by a progress check.
  5. 5. PRIDE SCHOLARS, HIT IT!!• Vocabulary, vocabulary how many words do you know?• We’ll have power to read in Just Words class• Here we go!!
  6. 6. LET’S REVIEW! – SUFFIX• ASK: Can anyone remind me what new concept we learned yesterday? Suffixes –s & -es• ASK: Can somebody explain to me what this is about?• EXPLAIN: Remember we said that we add –s and –es to a word to make it plural (more than one)
  7. 7. SPELLING PRACTICE HIDE• On your Dry Erase Tablets. • Remind us, when We are going to practice do we use to? using these homophones Too? Two? correctly in sentences: to, GREAT! two, too as we’ve • Page 112 of learned them in Ms. Instructor’s Westbrook & Ms.Tatums Manual. classes. Are you ready?• You do not have to write the entire sentence, just to, too or two.
  8. 8. TEACHER BUILD WORDS HIDE• EXPLAIN: There are two • WORD: stamps kinds of suffixes: vowel • READ: stamp-stamps suffixes and consonant • SAY: I have a stamp. I suffixes. have two stamps.• DO: Put up the –s/-es • DO: Illustrate, and explain soundcards. Which is that the suffix makes it the consonant suffix? plural….and sometimes it Why? Which is the can mean an action vowel suffix? Why? word. • ASK: If you’re happy and you know it stomp your feet…he stomps his feet!
  9. 9. TEACH SPELLING• USE: Magnetic Journals • Now, we will use the• ASK: Let’s spell bugs. blank yellow tile for the What is the baseword? suffix s. Suffix? Return the tiles • WORD: brags while spelling bugs. …baseword? Suffix? What is the baseword? • WORD: bells what is the Suffix? baseword, it has a• WORD: spell pens bonus letter! Suffix? …baseword? Suffix? • WORD: trenches baseword? Suffix? We will use the blank tile for the suffix –es too.
  10. 10. STUDENT NOTEBOOK ENTRY• Open Student • Recall the vocabulary Notebook (Spelling words that you have Rules Section). learned from your social• Add an example of a studies or science classes. word with an –es suffix • Who can give me a good in the vowel suffix page example? GREAT JOB!• /es/ -boxes• Add an example of a word with an –s suffix in the consonant suffix page• /s/ -rocks, /z/ pens
  11. 11. HOMEWORK• 1. Write these words three times in different colors, and• 2. Use these words in a sentence:• munches• grins• sniffs• grinds• slams
  12. 12. DID WE MEET THE OBJECTIVES:• By the end of the lesson, SWBAT:• read, tap and spell out words with vowel suffix & consonant suffix• …80% of the time as measured by a progress check.
  13. 13. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! • You deserve a Chimpan- CHEER!!!
  14. 14. LAST FIVE!• 1. Homework in homework folder• 2. Notes in folders• 3. Materials put away• 4. Clean desk and area• 5. Line up when instructed