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How to Attempt Quizzes and Review Feedback

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How to Attempt Quizzes and Review Feedback

  1. 1. Welcome to “How to Attempt Quizzes and Review Feedback”
  2. 2. Go to: http://portal.epopasia.org/ Login and go to your assigned course, then look for assessments listed below the weekly assignments and answer keys. Here you can find the link for the quiz as shown.
  3. 3. After clicking on the quiz link, you can see this page with details, instructions, and the quiz deadline. Read the instructions for each quiz carefully. Then, when you are ready to attempt the quiz, click “Attempt quiz now”
  4. 4. After clicking on “Attempt quiz now”, you will see a confirmation asking if you want to “Start attempt” or “Cancel”
  5. 5. After clicking “Start attempt”, you will see this page. On the right-hand side, the number of items to be answered is listed along with a timer showing how much time you have remaining to complete the attempt. Once you have completed all of the problems on the first page, click “Next.” If there is more than one page on the quiz you are attempting, another set of questions will appear.
  6. 6. After completing all of the pages on the quiz and clicking “Next”, you will see this page with a summary of your attempt. If you have forgotten to answer any of the questions on the quiz, you can click “Return to attempt”. Once you are sure you have completed all of the questions on the quiz, click “Submit all and finish”
  7. 7. After clicking on “Submit all and finish”, you will see a confirmation asking if you want to to “Submit all and finish” or “Cancel”
  8. 8. After clicking on the confirmation to “Submit all and finish,” you will see another summary that includes your score for this attempt. The “Quiz Navigation” box on the right-hand side indicates which items you got correct (green), incorrect (red), or partially correct (yellow). Scroll down to see which answers you got correct (highlighted in green) or incorrect (highlighted in red). Take time to try to figure out why you missed each question so that you can decide which concepts to review before taking your second attempt.
  9. 9. Once you have reviewed the concepts on which you think you need improvement, you will be ready to take your second attempt. You have two attempts available for each vocabulary quiz and each review quiz, but you will only have one attempt on the final exam at the end of the course.
  10. 10. To attempt a quiz again, go back to the quiz page and click on the button that says “Re-attempt quiz”
  11. 11. After you have used all of your attempts on a quiz, you can view detailed feedback for each question, but you must wait until the quiz has been closed to all students. The feedback will be available after the due date listed on the quiz page has passed.
  12. 12. Once the quiz has been closed, you should go back and review your attempts and the feedback provided. To access the detailed feedback, go to the quiz page. Under “Summary of your previous attempts” you will see your previous attempts listed. Click “Review” next to the attempt you want to review.
  13. 13. After clicking “Review,” you will see a detailed review of your attempt. For each question, feedback is given that includes the correct answer and a description of the problem and how the correct answer could be found. Also, the feedback will tell you which book assignment(s) you should review to improve your understanding of each concept. Look through the entire test and make sure to review the detailed feedback for each question you answered incorrectly (those marked in red). Go back and review any concepts that you don’t fully understand.
  14. 14. Good Luck! If you have any concerns or technical problems, do not hesitate to contact the EPOP team: Michael: epopasia@gmail.com Sokha: sokha.epopasia@gmail.com Kyi Min Han: mm.epopasia@gmail.com Sandar: sandar.epop@gmail.com