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What the Football Final

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What the Football Final

  1. 1. What The Football! Quizmasters- Dr.Bikashkali Kar Soham Mukherjee Anirban Bardhan UNB Auditorium,Medical College,Kolkata 25th March,2017.
  2. 2. Welcome to the Final!
  3. 3. Format of the Quiz- • There will be a total of 5 Rounds- • 1st one will be a written round • 2nd round will be a mixed bag • 3rd will be a round on venues • 4th will be a special round • Last one will be a mixed bag round. • You will come to know about the rounds in detail when the round starts. • There will be unlimited pounce but please pounce once we have finished the questions. Anybody pouncing on questions before we count pounce will get a negative. • Quizmaster’s decision is final and in case u have doubt on any answer,please feel free to opine about it after the quiz.Any part point is completely quizmaster’s discretion.
  4. 4. Let’s start-
  5. 5. Round-1 • List it- • There are a total of 9 Footballers in this list! • Each correct name gives u 5 points and full house ensures 5 points extra-so total 50 can be scored in this round. • Regarding the first name,there is some doubt but still he is included in this list.
  6. 6. • Name the footballers who have won both the Copa Libertadores and Uefa Champion’s League.
  7. 7. Time’s up-
  8. 8. Answers- • 1.Juan Pablo Sorin-Juventus and River Plate. • 2.Dida-Cruzeiro and A.C. Milan. • 3.Roque Junior-Palmeiras and A.C. Milan. • 4.Cafu-Sao Paulo and A.C. Milan. • 5.Carlos Tevez-Boca Juniors and Manchester United. • 6.Walter Samuel-Boca Juniors and Internazionale F.C. • 7.Ronaldinho-Barcelona and Atletico Mineiro. • 8.Neymar Jr.-Santos and Barcelona. • 9.Danilo-Santos and Real Madrid.
  9. 9. Round 2-First Mixed Bag • A set of 20 Questions in Clockwise direction. • +10 for every Correct answer and -10 for every Incorrect answer. • For pounce,if there are parts in the question,all parts are needed to be answered correctly. • Any discretion on Part points lies entirely with the Quizmaster. • Best of Luck!
  10. 10. Audience question-
  11. 11. * • East Bengal won the Asean cup in 2003 beating Bec Tero Sasana in the final.East Bengal only lost one match in that tournament.Who defeated them?
  12. 12. Answer-
  13. 13. • The last time this ‘phenomena’ happened for Netherlands’ starting XI was against France during Euro 2000 (they won 3-2),thanks to a winner from Zenden.That is only when we neglect a certain substitute. • However,the last time the phenomena occurred for Netherlands’ match day squad was way back in 1996 in a friendly 2-0 victory against China. • Which ‘phenomena’ is being talked about? Question-1
  14. 14. • Netherlands played without a ‘Van’. Answer-
  15. 15. • He is Andy Selva,a player who began his career in mid 90s.So in 2004,in a match against Liechtenstein, Selva scored a goal,rather,a winner,that resulted in something which has never occurred again,till date.Put Funda. Question-2
  16. 16. • Only recorded victory for San Marino. Answer-
  17. 17. • When Diego Maradona was suspended for 15 months in April 1991 for being tested positive, young X was asked to coach Napoli without their talisman. X did not go to market, instead nurtured a young Italian midfielder, Gianfranco Zola, who went on to become one of the best playmakers of his generation. With limited armoury in hand, X competed neck to neck with Milan for first place until mid season eventually finishing fourth. The following season he was sacked in November after Napoli got crushed 1-5 at Stadio San Paolo by AC Milan. Identify this unfortunate manager. Question-3
  18. 18. Answer-
  19. 19. • Stefan Schwarz was a Swedish player and the most prestigious award he received was Guldbollen, 1999, as Sweden's best footballer during that year. • We have heard about peculiar contract clause,including the ‘Biting Clause’ of Suarez. • When he joined Sunderland, the club inserted a “X Clause”,which would not allow him to do ‘This’,which was done for the first time in 1961 in the history of mankind. Question-4
  20. 20. • Space Clause. Answer-
  21. 21. • By the mid-80s, East Bengal’s famous recruiter Jibon Chakrabarty was desperate to sign X and contacted him before the 1984 Asian Cup. X had agreed to stay in Bagan for the following season for a fee of Rs. 70,000 but hadn’t signed papers. His mother usually had the final say in these things and Chakrabarty made a last ditch attempt to get him. One fine morning he arrived in X’s house and began sweeping the porch. In embarrassment, X’s mother had to call him in to stop sweeping. Chakravarty convinced her by offering sumptuous transfer money as well as a job for a relative. • This was the class of the player,who has something to do with the Semi of 2003 WC where India played Kenya. Question-5
  22. 22. Answer-
  23. 23. • This club is currently one of the smallest 1st division playing club in a renowned European league. It has 5000 seats in their home stadium. It is a fan owned club with 10000 shareholders from 70 countries all over the world. Also it is the only known football club to have UNE-EN-ISO 9001 quality certificate. • About which club I am talking? Question-6
  24. 24. Answer-
  25. 25. ‘X’ stars in his Country version of the 2013 Disney/Pixar film’ Monsters University’. He provides the voice for the character Frank McCay.(Audio) • ‘X’ started a charity foundation for children, named after him.In November 2011, he won €500,000 for charity in a celebrity edition of Wer wird Millionär?, his Country version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? • Id ‘X’,whose luck of playing in World Cup shone after a rather sad incident. Question-7
  26. 26. Answer-
  27. 27. • These books are written by X,while the 3rd in this list,was co-written by his wife E.R.X. • Though very few people know about his writing wills,he will be remembered as a great contributer to the game of Football. • Give me X which is at 3rd position in a certain list and his name can also be connected with some sort of division. Question-8
  28. 28. Answer-
  29. 29. • Nicknamed ‘Dino’, this club is the only club from their country to play top division every single year in their country’s league. Their golden time was during late 70’s and 80’s when they won 6 leagues and 2 cups in addition to 1982-83 European cup. But in recent times they are fighting relegation battle as last year they finished just 5 points above relegation zone. • Name this club. Question-9
  30. 30. Answer-
  31. 31. • This infamous incident happened twice till today since it’s inception.Both incidents were ridiculous,though first one is football related. • After France won the World Cup in 1998,a Mexican was in Paris and was upset over the French victory. He was drinking all night and while walking around the X, he decided to pee on a ‘part’ of X. Of course he was caught and was later sent back to Mexico by the French authorities with a stamp on his passport saying to never come back. • Id X for me. Question-10
  32. 32. Answer- Flames at Arc De Triomphe.
  33. 33. Audience Question-
  34. 34. * • Petr Cech holds the record of the most no.of clean sheets in Premier league history.Whose record did he break?
  35. 35. Answer-
  36. 36. • ‘X’ Narasimharaja Wodeyar was born at the Mysore Palace, the second son of Chamaraja Wadiyar IX, 23rd Maharaja of Mysore. • The Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire is an order of chivalry founded by Queen Victoria in 1878. The Order includes members of three classes: • Knight Grand Commander (GCIE) • Knight Commander (KCIE) • Companion (CIE) • ‘X’ Narasimharaja Wodeyar was conferred upon GCIE and KCIE. • Id ‘X’ whose name cannot be forgotten by an entity of West Bengal. Question-11
  37. 37. Answer-
  38. 38. During 2010 world cup few hundred chinese citizens went to south africa. It was pretty awkward that during the matches they were uniformly dressed and seated one after another. Later it was confirmed that they were hired to perform a specific task. For what purpose they were hired? Question-12
  39. 39. • They were hired by Kim Jong Un to support North Korea. Answer-
  40. 40. 1988-Romario • 1992-Juskowiak • 1996-Bebeto and Crespo • 2000-Zamorano • 2004-Tevez • This is a non exhaustive list. In 1956,the list contains X, Veselinović & Milanov. • Give me X who is certain first in another list. Question-13
  41. 41. Answer-
  42. 42. • Former Hammer Alvin Martin achieved quite a feat in 1986.Thanks to Newcastle goalkeeper Martin Thomas, centre back Chris Hedworth and midfielder Peter Beardsley,the West Ham player is till date the only player to achieve this. • Though it is safe to say,the injuries of first two during the game helped him to achieve this feat. • What? Question-14
  43. 43. • Scored against three different Goalies. Answer-
  44. 44. • Adriano was a professional weightlifter and his wife Maria Stella was a discuss thrower. Their daughters Veronica and Guendalina represented their national volleyball team in Olympics. Adriano’s brother Dante Masocco was a basketball player. But Adriano’s only son, ‘X’, is by far the most recognised sportsperson in the family. Who is Adriano’s famous son? • Now there is another player,whose first name is given after X’s first name,who also plays at the same position,that of ‘X’.(Clue) Question-15
  45. 45. Answer-
  46. 46. • There are several versions of the X story on the Internet. One version states that the match took place in 1967 while another claims it was in 1969. There are reports that the match was played in Lagos and there are also accounts that it was played in Benin. • The X story is a myth, despite the reports of this story on websites like CNN, Time, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Wikipedia, etc. There is no reported Nigerian evidence of this story. Two key Nigerian newspapers – Nigerian Daily Times (Lagos) and Nigerian Observer (Benin) – were researched for this piece. There was no mention of X occurring. Both papers extensively covered two matches in Nigeria thus making them credible sources. • The reason why some versions of the supposed X story state 1967 could be attributed to an error, in Y’s book,as probably he confused the years. • Which incident is being pointed as myth, thus? Question-16
  47. 47. • Ceasefire due to Pele’s Match. Answer-
  48. 48. • This stadium was built in 1951 in Baku as the national stadium of the country. Its construction started before the World War II in 1939, but was suspended. When its construction resumed, it was finished by German PoW. Initially the stadium was named after Joseph Stalin and built in form of C. After the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union in 1956 (denunciation of Stalin) it was renamed after Vladimir Lenin. In 1993, the stadium was named after ‘X’ who died in the same year. • Id ‘X’,whose name is involved with one of the most controversial incidents in Sporting history,during mid 60s. Question-17
  49. 49. • “When X first came to us, he was half the size of the others, he was really small, but when he started to play, he outclassed them all”, Pierre Ville, club secretary and coach of Suresnes, a ninth division french football club and x’s club till 2011. Identify X who soon could become the second player in the history after eric cantona to have a certain achievement under his belt. Question-18
  50. 50. Answer-
  51. 51. • 19. Drogheda United Football Club is an Irish association football club based in Drogheda, County Louth,a port town in the country. The club are members of the League of Ireland First Division. They play their home matches at United Park.They have a rather strange club crest regarding the catholic culture in Ireland.The Club Crest shows the symbol of Ottoman Empire. • Question is,why is there a logo of an Islamic Empire,whose reason is dated back to 1840s. Question-19
  52. 52. • Ottoman Empire helped Ireland through the port of Drogheda,by supplying foods,dated back to 1840s. Answer-
  53. 53. • Hidegkuti Nándor Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Budapest, Hungary. Built in 1912,it was renamed after the famous MTK Budapest and Hungary footballer Nándor Hidegkuti. It is currently used for football matches and is the home stadium of MTK Budapest. • However,this stadium is mainly famous for a certain reason when players like Pele and Bobby Moore played. What was the occasion? Question-20
  54. 54. • Filming of ‘Escape to victory’. Answer-
  55. 55. Round 3-Venues
  56. 56. Rules- • This is a written round.U will get 6 Questions on topics related to Venues.Either u will be asked a question directly on Venue or related to it. • +5 for every correct answer.Full house gets a +5.So,total 35 points can be scored in this round. • Some information will be given and some pics.Read the question carefully and answer what is asked.
  57. 57. Question-*(For the Audience) There is a famous venue named after this person.A very famous football club owns that venue. Which venue and which famous club?
  58. 58. Answer-
  59. 59. Question-1 This is the home ground of a Turkish Super Lig team Basaksehir FK of Istanbul.After which famous personality is this stadium named?
  60. 60. Question-2 Queen of Henry VIII of England from 1533 to her death in 1536,she is often called the most influential queen consort of England in that period.Some said she practised ‘witchcraft’,while others say She was executed by the king to marry Jane Seymour.A famous football ground was named after her.Which ground?
  61. 61. Question-3 Recent condition of an iconic venue which has been left abandoned because of dirty politics and dispute between two parties.Which venue?
  62. 62. Question-4 Venue for the 2016-17 Uefa Europa League final,which stadium did this Arena replace?
  63. 63. Question-5 Club America has won the CONCACAF Champions league a record 7 times.The club celebrated it’s 100th year in 2016.It holds the record attendance in CONCACAF competitions for home match attendance.In which stadium does Club America play it’s home matches?
  64. 64. Question-6 Home to a famous derby,this stadium was opened in 1973 to host the continental games in 1974.It also hosted the continental football tournament in 1976.It was renamed in 1979 as a symbol of something.It was part of a failed bid of the city in which it is located to host the Olympics in 1984.Just name this stadium.
  65. 65. Time’s over!
  66. 66. Question-1 This is the home ground of a Turkish Super Lig team Basaksehir FK of Istanbul.After which famous personality is this stadium named?
  67. 67. Answer-
  68. 68. Question-2 Queen of Henry VIII of England from 1533 to her death in 1536,she is often called the most influential queen consort of England in that period.Some said she practised ‘witchcraft’,while others say She was executed by the king to marry Jane Seymour.A famous football ground was named after her.Which ground?
  69. 69. Answer-
  70. 70. Question-3 Recent condition of an iconic venue which has been left abandoned because of dirty politics and dispute between two parties.Which venue?
  71. 71. Answer-
  72. 72. Question-4 Venue for the 2016-17 Uefa Europa League final,which stadium did this Arena replace?
  73. 73. Answer-
  74. 74. Question-5 Club America has won the CONCACAF Champions league a record 7 times.The club celebrated it’s 100th year in 2016.It holds the record attendance in CONCACAF competitions for home match attendance.In which stadium does Club America play it’s home matches?
  75. 75. Answer-
  76. 76. Question-6 Home to a famous derby,this stadium was opened in 1973 to host the continental games in 1974.It also hosted the continental football tournament in 1976.It was renamed in 1979 as a symbol of something.It was part of a failed bid of the city in which it is located to host the Olympics in 1984.Just name this stadium.
  77. 77. Answer-
  78. 78. Round 4-Special Round Choose your own topics!
  79. 79. Rules- • You will get to choose your favourite topic from a grid having 9 footballing competitions. • The team with fewer points gets the first chance. Each team will get to choose one topic. If they can answer it correctly, they will get a +20 and for incorrect answer they will get a -10. • Pounce is available for the round. For every correct pounce,the teams will get a +20 but if a team pounces and answers incorrectly then they will get a -20. • Teams answering correctly on bounce will get +10. • Here are the options on the grid-
  81. 81. EPL- • Blackburn Rovers won the EPL in 1994-95 with a team comprising of Alan Shearer,Chris Sutton and Tim Sherwood amongst others and coached by kenny Dalglish.Who was the first choice goalkeeper of that side?(The goalkeeper became the most expensive goalkeeper in Britain when he moved from Southampton to Blackburn.The famous Matt Le Tissier goal which became the BBC Goal of the year in 1994-95 season was also scored against him)
  82. 82. Answer- BACK
  83. 83. I-League • Indian National League was re-branded and renamed as I-League.Who scored the first goal of the I-league when it was launched in 2007?
  84. 84. Answer- BACK
  85. 85. Ligue-1 • Last time Paris Saint-Germain FC failed to win the Ligue 1 was back in 2011-12 season when they finished runner up to Montpellier HSC.It was Montpellier HSC’s first Ligue 1 tittle and only one till date.Which Striker of Montpellier scored 21 goals and assisted 9 goals to help Montpellier win their first title?(Though a PSG striker Nene also had the same no.of goals,it was the Montpellier striker who scored more goals from open play and was acknowledged the highest goal scorer in Ligue 1)
  86. 86. Answer- BACK
  87. 87. Serie A- • Francesco Totti led A.S.Roma to their 3rd Scudetto or Serie A title in 2000-01 season.Before that Roma won the tittle in 1982-83 season which was considered their Golden Period.They would also reach the finals of 1983-84 European cup where they lost to Italy on penalties.The Roma team had star players like Agostino Di Bartolomei,Bruno Conti and Roberto Pruzzo and Falcao of Brazil. • But there was another midfielder who played an important part in winning the Scudetto for Roma and also helped them to reach the European cup final.He missed the European cup final with injury otherwise many believed the result could have been different.He was named the captain of Roma in 1985 and that year Roma finished second in Serie-A behind Juventus.He went to win European cup atlast but with a different team. • Tell me who is this former A.S.Roma player?
  88. 88. Answer- BACK
  89. 89. Uefa Champions League- • Which player holds the record of losing the maximum number of Champions league final?(Champions league era,not European Cup)
  90. 90. Answer- BACK
  91. 91. Uefa Europa League- • Who became the first player in the Europa League and Champions League Era to win the Champions League one year after winning the Europa League with two different clubs?
  92. 92. Answer- Ivan Rakitic-Europa league with Sevilla 2013-14 and UCL with Barcelona 2014-15. BACK Slide
  93. 93. Bundesliga- • The last time any team won the Bundesliga,besides FC Bayern Munchen or Borussia Dortmund,is VfL Wolfsburg who won the title in 2008-09 season.Who was the famous coach of that Wolfsburg side?
  94. 94. Answer- BACK
  95. 95. AFC Champions League- • AFC Champions League was rebranded and launched in it’s current format in the 2002-03 season.Al-Ain of UAE became the first Champion of the new AFC Champions league beating Bek Tero Sasana of Thailand in the final.Who was the coach of that Al-Ain side who received lots of accolades for his coaching style and a string of surprising results during that period of time?
  96. 96. Answer- BACK
  97. 97. La Liga- • 3 sets of Father and Son pair have won the La Liga till date.If two them are-Carles and Sergio Busquets,Manuel Sanchis Martinez and Manuel Sanchis Hontiyuelo,then who are the 3rd Father-Son pair?
  98. 98. Answer- BACK Slide
  99. 99. Acknowledgements- • Mr.Wasi manzir • Mr.Samanway Banerjee-without whom the quiz would not have been possible. • Medical College,Kolkata authorities.
  100. 100. Second Mixed Bag • A set of 20 Questions in Anti-clockwise direction. • +10 for every Correct answer and -10 for every Incorrect answer. • For pounce,if there are parts in the question,all parts are needed to be answered correctly. • Any discretion on Part points lies entirely with the Quizmaster. • Best of Luck!
  101. 101. Question for the Audience
  102. 102. * • Who has scored the most number of goals in a single edition of world Cup?
  103. 103. Answer-
  104. 104. Question-1. This Mohun Bagan Ratna,after passing from Howrah Zilla School,got chance at BESU to study Engineering.However,due to monetary problems he was forced to left studies.A vocal organiser of his defence,he was known for his anticipation and timely tackles on opposition striker’s feet.An accurate penalty stopper,he was the first goalkeeper of the green and maroon brigade to save three penalties in a single match.Identify him.
  105. 105. Answer- • Hiralal Mukherjee,Goalkeeper of 1911 IFA Shield winning Mohun Bagan Team.
  106. 106. Question-2. The Ajax Museum has a special Video featurette,which features 3 very important players in the History of Afc Ajax.If two them are Johan Cruyff and Marco Van Basten,then who is the third?(The Player has won a Champions League with Ajax and has been the highest goalscorer in a season Of UCL for Ajax.)
  107. 107. Answer-2
  108. 108. Question-3 • Some teams like Armenia and Azerbaijan,Russia and Georgia are not kept in the same group of EURO cup Qualifiers by Uefa considering their history.During Euro 2016 qualifiers two teams made into this list and are not going to be kept by Uefa in the same qualifying group for Euros.If one team is a heavyweight,the other has only got full membership of Uefa in 2013 and full membership of Fifa in 2016(as the 211th member).Both times,their inclusion as full time members was strongly opposed by the heavyweight team. • The smaller team’s governing body was set up in 1895,thus becoming one of the oldest Football associations in the world.The association started conducting a league of it’s own as early as in 1905. • Identify the two teams.
  109. 109. Answer- • Spain vs Gibraltar.
  110. 110. Question-4. Just identify the Footballer.
  111. 111. Answer-
  112. 112. Question-5 • David Beckham,after his red card in 1998 world cup,became a national villain.The freekick Goal vs Greece in the 2002 WC qualifiers(which confirmed England’s qualification)started making him a national hero. • The Goal from the penalty against Argentina in the 2002 WC group stage confirmed his status as a national icon.The penalty was awarded by Pier Luigi Collina because of a foul on Michael Owen.Which Argentinian player fouled Owen and conceded the penalty?
  113. 113. Answer-
  114. 114. Question-6 • Liverpool has the distinction of beating the same two teams in Uefa Cup final and European Cup Final.They beat Borussia Monchengladbach in the 1973 Uefa Cup final and 1977 European cup final. • Which is the other team that was beaten by Liverpool in 1976 Uefa Cup final and 1978 European Cup final?(That team is the only team of it’s country to play in an European cup final till date and has made a record 20 consecutive Uefa Cup group stage appearances)
  115. 115. Answer-
  116. 116. Question-7 • Nicknamed after this Footballer(pic below),this player has won Uefa Cup and Uefa Champions League in consecutive years.As an international,he played 53 matches for his country and scored 7 goals.Out of those 7 goals,only 2 goals have come in the knockout stages of Euro Cup and Fifa World Cup(1 each).Both his goals turned out to be match winning goals and both time Netherlands were at the receiving end.He won the man of the match award in an epic match.About whom am I talking?
  117. 117. Answer-
  118. 118. Question-8 Shrinivas Dempo,Chairman of Dempo Fc,bought 34% shares of a relatively unknown and young European club in 2011.The Club has a reputation of scouting and nurturing young talents.Dempo Fc Academy’s blueprint was developed by this club and it was decided that this club would fund 50% of the cost of the academy. The Club has played Uefa Cup qualifiers regularly for quite sometime and made to the group stages once and then surprisingly qualified for the knockout stages also.Shrinivas,however sold the stakes of the club in 2015 and is now looking for fresh tie up to open the Academy. Identify this Club which was quite in news around this time last year and directly or indirectly made a youngster an overnight sensation.
  119. 119. Answer-
  120. 120. Question-9 • Till date,only 3 footballers have scored in Consecutive Finals of two different European club Competitions- Ronald Koeman of Fc Barcelona in the 1991 Uefa Cup Winner’s Cup final vs Manchester United and then again in the 1992 Uefa European Cup final vs Sampdoria. Dmitri Alenichev of Porto in the 2003 Uefa Cup final vs Celtic and then in the 2004 Uefa Champion’s League final vs As Monaco Fc. • Who is the only other footballer to achieve this feat?
  121. 121. Answer- • For Fc Barcelona against PSG in 1997 Uefa cup winner’s cup final. For Inter Milan against Lazio in 1998 Uefa cup final.
  122. 122. Question-10 • Numerous Father-Son duos have played in the World cup for their countries.But only one set of Father and Son have faced each other at the World cups.In 1966,if X and Y faced each other in a group stage match in England,36 years later X’s son and Y’s son faced each other in South korea. • Identify the two father-Son duo.(No part points going)
  123. 123. Answer- • Pablo Forlan and Jean Djorkaeff-Uruguay vs France 1966 World cup. • Diego Forlan vs Youri Djorkaeff-Uruguay vs France 2002 World cup.
  124. 124. Audience Question-
  125. 125. * This is Noemie Happart,Miss Belgium 2013.How did she catch the attention of footballing world back in the month of May,2016?
  126. 126. Answer- Girlfriend of Atletico Madrid footballer Yannick Carrasco whom he kissed after scoring the equaliser against Real Madrid in the Champions league final at San siro.
  127. 127. Question-11 George Reader of England was the oldest referee to officiate a World cup match in 1950.He became the first referee to officiate the first match and the last match of a Fifa World Cup.The match between Brazil and Uruguay was not technically a final match but the last match of the final round of 1950 World cup.Reader showed tremendous skills in managing the high voltage final in presence of almost 2 lakh people. Now,there is only one referee till date,other than George Reader who has officiated the first and last match of a World cup(this time the last match was indeed a final).The referee became famous for a certain decision.Though a right decision accepted unanimously but still it was widely reported.Who?
  128. 128. Answer-
  129. 129. Question-12 • Numerous European clubs have won the continental treble-winning the Uefa Champions League(European Cup previously),National League and National League Cup in the same year. • British media dubbed the performance of a Club in a particular season as ‘Horror Treble’ as they lost the Champion’s League Final,National League cup final and also the National League on the very last matchday after leading the table for a considerable time.Also.it became the first team to play in a Champion’s League final without winning the Domestic league ever.The media houses also gave the club a punny name by just changing a letter of the original name. • Another team repeated this feat of finishing Second in every Competition a few years later but their Domestic league was settled way before the last match day.Identify the two clubs.
  130. 130. Answer-
  131. 131. Question-13 • A Champions League winner, ‘X’ was the last footballer to score a ‘Golden Goal’ in a World Cup Final. Though X’s country’s Football federation gave ‘Goal of the year’award every year from 1971, X’s goal became the first ever ______ ‘Goal of the year’in the history of X’s country.Identify X.
  132. 132. Answer-
  133. 133. Question-14 • Nils Liedholm was voted the swedish player of the millenium after the end of 20th century by the readers of a swedish magazine.Liedholm captained Sweden to the 1958 World cup Final where they lost to a highly talented Brazilian side.Liedholm himself scored a goal in the final becoming the oldest scorer in a World cup final,a record which stands even today. • Which unfortunate distinction did Liedholm achieve for the first time in history of world football that day?(Many notable players like Carsten Ramelow, Bernd Schneider,Oliver Neuville,Arjen Robben,Mark Van Bommel are also in this list)
  134. 134. Answer- Liedholm became the first player to lose European Cup(now Uefa Champion’s League)final and World cup final in the same year.Infact,he was also Captain of the Milan side which lost to Real madrid in that year European cup final.
  135. 135. Question-15 • Till date,only 7 players have won the Gold,Silver and Bronze medals at the Fifa World Cup i.e they have played atleast 3 world cups and reached two finals-winning one final and losing the other.They have also finished 3rd in another edition. • Out of 7,6 players will be shown (pic next slide).Who is the only player left out?
  136. 136. Answer-
  137. 137. Question-16 • Afc Ajax won the European cup for the first time in 1970-71 season beating Panathanaikos in the final.Another thing happened for the first time in the 1970-71 European cup in the tournament’s 15 years history.Till now,this ‘thing’has happened for a total of 15 times with the last being in the 1996-97 season of Uefa Champion’s League.What notable occurrence am I talking about?
  138. 138. Answer- • Real Madrid failing to Qualify for the European Cup/Uefa Champion’s League.
  139. 139. Question-17 • Every year,almost at this time,we can hear the Arsenal fans asking Arsene Wenger to step down.Arsenal has identified a coach and is targetting him to be the successor of Wenger. • The coach was an Austrian International playing 8 games between 1988-94.He was a striker with Fk Austria Wien and SV Austria Salzburg and later played for 1.FC Koln also. • He started his coaching career with SpVgg Unterhaching in 2004-05 where he was the youth team coach and later became a caretaker manager and an assistant manager in the 3.Liga.He then Coached third division team VfR Aalen whom he saved from relegation.He then took Aalen to the Second division by coming second in the 3.Liga. • Then he became the coach of another Second Division team in 2013 and took them to the First Division in the next year by becoming Champions.In the first Division,he managed the lowly side to a respectable 11th in the first season amidst small budget. • Then he joined another small budget club in 2016 and is working wonders with the team which has garnered everybody’s attention.Identify the Coach.
  140. 140. Question-
  141. 141. Question-18 • Zdenek Hruska is a former Goalkeeper with Bohemians Prague of Czech Republic.His habit of betting for Beer,Cash and Chocolates made him the first victim of ‘something’. • Ivo Viktor of Dukla Prague also knew about this ‘something’.But when Dukla Prague faced Bohemians in May 1976,he himself fell prey to this ‘something’.About 6 weeks later,the World came to know about it. • What am I talking about?
  142. 142. Answer-
  143. 143. Question-19 This Brazilian international,who played as a right back,won a Champion’s League and finished runner’s up two years later but with a different club.He scored only a single goal for his former club with whom he won the UCL.The goal was the winning goal in the final of the Champion’s league itself where he came on as a substitute.2 years later,he would again come on as a substitute in the UCL final and converted a penalty in the tie-breaker.Identify him.
  144. 144. Question-20 This match recently came into news due to a famous magazine comparing this match to a recent match where they have used the same headline.Just put funda.
  145. 145. Answer-