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Raspberry Pi as IoT gateway

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Raspberry PI has been around for over 4 years. In the past year it matured significantly and became a valid tool for building professional IoT gateways and Fast! In this talk I will review its abilities - From RF to OS to code to cloud connectivity, and create - on stage - an A to Z IoT gateway.

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Raspberry Pi as IoT gateway

  1. 1. Raspberry Pi - IoT Gateway the Easy Way Elad Lachmi – eladla@Softimize.co – 13/12/2016
  2. 2. Your R&D Team IoT – Raspberry Pi – Some Facts  Created, developed and maintained by the Raspberry Pi Foundation – A non-profit  Broadcom BCM283X based – ARM Cortex IP (RPi 3 – 1.2GHz Quad-Core)  As of Feb 2015 – over 5M units sold1  Talmir – The official RPi distributer in Israel2 1 https://techcrunch.com/2015/02/17/raspberry-pi-sales-pass-5-million/ 2 http://www.talmir.co.il/index.php?page=subcategory&id=218
  3. 3. Your R&D Team IoT – Why do we need a gateway?  The value in IoT comes from cloud connectivity  Wi-Fi enabled sensors are rare  Limited processing power  Size constraints  Power constraints  Hardware / firmware updates are hard
  4. 4. Your R&D Team IoT – Why Raspberry Pi?  Full featured micro-computer running Linux  Cheap and popular  Programmable using Node, Java or any other runtime available on Linux  Many connectivity options: ◦ BLE ◦ ZigBee / Z-Wave (with add-on board) ◦ Sub-GHz networking (with add-on board) - SigFox ◦ I2C ◦ UART ◦ PWM ◦ Ethernet  Shorter dev / debug cycle
  5. 5. Your R&D Team IoT – How it’s done - Example BLE 1. Sensor sends quaternion data 2. Pi calculates quaternion magnitude change over time for angular velocity 3. Pi sends the data over Wi-Fi using MQTT 4. MQTT messages are processed by the TBB™ platform in the cloud TBB™
  6. 6. Your R&D Team IoT – A Live Demo You Say? How we built the SoftiCopter (a.k.a Apache Longbow) demo using: • Raspberry Pi • GemSense Sensor • Node.js • BLE • TBB™ - Softimize’s Things Building Blocks • and AWS (IoT, Kinesis, DynamoDB and EC2)
  7. 7. Your R&D Team Wana Talk IoT? Want to talk IoT? Raspberry Pi? I’ve got all night! 
  8. 8. Your R&D Team Questions?
  9. 9. Elad Lachmi eladla@softimize.co Want To Do IoT? Talk to us!