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What's Next: Michael Frohlich talks to us about the woes from a CEO during a global transformation

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In the ever-changing and shifting world of expectations, disruption, and experience; brands are having to face the real challenge of transforming and evolving in an existential crisis against the possibility of becoming inconsequential. In this week’s webinar, we’ll talk about one of the most personal and public transformations in the industry with our very own Ogilvy UK CEO Michael Frohlich.

Michael will talk about the dos and don’ts he learned along the way when transforming a company, but also his observations, on the opportunities and challenges he encountered along the way.

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What's Next: Michael Frohlich talks to us about the woes from a CEO during a global transformation

  1. 1. Powered by What’s Next: Michael Frohlich talks to us about transformation ups and downs from a CEO during a global transformation
  3. 3. Tell us where you are dialing in from! What’s the weather like in your city?
  4. 4. Do you want this deck? It will be available for download shortly after the webinar on: slideshare.net/socialogilvy And the recording up on facebook.com/OgilvyConsulting
  5. 5. Today 1. The Journey 2. The Result 3. Reflections 4. Tips 5. Leading Through Change 6. Questions
  6. 6. Nov 2017: Transform Do it now, with no relief
  7. 7. From silo to seamless
  8. 8. The task Many OPCO Murky Sell One One Client Clear Solve Many Parent Peer
  9. 9. The journey 2018 Uncertainty / patterns / Insights Clarity / focus Alignment / success 2019 2020
  10. 10. The pain
  11. 11. Our clients Indifference. Fascination. Necessity.
  12. 12. Feb 2019
  13. 13. Success! People scores Client Scores Wins Nest sales growth Awards 91% recommend Ogilvy as a great place to work 76% recommend Ogilvy to a colleague
  14. 14. Have a plan 2
  15. 15. Phasing Agree ambition Set strategy Create structure Assign roles Find the right talent 
  16. 16. Some things I’ve learnt 1. Play for time to mitigate risks 2. Changing structures is easy, changing behaviours is not 3. Moving from theory to reality is the real test of compatibility 4. Don’t let the tail wag the dog - take the long term view 5. Build don’t fix 6. Approach revolution, through evolution 7. Transition takes months, transformation takes years 8. Change fatigue is a real thing
  17. 17. My personal tips 1. Keep the faith and be the North Star 2. Your gut counts 3. Be authentic, real and show yourself 4. Darkness is followed by light 5. The business is bigger than one person 6. Surround yourself with people who care about you 7. The way you act has more impact than you think 8. Negative voices are always the louder ones 9. Be resilient 10. Be brilliant
  18. 18. Leading through change INTEGRITY to tell the truth CHARISMA to make people listen GUTS to act on it 
  19. 19. Questions? And remember Change is hard but change is good
  20. 20. Questions?
  21. 21. Thank you.