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"LINE - Ada apa dengan Cinta?" Mini Drama

"LINE - Ada apa dengan Cinta?" mini drama that was launched on YouTube has become such a hit, receiving many earned media. Many users love to talk about the short movie on social media.

This is a compilation of those talks happening on social media.

-- a digital landscape in Indonesia slide series --

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"LINE - Ada apa dengan Cinta?" Mini Drama

  1. 1. LINE – Ada apa dengan Cinta? Digital Landscape in Indonesia Slide Series Compiled by: Pitra | www.strategocorp.com
  2. 2. Disclaimer: Stratego is not associated with LINE nor its agencies. Information captured within these slides are taken from public domains and press release distributed by LINE’s agency during the product’s launch. All materials are copyrighted of their respective owners.
  3. 3. Product LINE Alumni Theme LINE MORE, BE CLOSER Date Press conference: November 5th 2014 Live on YouTube: November 6th 2014 Broadcasted on Kompas TV: November 9th 2014 Highlights To revolutionize traditional reunion through “Find Alumni” feature (covers 180,000 schools in database). To recollect nostalgic love memories of Cinta and Rangga (of “Ada apa dengan Cinta?” movie) after 12 years.
  4. 4. LINE ALUMNI A place for LINE users to reconnect relationship with old friends and loved ones from schools and university. Chat with found friends, individually or within group. School database consisted of 115,000 elementary schools, 37,000 junior high schools, 23,000 high schools, and 5,200 universities in Indonesia.
  5. 5. “ADA APA DENGAN CINTA?” TVC Love Version TVC Friends Version Two TVCs and 10 minutes mini movie, following the story of 2002’s box office movie “Ada apa dengan Cinta?” The main characters are “Rangga” (Nicolas Saputra) and “Cinta” (Dian Sastrowardoyo), who finally reconnect again after 12 years through the help of LINE Find Alumni feature. The old supporting characters are also back: “Maura” (Titi Kamal), “Alya” (Ladya Cherryl), “Milly” (Sissy Priscillia), and “Karmen” (Adina Wirasti). They are still befriends with “Cinta.”
  6. 6. IMAGE TEASERS http://instagram.com/p/ucDuCbpydq/ http://instagram.com/p/ue_7ihLuM-/ Several reunion photos of the original movie’s casts were published since 3 weeks before launch date.
  7. 7. PRESS CONFERENCE November 5th 2014 LINE Alumni press conference and the premiere of “LINE – Ada apa dengan Cinta 2014 (Mini Drama)” at Blitz Megaplex, Jakarta Check Kompas TV’s coverage at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJUODCKvqXY
  8. 8. PROMOTIONAL TWEETS https://twitter.com/indo_line/status/530576011487088642 https://twitter.com/indo_line/status/530350099918909441 https://twitter.com/indo_line/status/530348123571232769
  9. 9. https://twitter.com/therealDiSastr/status/530544269636145152 https://twitter.com/nicsap/status/530543998365356034 https://twitter.com/MirLes/status/530554194122776577
  11. 11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56Sx2I1SRfA THE MINI DRAMA November 6th 2014 Live on LINE Indonesia’s YouTube channel (2.8 million views in just 4 days)
  12. 12. LINE STICKERS Free LINE stickers featuring Cinta and Rangga characters.
  13. 13. LINE AADC QUIZZES LINE contest was held to maintain the hype.
  14. 14. @liputan9 LINE CHAT MEMES Many user contributed memes were seen on Twitter and Path.
  15. 15. @uttha @vnkdfndr @novarowisnu
  16. 16. FUNNY TWEETS https://twitter.com/niwat0ri/status/530625456685322240 https://twitter.com/ndorokakung/status/530623471123173377 https://twitter.com/ernestprakasa/status/530558319929610240
  17. 17. https://twitter.com/imandita/status/530614822367272960 https://twitter.com/qronoz/status/530611075071229952 https://twitter.com/MirLes/status/530684177868275712
  18. 18. https://twitter.com/OmDennis/status/530641505145212928 https://twitter.com/NabilahYAZ/status/530668361282101248 https://twitter.com/pergijauh/status/530576045162770432
  19. 19. https://twitter.com/nando_nurhadi/status/530772167466549248 https://twitter.com/ABS_Project/status/530767398362550272 https://twitter.com/tsukilunacchi/status/530698135077531651
  20. 20. https://twitter.com/tsukilunacchi/status/530690952440987648 https://twitter.com/adelladellaide/status/530625776689745922 https://twitter.com/Outstandjing/status/530577451617775617 https://twitter.com/handokotjung/status/530574885446119425
  21. 21. VIDEO PARODIES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zb_Ehk4KD94 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goWCrigdr0A Short videos were uploaded to YouTube to parody the mini drama. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zSsrIVWX-ng
  22. 22. OTHER BRANDS GET INVOLVED https://twitter.com/HeinekenID/status/530618073980497921 https://twitter.com/XL123/status/530623827395768321 https://twitter.com/blackxperience/status/530624215045509120
  23. 23. https://twitter.com/WegoID/status/530624290140336129 https://twitter.com/MisterPotato_ID/status/530629483208781824 https://twitter.com/Indomielovers/status/530629679729098752
  24. 24. https://twitter.com/CocaCola_ID/status/530669591274323968 https://twitter.com/hemaviton_id/status/530648946507390976 https://twitter.com/BakmiGM/status/530641738071670785
  25. 25. SONG DOWNLOADS The original movie’s soundtrack received sudden increasing number of iTunes downloads. Telkomsel rode the hype, selling one of the original song’s MP3 through SMS.
  26. 26. November 7th 2014 TRENDING TOPIC The word “AADC”, “rangga”, and “mini drama” had high level of conversation on November 7th 2014 (first time live on YouTube) and November 9th 2014 (the original movie and the mini drama broadcasted on Kompas TV). Over 1,610,000 tweets, 1,000 Facebook posts, and 20,000 Instagram posts within 1 month.
  27. 27. www.slideshare.net/socialmedialandscape indonesiadigital.tumblr.com www.strategocorp.com strategocorp.tumblr.com strategoplay.tumblr.com youtube.com/strategioptima Digital Landscape in Indonesia Slide Series