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Stop the social media shiny object syndrome [WEBINAR]

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Stop the social media shiny object syndrome [WEBINAR]

  1. 1. Stop theSocial MediaShiny ObjectSyndromeGary Ware Michael Brito Corey Creed Jason Keathi.d.e.a. Edelman Digital Social Fresh Social Fresh@garyware @britopian @coreycreed @jasonkeath#freshsos
  2. 2. Social Fresh WEST 2012 • Single track • 30 minute sessions • No panels, no gambling • Group learning Save $100 today Promo code AD2100#freshsos
  3. 3. #freshsos
  4. 4. What is a Shiny Object?1. New2. Fast growing3. Lots of chatter and press4. Early adopters are flocking5. Next big thing6. Perceived opportunity#freshsos
  5. 5. What is Shiny Object Syndrome?#freshsos
  6. 6. Shiny objectsare distractions that we disguiseas opportunities.#freshsos
  7. 7. Sometimes the shoe just doesn’t fit.#freshsos
  8. 8. How To Avoid Shiny ObjectSyndrome1. Have Patience: No need to rush in2. Test Personally3. Land claim: It’s ok to grab your brand name4. Research professionally: peers, early adopters, demos, reviews5. Value opportunity compared to current solutions6. Replace or augment?7. Define Investment: dollars and people over time8. Reassess#freshsos
  9. 9. Some examples…#freshsos
  10. 10. High Tech Specialized B2B BrandEngage younger demographic, tap into new audiencePlatformsComscore research showed audience frequents Youtube andindustry forumsExecutionDeveloped an educational/entertaining Youtube series andcreated a series of infographics and seeded them through socialchannels#freshsos
  11. 11. Fortune 500 CompanyOperationalized The Content Marketing ProcessBrand NarrativeUsed Perculate to help the brand discover content that wasrelevant to their audienceContent Process & PublishingUsed Kapost to operationalize content creation, approval anddistribution process#freshsos
  12. 12. Mid-sized B2B CompanyCreated Efficiencies With Content PlanningContent PlanningUsed Divvy HQ to replace Google Docs as the global contentcalendarContent PublishingUsed Vitrue to publish content on Facebook and Twitter#freshsos
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  21. 21. #freshsos
  22. 22. Social Fresh WEST 2012• Single track• 30 minute sessions• No panels, no gambling• Group learningSave $100 todayPromo code AD2100#freshsos
  23. 23. Stop theSocial MediaShiny Object Q&ASyndromeGary Ware Michael Brito Corey Creed Jason Keathi.d.e.a. Edelman Digital Social Fresh Social Fresh@garyware @britopian @coreycreed @jasonkeath#freshsos