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How to manage your time on social media tasks

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How to manage your time on social media tasks

  1. 1. Top Tips: How to Manage YourTime On Social Media TasksSocial Media Education, Training & Supportwww.mysocialintelligence.com
  2. 2. Here are someguidelines on how tomake your social mediastrategypurposeful, consistent and relevant.What to say on social media@ 2013 Social Intelligence Limited
  3. 3. Some guidelines for you to follow@ 2013 Social Intelligence Limited1. Take the time to craft a social media strategyand policy2. Identify a variety of content sources3. Create a Social Media calendar4. Block out “content time”5. SCHEDULE, Schedule, Schedule
  4. 4. Be smart about your time@ 2013 Social Intelligence LimitedYou can’t create more time in your day –but there are ways that you canstreamline the processes.
  5. 5. Streamlining processes@ 2013 Social Intelligence Limited• Make use of a dashboard like Hootsuite orSocialOomph• Delegate to a team member where appropriate• Outsource to an expert where appropriate
  6. 6. Thanks for watching the quick share of this post...@ 2013 Social Intelligence LimitedWant to read the full blog post with all our guidance?You can read it here:The Social Intelligence BlogMeet the author:Shelley Rostlund
  7. 7. Who Are We? Connect with us@ 2013 Social Intelligence LimitedWe are an end-to-end social media agency. We support our clients through practicalbusiness education and training; as well as provide specialist one-to-one consultancy tocraft social media strategies that integrate into existing marketing, communication andonline strategies.We also efficiently support our clients in a very practical basis in their day-to-daymanagement of their social media through our array of social media administrativesupport services - if you think we can assist you, connect with us!social.intelligencemysocial_intelsocial-intelligence-limitedsocialintelwww.mysocialintelligence.com