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  1. 1. Demonstration Lesson
  2. 2. What do these imageshave in common?They want you to buy, think, or do something!
  3. 3. Term Definition Explain ReviewPropaganda Spreading ideas Propaganda is YES-NO-WHY(n.) to help or hurt used during Is this an example of a cause/person wars to propaganda? negatively portray the Used to enemy. persuade you to buy, think, do something12345 12345
  4. 4. Attaching a negative label/image to a person or thing
  5. 5. This technique works because it causes people to have a negative opinion about someone because of the bad opinions they hear.Why is this an example of the name calling technique?
  6. 6. Persuading people to do something because other people are doing it
  7. 7. This technique works because you think “everyone else is doing it” and so should youWhy is this an example of the bandwagon technique?
  8. 8. Diverts your attention to another unrelated topic
  9. 9. This technique works because it distracts us from the real issueWhy is this an example of the red herring technique?
  10. 10. Create your own piece of propaganda using one of the techniques we discussed today.Be sure to explain which technique(s) you used.