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Emerging role of hr as a business partner

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Role of HR as a strategic business partner

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Emerging role of hr as a business partner

  1. 1. Emerging Role of HR as a Business Partner M/s Sneha Sankpal
  2. 2. Expectations from HR leaders • Business Savvy • Align HR Strategy with Business Strategy • Change Catalyst • Help Biz leaders to achieve objectives effectively • Acts as a Line Management Peer • Take Ownership • Strong Bench Strength
  3. 3. Centers of Excellence as Business Partner • Risk management • Critical Talent Management and Retention Microsoft UK focuses attention on it’s A list, top 10 percent, performers, regardless of role and level. • Recruiting Effectiveness Companies where career advancement is based on talent more than tenure and age will compete more successfully in their markets • Productivity
  4. 4. Contd.. • Performance Management System • Compensation and Pay Equity • Training and Development
  5. 5. Significance of HR Analytics to HR Leaders HR analytics demonstrates the direct impact of people data on important business outcomes and helps in • Calculation of ROI • Show results along with HR activity completion • Give evidence-based advice
  6. 6. HR Tools • Dashboards • Business intelligence • Regression Analysis • Process Analytics • Human Resource Information Systems • HR metrics
  7. 7. Dashboard
  8. 8. Business Intelligence
  9. 9. HR Tools contd.. • Regression Analysis :connecting survey items to turnover intentions. • Process Analytics : Connect Individual HR Processes with important business outcomes • HRIS: Automate HR Processes • HR metrics : Quantify the cost of HR processes and measure success or failure of employee programs
  10. 10. Emerging Roles of HR leaders • Assess the needs of the customer • Sound knowledge of HR metrics and analytics • Organization restructuring and its assessment • Talent Management and Retention • Customer focus • Challenging the business, instigating and leading transformation projects • Assists senior management in Management development and 360 degree feedback • Drives increased productivity
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