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The Catalyst that will Enable Crowdfinance to Scale

Presentation highlighting the catalysts that not only inspired, birthed and fueled crowdfinance, but the catalyst that will ultimately enable it to scale. This presentation was delivered on May 5, 2016 at Crowdfund Beat's 3rd Annual Crowdfunding USA Conference held at the National Press Club in Washington DC. The video of this presentation can be found at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4TsouQTw6k&feature=youtu.be A MUST-VIEW for anyone in FinTech, P2P, Crowdfunding

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The Catalyst that will Enable Crowdfinance to Scale

  1. 1. The Catalyst that will Enable Crowdfinance to Scale Crowdfunding USA Conference National Press Club, Washington DC May 5, 2016 By Dara Albright, President of Dara Albright Media and James A. Jones, CEO of IRAeXchange.net
  2. 2. Dara Albright Speaker, writer & influencer on topics relating to market structure, New Issues, FinTech, P2P & crowdfinance daraalbright.com www.linkedin.com/in/daraalbright/ Twitter: @tothestoics Presenter
  3. 3. Relentlessly Searching for Catalysts A Catalyst that Causes a Stock to Rise and Fall A Catalyst that Fuels an Industry Source: William O’Neil + Co. KELLOGG COMPANY 1989 NETSCAPE 1995
  4. 4. Catalyst for Market Collapses & Economic Turmoil • Did you know that in during the roaring twenties: – 60% of cars were bought on installment credit – 70% of furniture was bought on installment credit – 80% of household appliances were bought on installment credit – Between 1925 and 1929 the total amount of outstanding installment credit more than doubled from $1.38 billion to approximately $3 billion – The stock market grew 657% as investors raced to invest in companies, that sold products no one fully paid for, on a mere 10% margin
  5. 5. A Tech Bubble or Financial Revolution?
  6. 6. Crowdfinance is a REVOLUTION!
  7. 7. The Catalysts of Crowdfinance The catalyst that inspired crowdfinance The catalyst that birthed crowdfinance The catalyst that fuels crowdfinance The catalyst that will enable crowdfinance to scale
  8. 8. The Catalyst that Inspired Crowdfinance Social Media Redefines Global Communications
  9. 9. It took man a little over 4 million years to develop the written language! Today, in a matter of just 1 second: • 7 PCs are sold • 9 new people log on to the Internet for the first time • 25 cell phones are sold • 257 search queries occur • 1,157 videos are viewed on YouTube • 2 million emails are sent Communications is Advancing at Warp Speeds
  10. 10. Did a Bubble Burst in the Middle of a FinTech Revolution? NO! It’s merely a sign that the industry needs to explore news ways to scale
  11. 11. The Catalyst(s) that Birthed Crowdfinance Two Events that Redefined Global Finance
  12. 12. Catalyst that fueled the Facebook buying frenzy
  13. 13. • P2P / Marketplace Lending has been nothing short of a phenomenon • According to Morgan Stanley, in the US, marketplace loan origination has doubled every year since 2010, to $12 billion in 2014. Meanwhile, the trend is playing out globally, notably in Australia, China and the UK. All-told, such lending could command $150 billion to $490 billion globally by 2020. • Venture Capital firm, Foundation Capital, predicts that by 2025, $1 trillion in loans will be originated online globally The Catalyst that Transformed Global Credit Markets
  14. 14. The Catalyst that Fuels Crowdfinance The Demand for Economic Equality
  15. 15. Catalyst for Increasing Wealth Disparity
  16. 16. Equity Markets are Unjust
  17. 17. Equity Markets are Unjust STAGGERING FACTS ABOUT UBER: • Uber is now worth 4 times the value of publicly-held Hertz and Avis combined. In fact, privately-held Uber is valued higher than 80% of the S&P 500. • Uber raised a $1.25M seed round on AngelList in 2010 at a $4M valuation. Only accredited investors were allowed to participate. A $10,000 investment in Uber on AngelList in 2010 would be worth $127,500,000 today! • With over $8B of institutional dollars invested into Uber thus far, Uber is one of the fastest growing companies in history. Yet not one Uber share is appreciating in a small retail investor’s retirement portfolio. Not one. • Uber is not an anomaly. Companies today create value far faster than ever before. Unfortunately, they are creating value only for those investors who the Government deems as “worthy” of accessing growth stocks.
  18. 18. • Small businesses can no longer rely on banks for loans • With interest rates at historic lows, investors can’t afford to be weighted in traditional fixed- income assets Credit markets are just as flawed and unjust as public equity markets
  19. 19. “Qualified” Investors Have Been Flocking to Alternatives
  20. 20. Private Credit Can Provide Greater Yield with Less Volatility
  21. 21. A new McKinsey Global Institute report finds it may be time for investors to lower their expectations
  22. 22. Retirement Assets of 100 CEOs Source: Center for Effective Government Institute for Policy Studies Retirement Assets of 41% of American Families The Inequality of Retirement Assets
  23. 23. “Tough Noogies” is NOT a Solution! • The best solution that our brightest economic minds have to offer is: – “Investors simply need to lower their expectations.” – “People simply need to save more Money.”
  24. 24. The Solution – Democratize Access to Tax-Deferred Alternative Investing • Legislation – Reg A+ – Title III Crowdfunding – Intrastate Crowdfunding – HR 2187 • Financial Innovation – Crowd-centric retail alternative products • Financial Technology – Making tax-deferred micro alternative investing simple and affordable
  25. 25. Alternative investment products AND access to these products have been escalating Orchard
  26. 26. And now, we finally have a “modern” retirement vehicle for a new FinTech driven industry
  27. 27. The Catalyst that will Enable Crowdfinance to Scale Tax-deferred Micro Alternative Investing will Allow Crowdfinance to Scale
  28. 28. CLOUD BASED SERVICES The scalability of all crowdfinance platforms will ultimately depend upon their ability to penetrate the $14 trillion retirement market! Cloud-based ISCP™ is the retirement vehicle for the next-generation alternative asset investor
  29. 29. This modern SDIRA can do for crowdfinance today what the IRA and 401k had done for mutual funds 30+ years ago – allow an nascent asset class balloon into a multi-trillion dollar industry
  30. 30. History is Repeating
  31. 31. “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln
  32. 32. James A Jones Vice President Business Development IRA Services Trust Company CEO IRAeXchange.net Presenter Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/selfdirectediravisionary
  33. 33. The Retirement Market • $14 Trillion - 50 million IRA accounts • Households $200,000+ own 80% of IRA worth • Less than 1% are investing through Self-Directed IRA’s • More than 99% of equity, P2P or real estate crowd funding are investing with tax inefficient cash accounts paying full taxes every year
  34. 34. The New IRA and 401(k) Market $7.6 trillion in IRAs $450 billion annually in IRA rollovers from retiring 401k’s Total IRAs savings Total 401(k) savings Total savings in retirement accounts $6.8 trillion in 401(k)s Combined $14 trillion in retirement accounts.
  35. 35. For every $1 in a personal checking and savings account, there is over $12 in an individuals retirement savings account
  36. 36. So What’s the Problem? • Process: – Technology is based on 40 year old banking legacy IT systems – 3 steps – Open account, Fund account, Investment Direction – 4-6-8 weeks – No integration from Platform to SDIRA Custodian – Two accounts needed • Pricing: – Manual process is labor intensive – Business model is annual fees (open-$50-100, Per asset $100-495 Per Year, AUM quarterly-$50, Transaction-$100 Per) • Promotion: • SDIRA Custodians are “nonfiduciary” trust Co.’s and are PROHIBITED from promoting Client Acquisition • Assets Under Management: – Goes to SDIRA Custodian-No RIA’s • Non-Scalable: – systems are geared to retail account “one-offs”
  37. 37. What’s Out There Currently? • A “landing page” is not FinTech: – The landing page on the platform captures client data for the platform. IRA holder must then print out application, transfer and investment direction, mail it to the platform who mails it to the SDIRA Custodian to begin 4-6-8 week process • Pricing: – some “deals” with platforms (currently less than 10) that will charge $150 – 250 per asset, if not regular retail pricing • Promotion: – Two custodians offer website links for their clients which is prohibited and has resulted in zero net new clients for platforms • AUM: – Assets are held with the SDIRA Custodian - keeping Registered and Independent Advisors from participating in client distribution
  38. 38. The IRA Services Cloud Platform (ISCP™) Solution • White-labeled solution: “Your website” IRA • Cloud-based API: Your Client NEVER leaves your site • One Account: Yours! • Lowest Pricing in Industry: 25 bps or $100 Flat • Scalable: 250,000 accounts per hour • Facilitates both taxable & non-taxable accounts: – Both retirement and non-retirement account holding – Both private securities and publicly traded
  39. 39. As Peter Hinssen explains it: “Organizations need to become networks themselves. It is the only way they will equal the speed of the complex adaptive systems that their market have become.”
  40. 40. Thank You! James A Jones jjones@IRAeXchange.net IRAeXchange.net www.linkedin.com/in/selfdirectediravisionary Dara Albright dsa@daraalbright.com daraalbright.com www.linkedin.com/in/daraalbright/ Twitter: @tothestoics