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Why WeChat is the Envy of Facebook?

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Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp brought attention to the messaging apps market. When it comes to China, WeChat, the most advanced Chinese all-in-one social app, inevitably crossed our mind.
However, it’s not sensible to compare WeChat with WhatsApp. WeChat is far, far more than a messaging app. It integrates hold-to-talk messages, mobile commerce, and social networking into a single innovative app.
Here we put up an infographic to illustrate the overwhelming functionalities and charm of WeChat. We would love to hear your comments. Enjoy!
- See more at: http://smithstreetchina.com/content_multimediaInfoShow/Why-WeChat-is-the-Envy-of-Facebook.html#sthash.m0ua08aZ.dpuf

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