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Lounge 47 bangalore - Storytelling for startups

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Presentation used to address over 50 start ups in Bangalore on importance of storytelling for competitive advantage

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Lounge 47 bangalore - Storytelling for startups

  1. 1. MARKETING STARTUPS Smitha Hemmigae Director Marketing, CSS Corp @smithahs Smitha.Hemmigae@csscorp.com
  2. 2. Because of rise in ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT
  3. 3. Because of UNDEFINED job roles
  4. 4. Because of INNOVATION
  5. 5. Because of OWNERSHIP
  6. 6. NOT SIMPLE
  7. 7. RIGHT BRAIN DOMINANCE new source of competitive advantage
  8. 8. GOOD STORY!
  9. 9. SHOW • What does your About us section look like on your site? • Is this pure information or are you using stories, personality or even humour? Solution: Video is a great medium – convey complex ideas, emphasize subtle but important differences Example: FiftyThree – pencil (better stylus)
  10. 10. TOO MUCH JARGON • Filling a story with technical terms, acronyms and superfluous words is the best way to lose your audience Solution: Keep it simple to cut through the noise; marketing around values Key examples: Apple (think different), Evernote (remember everything), CSS Corp (Wired to Support)
  11. 11. TOO • Personalize the protagonist of your story • “People connect with other people, so make sure you focus on the real-life characters in your story.” Solution: share customer milestones, connect your customers needs in your story Example: Subway (Jared Fogle), Dropbox, Google at Work
  12. 12. BEGINNING • There is no rule to start the story from the beginning • Let your story have an interesting arc • Events need to build, one after the other, emotionally rather than sequentially Solution: create your story in post-its and mix them up; then think like a movie- maker – make people feel. Engage the senses Example: Bank of America – chronology campaign
  13. 13. CONFLICT • Screw-ups do happen • But screw-ups also present opportunities to shine by telling a story of responsibility, apology and remedy Solution: customers more loyal to brands that readily apologize Example: Flipkart – billion dollar sale; Leela Palace – entry to bicycle debacle
  14. 14. FABRICATION • Your story needs to be authentic • Make stories part of your culture Solution: Capturing moments, good or bad, in story form can authentically connect your employees to your company, and increase their commitment to their work Example: Cancer institute in Washington (Audrey), Infosys employee advertisement, staff meetings – use them to connect with employees
  15. 15. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP • Companies with a stranglehold on what their corporate story is and who can tell it are missing a world of opportunities Solution: Recognize the value in stories from internal and external sources, design ways to collect them, and enable your customers, advocates and employees to be storytellers too; use social media extensively Example: ComCast (#ComcastCares)
  16. 16. UBER – Everyone’s private driver
  18. 18. THANK YOU You can connect with me at – Twitter: @smithahs LinkedIn: Smitha Hemmigae E-mail: smitha.Hemmigae@gmail.com