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3.2.16 McCormick Foundation Presentation

  1. @SmartChicago | #ConnectChicago | #CUTGroup Cases in Civic Engagement & Community Information through Technology The McCormick Foundation Denise Linn & Sonja Marziano March 2, 2016
  2. Agenda Introductions Overview of the Smart Chicago’s Model, Mission, Areas of Work Case #1: Array of Things Civic Engagement Case #2: CUTGroup Case #3: Connect Chicago Questions + Discussion @SmartChicago
  3. Introductions @SmartChicago
  4. Smart Chicago Collaborative We were founded in 2011 by the City of Chicago, The Chicago Community Trust & the MacArthur Foundation. We care about access to the Internet, digital skills, and data. @SmartChicago
  5. Array of Things Civic Engagement At Smart Chicago, we seek to help build a smart city that works for everyone — a city where the technical infrastructure, data, tech tools, and tech training that are shaped by residents and serve them. @SmartChicago
  6. Array of Things Civic Engagement Smart Chicago is leading the civic engagement process to educate residents and gather input from communities We will host public meetings. The first will be on March 22nd in Homan Square Community Center. The second will be on March 31st at Harold Washington Library To gather public edits and feedback on the Array of Things Privacy Policy @SmartChicago
  7. Civic Engagement Goals for this Project To educate Chicago about the Array of Things project, process, the potential of the research, and the sensors’ capacities To gather public input on the Array of Things Privacy Policy To gather community input on the livability factors most of interest to them and most pressing to their neighborhoods To spur a national conversation about privacy, the Internet of Things and civic engagement in these issues across the GovTech community @SmartChicago
  8. CUTGroup “If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work!” @SmartChicago
  9. @SmartChicago Civic User Testing Group (CUTGroup) CUTGroup is a community of over 1,300 residents in Cook County who are paid to test websites and apps and help create better technology. New model for UX testing, digital skills development, and community engagement If it doesn’t work for you, it doesn’t work!
  10. Civic Engagement Goals for CUTGroup @SmartChicago Reach new people who are not typically part of the tech community and ask for their feedback Introduce people to new technology (websites and apps) that they may have never used before Include resident voice and feedback in building better technology
  11. Connect Chicago Connect Chicago is a citywide, cross-sector initiative that seeks to make Chicago the most digitally skilled, connected, and dynamic city in America. @SmartChicago
  12. % No Internet Access % No Internet Subscription % Income <35K with no Internet subscription % No Computer % of Internet Subscribers mobile alone or w/ dial-up U.S. 20.1% 24.2% 45.6% 14.9% 7.8% New York City 21.1% 24.6% 43.7% 16.2% 3.7% Los Angeles 19.6% 23.4% 41.9% 14.3% 7.0% Chicago 24.1% 30.2% 52.0% 19.5% 7.9% Houston 25.9% 30.3% 50.6% 17.9% 18.1% Philadelphia 27.0% 31.9% 48.8% 20.1% 8.0% *Percentages in households, American Community Survey Estimates 2014 Gaps in Chicago:
  13. About Connect Chicago @SmartChicago Connect Chicago aims to increase access to the Internet, increase digital skills. and increase engagement through technology We work with a collection of dynamic partners — the City of Chicago, World Business Chicago, the MacArthur Foundation, Chicago Public Library, LISC Chicago, and Chicago Public Schools. Smart Chicago has primary responsibility for managing the coordination of the initiative There are 250+ places in the city where residents can access training and public computing. We foster this network through direct funding, community-building, and impact assessment
  14. Community Information Goals @SmartChicago To support reliable, accessible community information infrastructure To increase economic & civic engagement through technology — whether it’s using government digital resources, filing taxes online, researching local issues online, or applying for jobs To empower the digital/tech trainers in Chicago and emphasize that they a key piece of our city’s tech & information pipeline
  15. Guiding Principles for Engagement
  16. Guiding Principles for Engagement Host events at trusted institutions Create accessible ways for people to sign up and participate Give people relevant, easy-to-use incentives for participation (ex: gift cards) Meet people where they are in terms of language, skill, and geography Have an interactive component to the engagement Document everything @SmartChicago
  17. Questions + Discussion