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Your Sales Pitch Sucks!

Most sales pitches suck. Why? Because they are all about you instead of focusing on the client and their needs. Here is what you can do to change and make them better. Be a Blue Lobster and stand out.

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Your Sales Pitch Sucks!

  1. Your Sales Pitch Sucks! and what you can do about it. BLUE LOBSTER
  2. Do you have an awesome company, product or service?
  3. Do you pitch to clients?
  4. Here is what 95% of companies do
  5. We are ABC company ABC
  6. We have shops everywhere ABC
  7. We sell amazing products ABC
  8. We are innovative ABC
  9. We have won many awards ABC
  10. Our clients love us ABC
  11. Does this sound familiar?
  12. So what’s the problem?
  13. The audience does NOT care!
  14. They don’t care about all your shops
  15. They don’t care about your awards
  16. They don’t care about your logo ABC
  17. Yes, we know. It’s a shocker!
  18. But seriously
  19. The audience only cares about themselves
  20. and what you can do for them!
  21. So change your pitch!
  22. Focus on the audience
  23. Before you pitch ask these 3 questions
  24. Who is the audience?
  25. What’s their problem?
  26. How can you help?
  27. So when you pitch, it’s more like this…
  28. We are the Dentistry
  29. We have looked at your situation
  30. We are here to help
  31. We understand you are facing this problem
  32. Based on our experience, you have two options…
  33. Option A
  34. Option B
  35. We recommend option B because….
  36. Better results, happier clients
  37. Here is a story about how we helped Bob…
  38. If you want to know more…
  39. Do you see the difference?
  40. It’s not about you
  41. It’s about the audience
  42. and how you can help
  43. Ready to change your pitch?
  44. Ask the 3 questions
  45. Who is the audience? ! What’s their problem? ! How can you help?
  46. Now create your new pitch
  47. The result?
  48. More interest
  49. More sales
  50. More money
  51. BLUE LOBSTER We help you create presentations that win business. www.bluelobster.co A Slides That Rock Company