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Business intelligence primer

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Business Intelligence Primer for beginners to understand how Microsoft BI specifically has evolved and what you have right now.

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Business intelligence primer

  1. 1. Business Intelligence Primer INFO@TRIADINFOTECH.COM
  2. 2. Business Intelligence Drawing intelligence out of your business data Analytics Help Decision Making Process OLTP Databases Multi-dimensional data is required for you to do Analytics The process of building Multi-dimensional data is called Data Warehousing When you have a Data Warehouse, then on top of it you use BI tools to build Dashboards
  3. 3. Transaction Data to BI OLTP DW BI
  4. 4. Dashboard Management Dashboards Role Based Dashboards
  5. 5. What can a Dashboard Contain? Charts Drill Down Charts (Interactive Charts) KPIs – Key Performance Indicator ◦ Goal or Target ◦ Value (Actuals) Scorecards ◦ Set of KPis
  6. 6. What can a Dashboard Contain? (Additional) Ability to Slice and Dice What if Analysis Geo Spatial Data Interactive Excel sheets being published Interactive Visio Drawings being published
  7. 7. BI Before 2007/2008 Was possible to be developed only by DW / BI Developers / Analysts
  8. 8. BI Evolution Ability for Power Users to create Dashboards, KPIs & Scorecards
  9. 9. BI – Now (2013 later) Self-Service BI for end users
  10. 10. Microsoft BI (before 2013 version) Excel ◦ Data Mining Add-Ons ◦ Pivot Table ◦ Pivot Chart SharePoint ◦ Status List ◦ Performance Point Services ◦ Excel Services ◦ Visio Services SQL Server ◦ SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) ◦ SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) ◦ Power Pivot for SQLServer
  11. 11. Microsoft BI – what is there right now? Excel (can be together called as Excel `Power BI) ◦ PowerPivot ◦ PowerView ◦ PowerQuery ◦ PowerMap SharePoint ◦ Power BI SQL Server ◦ PowerPivot ◦ Power BI