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About IoT in Malaysia - Malaysia IoT Consortium

Presentation by Dato' Lai Yit Loong, Chairman, Malaysia IOT Consortiumat the Selangor Smart City & Future Commerce Convention 2017, in the panel session titled 'Smart IoT: IoT and its role in Smart Cities'

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About IoT in Malaysia - Malaysia IoT Consortium

  1. 1. Key Player in Global mobile phone and IoT Supply Chain • World’s #16 pure-play foundry • Cellphone/Smart Watch driver IC • Finger print sensor • Sensors, BLE, Bio chip, Silicon Photonics
  2. 2. Moving up the Value Chain In the last 40 years, Malaysia has developed an industrial base across the entire semiconductor value chain populated by local players and multinationals.
  3. 3. Marching to “Silterra 4.0” IoT IC IOT Ecosystems and Marketplace Power IC IOT Applications & Services Pure Play Foundry Mobility and IoT Application IoT & Power Technologies IoT Ecosystems & Modules Digital Maker Movement MyIoTC Marketplace IoT Application & Services Upgrade and Transformation Semiconductor Manufacturing Manufacturing & Capacity 1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 Last 20 years: IT and CE Next 20 years: “1 trillion IoT Devices”
  4. 4. Simple components, semiconductor parts assembly and SKD electrical products Consumer electronics parts to full assembly Office & computer equipment (inc. hard disk drive and hard disks) Higher value-added products/activities - R&D - IC & System Design - Wafer fab, - Ingot growing - Low volume, high complexity and high mixed products (e.g: instrument, medical, aerospace), - Digital consumer goods (e.g blu- ray player, HDTV-LED flatscreen, e-book) 2010 1990 1980 1970 Started in 1970’s with 8 companies Consumer : Clarion and Bosch Components : AMD, HP, Intel, Litronix and National Semiconductor, Hitachi Future IoT - Labour Intensive - Low Technology Products - Low value added - Capacity constraint - Knowledge Based - Hi-Tech - High Value Added - Unlimited potential Road to IoT – The next Engine of Growth
  5. 5. Malaysia IoT Consortium (MyIoTC) MyIoTC aims at 1. Promote Digital Maker movement 2. closing the gaps currently faced in the market in designing, prototyping, manufacturing, promoting and marketing IoT solutions to the local and global markets. MyIOTC – Platform for Prototyping and Commercialization of IOT Products Founding Members: Ecosystem Enablers: IoT Makers - Startups - SMEs - Corp Projects - Hackers MyIOTC - Teach - Sourcing - Design Services - Prototype - Manufacture - Go-to-market Online IoT Marketplace
  6. 6. Services (Apps)
  7. 7. Foundation of 4th Industry Revolution
  8. 8. IOT is the new electricity
  9. 9. IoT is the Foundation of AI and Robotics
  10. 10. IOT is Important to Malaysia 1. Growth Engine for next 30 years • Innovation, application, and supply chain from idea, design to manufacturing 2. Disrupt or be disrupted • IoT disrupts, transforms and upgrades traditional industries 3. Smaller guys have advantage • localized, less standardized, high-mix, lower volume