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Moonshot Ideas in Health + Demo - Dr. Sonny Kohli

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Dr.Sonny Kohil dives into moonshot ideas in the healthcare industry, what we need to achieve them, and challenges us to reconsider how we approach them.

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Moonshot Ideas in Health + Demo - Dr. Sonny Kohli

  1. 1. Sonny Kohli, MD FRCPC Co-founder & CMO, Cloud DX Internal Medicine & Critical Care, OTMH Assistant Professor (adj.), McMaster University Founding Faculty, Healthcare, ………….…………………………… Moonshot ideas in Health?
  2. 2. Photo by Christian Als
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  8. 8. THE CHALLENGE THE SOLUTION RESULTS PROJECT MILESTONES NEXT STEPS COPD exacerbations can be life threatening… resulting in deterioration in health and quality of life… costing the health care system $1.5 billion. Expand to other conditions and more patients. Telemedicine visits from the patients home. A remote vital signs monitoring program with clinical guidance, giving patients the tools and support they need to recognize and treat their COPD exacerbations safely from home. JANUARY 2018 APRIL 2018 SEPTEMBER 2018 APRIL 2019 Planning Patient Enrollment Monitoring &Treatment Evaluation of Patients Would Recommend to Others 80%Reduction in Hospital Admissions 36%Reduction in ED Visits 60Exacerbations Treated 82Clinical Net Promoter Score 100% BREATH BETTER AT HOME PROGRAM Center for Respiratory Health at Markham Stouffville Hospital
  9. 9. My new Moonshot idea in Health? Lets find a NEW way to get everyone to work together to use existing technologies to solve our problems WE NEED NEW WAYS TO CONNECT & UNITE US