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50 ideas for using beacons

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50 ideas for using beacons

  1. 1. 50 Ideas for using iBeacons Interact, Inform and Engage your customers at their decision point by DAVid burden About iProximity iProximity enables businesses to deeply engage with consumers based on their proximity to a certain location. We utilise the latest technology combined with consumers’ smartphones to deliver contextual marketing and information services based on the consumers’ current location and activity. Our founders have been providing information and mobile & digital marketing services for decades and that iProximity offers a World leading comprehensive turnkey solution for proximity marketing and information services.
  2. 2. About the Authors David Burden is an entrepreneur with three decades of experience in building successful technology businesses. David has vast range of experience in interactive marketing and mobile services, including working with premiere Global Brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Nike, Vodafone, Idol, Big Brother, and many more. David founded Legion Interactive (now Salmat Digital), Australia’s top interactive marketing services company. He has received numerous awards for his innovative work, including ADMA’s Mobile Marketer of the Year. Rohan Lean is an entrepreneur that specialises in matching technology to business and consumer needs. With over 25 years of experience in the mobile industry, Rohan embraces the opportunity to provide solutions that make a real difference in the way we communicate our messages. Rohan was the co-founder of Redrock Communications (strategic supplier of back-end software systems to Optus Mobile) and MessageNet (now part of Salmat Digital), which was the world’s first Internet-based SMS service that focused on business and corporate communications. iProximity - The industry leader in end-to-end proximity marketing solution. interact, inform, and engage your customers at their decision point David Burden - Director What is an iBeacon and hat does it do? “iBeacon” is the Apple name for a new tiny, low cost, Bluetooth wireless trans-mitter that can broadcast a message which can be detected by certain iP-hone & iPad Apps. The underlying iBeacon technology isn’t an Apple’s monopoly; in fact all recent Android devices already support it too. The excitement around the iBea-con technology is that smartphones equipped with a Beacon App can detect the presence of a Beacon and automati-cally display information on or interact with the smartphone. The creativity of an iBeacon deployment is not about the Beacon hardware, but about the crea-tive uses for the technology. This eBook introduces 50 ideas for Bea-cons, we hope that one or two ideas resonate with you and you can start your proximity marketing or informa-tion campaigns. So what is an iProximity Beacon? The information that appears on a smart-phone once it comes into range of an iProx-imity Beacon is highly customisable. This message could vary from a simple informa-tion page to a discount offer or coupon, a Facebook interaction, or a custom applica-tion could be launched. iProximity Beacon customers can rapidly modify the information or the action on the visitor’s mobile device through the iProx-imity Campaign Management System. iProximity Beacons are designed and con-structed to be suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and require no main-tenance. No external connections, such as electricity or the Internet, are required to install an iProximity Beacon. Our Beacons use Bluetooth 4 or Low Energy (LE) Blue-tooth that does not require the pairing of devices and is already built into most Apple iOS and Android smartphones. There are many different brands of Bea-cons available, some of which conform to the Apple iBeacon standards, but all must comply with the Bluetooth standard to be detectable by smartphones. iProximity Beacons are manufactured ac-cording to the highest international stand-ards and are available in both indoor and outdoor (waterproof) models. The expect-ed battery life of an iProximity Beacon is 2 years, but by using the iProximity Cam-paign Management System, you can con-veniently check the battery levels on all of your iProximity Beacons. An iProximity Beacon is our own tiny, battery operated, low cost device that transmits a low-energy Bluetooth signal. A smartphone installed with an iProximity-enabled App can automatically detect these Bluetooth iProximity Beacon signals and alert the phone’s owner that locational information is available. Ideas for Your iProximity Beacon 2 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 3
  3. 3. How Does an iProximity Zone Work? An iProximity Zone has iProximity Beacons installed at several locations throughout the Zone. When a Zone visitor equipped with a mobile phone and an iProximity-Enabled App enters the range of a Beacon, useful information or contextual marketing is automatically displayed on the visitor’s phone. What is an iProximity Open Zone? An iProximity Zone is a defined space that is “location-enabled” using iProximity’s Beacon Technology How Many iProximity Beacons Do I Need for My Application? An iProximity Open Zone is one that enables a number of different iProximity Beacon owners to jointly market themselves as a Zone for cross-promotional purposes. Examples of an iProximity Open Zone may include, shopping centres or strip malls with a number of different retailers, food outlets, and services that all wish to be found when a consumerwith the iProximity-Enabled App searches a Zone. Open Zones can be easily configured in the iProximity Campaign Management System. What is an iProximity Zone? What is the Range of An iProximity Beacon? In theory, an iProximity Beacon can have a range anywhere from 2 centimetres to 70 metres, but this can be influenced by a number of physical and environmental factors. Therefore, distances are approximate and it is best to test with the iProximity Beacon in situ. The space around a Beacon is divided logically into three distance grids: “immediate” (approx. 50centimetres), “near” (approx. 50 centimetres to 3 metres), and “far” (more than 3 metres). By using the iProximity Campaign Management System, you can determine the distance point that triggers the appropriate message on consumers’ smartphones. With the iProximity Campaign Management System, it is also possible to distinguish between a smartphone entering and leaving an iProximity Beacon Zone, so you can tailor your messages based on this context. iProximity Beacons transmitting range can be configured to trigger smartphone messages at the most appropriate distance This will depend on what you are trying to achieve with your proximity marketing plan. If you are simply trying to attract passing trade with a promotional offer, then 1 iProximity Beacon is sufficient. However, if you wish to deliver multiple messages based on the consumers’ location within your establishment, then you will need multiple iProximity Beacons. If you are unsure, please use the contact form or call us to discuss your exact requirements. An iProximity Zone is a defined space, such as a strip mall, shopping centre, sports arena, or Municipality that is “location-en-abled” using iProximity’s Beacon Technology. This allows visitors in that zone to receive specific information or offers on their smartphone about their immediate location within the Zone. 4 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 5
  4. 4. Any location can become an iProximity Zone. These Zones can also be any size, ranging from several metres to dozens of kilometres. Some examples of effective Zones are: • A single retail outlet with a single iProximity Beacon that transmits a discount coupon to attract passing customers. • A large retail outlet with multiple iProximity Beacons; each Beacon provides information or offers on particular product located in that Zone. • A Shopping Centre or strip mall where a single Zone (Open Zone) is offered for all the outlets, but with each outlet’s iProximity Beacon broadcasting individual offers customised to their store. • An Exhibition or Event site that may require a mix of amenity information and offers from organisers, sponsors, or exhibitors. • A Gallery, Museum, Car Yard, or Nursery where iProximity Beacons deliver precise information about the product that the customer is standing directly next to. • A restaurant may have a special offer that it broadcasts, which allows interested passers-by to check if a table is available. An iProximity Open Zone allows different vendors or information providers to cross promote their services to Zone visitors Zone Visitors need to have an iProximity-Enabled Application on their smartphone to receive information. This is possible through our iProximity Zone Enabled App that is available for iOS or Android, or a user can add our iProximity SDK into their existing mobile application. We provide iProximity Zone signs with all iProximity Beacons to announce to your customers that they are entering an iProximity Zone. An iPhone coming into range of a iProximity Beacon displays an alert message suggesting the App is opened for more information What Areas Can Become an iProximity Zone? How Does a Zone Visitor Receive Localised Information? 6 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 7
  5. 5. The most common page that companies choose to display is a rich mobile website. These pages are easily customised through the iProximity Campaign Management System. Common designs include: • Offers: Coupons, Discounts, and Specials that are used to attract passing customers or customers within the store. • Informational: General information or location-dependent information that specifically relates to products, artwork, surroundings, or activities. • Engagement: Pages designed to more deeply engage with a customer through social media or specific promotional or marketing activity. • Custom: A wide range of custom applications can be built that use the power of the phone’s precise location, its proximity to an item, the power of the smartphone and its connection to the Internet. Ask us for some specific ideas that relate to your business. The information displayed on the phone or tablet depends on the state of the device to some extent. Basically, visitors will receive a notification that they have entered an iProximity Zone or if the visitor is actually within the App already, then they will receive the informational page directly. Communication between the iProximity Beacon and the smartphone is secured by 128-bit AES encryption. However, the security between the smartphone application and the web service it communicates with is even more important. With iProximity, this is always HTTPS, at the very minimum. People are still very protective of their private information, so regardless of the type of benefit your iProximity Beacon solution might offer them, their privacy could be a significant hurdle in persuading them to take up any offer. At iProximity, we recommend an opt-in policy that is set out when users register and sign up for the iProximity-Enabled App. Before any information is passed to a third party, we always seek the owner’s permission. iProximity Marketing Concepts for Retail What Information Can I Display on a Zone Visitor’s Smartphone? Are iProximity Beacons Secure? What About Privacy? Retail will be one of the first industries to adopt the iProximity Beacon simply because of the great benefits that it offers both the retailers and the consumers. The use of smartphones to enhance the shopping experience is dramatically increasing around the world, as depicted in the following table, so retailers need to embrace this trend and combine it with proximity marketing to maintain their client base and remain relevant in the retail market. Deloitte’s smartphone shopping survey also found the use of a smartphone in store is likely to drive a 14% increase in sales conversion. Smartphone shopping adoption increasing across all categories. Deloitte Digital The Dawn of Mobile influence 2012 A Beacon triggered display of a rich mobile HTML 5 website 8 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 9
  6. 6. Consumer Benefits: Retailer Benefits: In November 2013, the independent research firm ResearchNow, commissioned by Swirl, conducted a study of the mobile and shopping preferences of 1,000 smartphone owners. Some key insights for retailers included the following: • Significantly more consumers would like to learn about store products and promotions from their smartphone (65%) than from a sales associate (38%). • 67% of surveyed consumers reported that in the past six months, they have received shopping-related push notifications on their smartphones. Of those, 81% said that they read or open these alerts most of the time, while 79% have made a purchase as a result. Contextual information delivered through smartphones is an effective communication channel between retailers and consumers. Consumer Benefits: • Relevant, contextual information is pushed directly to their smartphones • Consumers control their privacy settings • Allows for further discovery of more information • Connects with social media • Provides a history of relevant offers • Users are able to choose the type of offers they wish to receive and filter out unwanted offers • Interacts seamlessly with loyalty programs to maximise awards or points Smartphone shoppers are 14% more likely to convert to a sale in store. Deloitte Digital The Dawn of Mobile influence 2012 • Drives store traffic, engages with consumers, and influences buyers at the critical time of purchase decision by providing critical contextual information and offers based on consumer proximity in the store • The iProximity Campaign Management System provides fantastic flexibility and allows dynamic marketing activity to be conducted and monitored across one or hundreds of iProximity Beacons in one or hundreds of locations • Encourages consumers to socially share their offers with friends and followers – free marketing • Receive detailed campaign analytics from the iProximity Campaign Management System, which allows you to fine-tune and optimise every campaign • Encourages consumers to opt-in to receive further information via email, SMS, MMS, or other social networking platforms • Allows direct interaction with your loyalty program to drive program sign up and store floor traffic • Negates the effects of ‘show-rooming’ by controlling the information and offers that are being pushed to the consumer 10 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 11
  7. 7. Large Retailers Small Retailers • Install a single iProximity Beacon with a promotional offer that drives store traffic • Present customers with a list of your current special offers or best-selling products • Ask for social media interaction or suggest signing up for your newsletter or loyalty program • By installing one or more iProximity Beacons, you can position the Beacons around specific products and offer more information on those particular items • Using the iProximity Campaign Management System, you can determine the time a shopper has spent looking at specific items. As consumers walk away from the items, you can pop up a contextual offer, such as “10% off”, or “50% off second item”, etc. With larger floor spaces, you have a greater opportunity to create elaborate proximity-based marketing campaigns. An iProximity-Enabled App will always pick up the strongest iProximity Beacon, allowing for multiple information Beacons to be placed inside the store. You can also place iProximity Beacons at the front of the store with an attractive offer to increase store traffic. For large retailers, iProximity also offers the following benefits: 79% of smartphone owners shop on their Mobile Phones. Google Mobile In-Store Research, Shopper Marketing Council - How in-store shoppers are using mobile devices 2013 • Offers further information on a larger number of items, including the manufacturer’s specification sheets or product reviews • By reviewing iProximity Beacon activity in the store, it is possible to start generating store traffic pattern maps and understanding product exposure and dwell times • The provision of more and better information as consumers move through the store will reduce the effect of searching for comparative products and pricing, allowing you to control the flow of information as consumers move closer to their purchase decision • You can easily monitor a large number of iProximity Beacons with the iProximity Campaign Management System. Use timed updates to change the offers on certain iProximity Beacons or split test campaigns and analyse the results in the iProximity Campaign Management System • Cross-sell related products by promoting other products with a combination offer • Up-sell by suggesting higher quality products or alternative products through customer reviews • Home improvement stores can offer lists of products needed to complete particular projects, as well as their locations within the store Usage of smartphones in store during shopping is on the rise, with iProximity Beacons you can control the conversation. Google Mobile In-Store Research, Shopper Marketing Council - How in-store shoppers are using mobile devices 2013 • Garden centres can keep customers engaged by helping them plan their gardens via access to climate maps and recommended tools Shoppers are using their smartphones when they shop for all kinds of products. Google Mobile In-Store Research, Shopper Marketing Council - How in-store shoppers are using mobile devices 2013 12 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 13
  8. 8. Strip Shops/Malls Retail Chains With iProximity, we have made it easier to roll out multiple store iProximity Zones which can be controlled from one central interface, allow for individual store control, or both. This enables you to create one campaign and easily assign this to multiple stores simultaneously, saving you time and ensuring that you have marketing continuity across all locations. If you’re a retailer that offers paid shelf space or allows your suppliers to purchase your marketing activities, then your iProximity solution will fit right in. Our iProximity Campaign Management System gives you the freedom to assign a range of third party or sponsored campaigns. Just ask the specialists at iProximity for more details. Cafés & Restaurants or Fast Food Outlets • Use time of day marketing initiatives to drive store traffic, such as through breakfast, lunch, and dinner offers • Promote your daily specials • Show customers your menu as they approach your location • Promote bookings for special days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or holiday bookings • Link with your POS for table availability • Allow customers to interact with social media • As customers leave your premises, pop up a quick survey or ask for a Facebook ‘Like’ • Present your latest reviews to passers-by • Automatically link with your Loyalty program • Remind customers of your current promotional campaign and extend that campaign to the customers’ smartphones Groups of retailers can easily cooperate to cross-promote each other’s business by creating an iProximity Open Zone. As detailed in Figure 13 smartphone shoppers tend to spend more, therefore collaborating with other retailers to expand your mobile footprint could drive sales revenue. An Open Zone allows consumers to search for attractive offers across all retailing participants in an open zone, thereby assisting with both discovery and awareness. Enabling social sharing in open zones also helps to promote all the participants in the zone. Along with providing your own offers through specific retailer iProximity Beacons, consider adding a few more iProximity Beacons within the Open Zone to potentially provide the following: • Interactive maps of the space and details of the retailers • Time-based offers to drive traffic to the food court at lunch time • Information on special events or general promotions • The ability for stores to cross promote to offer great incentives to visit the Mall through interactive competitions and promotions • Create a loyalty program using your iProximity Beacons that includes points for interacting with as many individual store owned iProximity Beacons as possible during a visit Smartphone shoppers buy more goods; so having an engaging proximity mobile marketing solution will improve sales. Google Mobile In-Store Research, Shopper Marketing Council - How in-store shoppers are using mobile devices 2013 14 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 15
  9. 9. Fashion Supermarkets Many of the same ideas above can be offered in a Supermarket environment, but here are a few more: • Send shoppers different recipes based on their proximity to particular items • Offer a “meal map” within a store to deliver menus, as well as the locations of all the necessary ingredients • Offer discounts if particular items are purchased • List and show the location of all your specials • Shoppers in the cheese section could receive advice about good wines to pair with their selections • Offer detailed nutritional information for each item • Allow your suppliers to purchase space on your iProximity Beacons for their own marketing activities. Our iProximity Campaign Management System allows you to incorporate a range of third party or sponsored campaigns In a similar approach as supermarkets, fashion retailers have a wide range of opportunities with iProximity Beacons that can provide a valuable edge to mobile marketing campaigns that affect consumers at their point of decision. • Promotional offers directed at passing shoppers to drive store visitation. If the shopper is known as a customer through integration with either the store loyalty program or social media, this offer can be highly personalised • Provide information or additional images/variations of the goods being looked at by the shopper • Enable social sharing of the information so the shopper can receive feedback from friends on the purchase, thereby further promoting your goods to their extended networks • Suggest accessories for that particular item • Provide assistance in the changing room or get feedback on the item Increasingly shoppers are turning to their smartphone for assistance; ensure you are delivering the right information at the point of decision. Google Mobile In-Store Research, Shopper Marketing Council - How in-store shoppers are using mobile devices 2013 16 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 17
  10. 10. Car Dealers Gas / Service Stations • Promote your gas/petrol prices to passing motorists (distance-dependent) • Promote offers of other goods or discount offers • Promote new stock lines or special offers • Promote your loyalty program • Remind customers to check their tyre pressure, as well as water and oil levels • Create real time offers, such as ice cream on hot days Often, potential customers are browsing happily in your showroom or lot, and don’t wish to speak to a salesman. Some may even visit after hours. iProximity Beacons can be the perfect silent sales tool to provide your customers with information, while also providing you with statistics, analytics, and potential leads. • Position iProximity Beacons on certain cars and display more information on those vehicles • Provide customers with a map of your lot and show them where they can find certain vehicles • Explain your finance offers, quarterly specials, or included deals to interest customers • Provide contact details of salespeople for different vehicles • Provide comparison information between vehicles • Estimate insurance costs or total cost of ownership to excite prospective customers • Highlight the most economical or sporty car on the lot • Provide recommendations for vehicles to consider based on the type of customer requirements • Offer a deal site for prospective customers to make an offer on a vehicle 18 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 19
  11. 11. Museums, Art Galleries, and Zoos Delivering Contextual Information Services with iProximity Beacons Schools AND Universities In November 2013, the independent research firm ResearchNow, commissioned by Swirl, conducted a study of the mobile and shopping preferences of 1,000 smartphone owners. Some key insights for retailers included the following: • Significantly more consumers would like to learn about store products and promotions from their smartphone (65%) than from a sales associate (38%). • 67% of surveyed consumers reported that in the past six months, they have received shopping-related push notifications on their smartphones. Of those, 81% said that they read or open these alerts most of the time, while 79% have made a purchase as a result. Contextual information delivered through smartphones is an effective communication channel between retailers and consumers. Consumer Benefits: • Provide guided walk-throughs using the visitors’ smartphones, rather than other equipment • Provide multimedia descriptions with video and audio to show or describe the item • Create treasure hunts of information for visitors and school groups • Give directions and maps, as well as information about the facilities • Allow teachers or group leaders to locate members of their group • Create interactive assignments that grab information from visited displays through the iProximity Beacon Overview iProximity Beacons can also be deployed to provide information based on a person’s exact location. In a similar style as commercial deployments, iProximity Beacons can be located both indoors and outdoors. The potential uses for iProximity Beacons to deliver information are endless. However, here are a few ideas that may assist you in your creative approach to information delivery. 20 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 21
  12. 12. Airports and Transport Hubs Conferences ADN Events • Automate check-in processes using passbook or specialised ticketing apps • Advise travellers of gate changes or other time- and location-based information • Provide a list of localised amenities • Determine who is at the gate (some permission required for this) • Check in to club facilities • Promptly advise travellers of delays • Info about the next bus, train, or tram • Timetables and information • Onward journey information • Accommodation or ground transport service Tourist Destinations, Tours, Walking Tracks, Beaches, Sporting Grounds, and Public Information • Presenters will be able to engage with their audiences in new and exciting ways. They can involve the audience in their presentation by pushing a notification to participants that offers a link to additional reference material for their presentation • Send a LinkedIn connection request • Collect presentation feedback online • Run polls and surveys • Broadcast events that will be held at your booth • Offer prize promotions to encourage booth attendance • Timetable and event information Concerts • Provide guided walk-throughs using the visitors’ smartphones rather than other equipment • Provide multimedia descriptions with video and audio to show or describe the items or provide additional information • Create treasure hunts of information for visitors and school groups, thereby turning education into an interactive game • Show directions, maps, and facilities in relation to what is closest to the visitor • Allow teachers or group leaders to quickly locate members of their group • Create interactive assignments that grab information from visited displays via the iProximity Beacon • Provide up-to-date warnings and information, such as surf reports, bushfire information, and localised alerts about weather conditions or road closures • Use iProximity Beacons to deliver timely information at sporting events, such as the time until the next race, assembly area locations, or instructions for specific age groups or teams • Ski resorts can provide localised information based on location, which is particularly important during white out weather events iProximity Beacon technology could also have a range of applications at concerts and entertainment events. • For the concert-goer, tickets could open as they approach the entrance • Provide maps showing their location in relation to stages and facilities • Offer a find-your-friend feature for those times when they disappear in the mosh pit • Receive on-stage interactions from different sections of the crowd 22 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 23
  13. 13. Promotions Promotions, competitions and social media interactions are also a great way to build relationships with customers and their circle of influence, while also rewarding them for sharing, interacting, or visiting your site. • Treasure Hunts with iProximity Beacons are a lot of fun and can be educational, because you have your group search for iProximity Beacons and interact with each one as you go along. • Check in for social media sites, so users can ‘Like’ your site, ‘Follow’, and ‘Tweet’, while also sharing your offers and information. It helps to build a much larger audience very quickly. • Loyalty Programs can be dynamic and powerful with iProximity Beacons. With the right user permissions granted, on entering one of your establishments, they are personally greeted, store visit points are granted, the local staff members are advised that a VIP has arrived in the store, and the VIP gets a list of their point status and special offers displayed instantly on their mobile device. You could also trigger other events, including further discount offers, social media interaction, automatic contest entries, etc. • Contest Entries can be automatically triggered by a registered user’s presence. Control Real-World Actions Accessibility Solutions Warnings Location-based warning information can provide valuable context to visitors and tourists by providing a proximity-based warning system. • Advise people about a change in conditions to those within the affected region • Provide access to information in multiple languages • Offer information and advice as situations dramatically change • Assist them in locating themselves in order to find routes out to safe zones • Provide feedback to authorities informing them that people are located within that iProximity Zone Moving Beacons iProximity Beacons don’t have to be static; they can be attached to people, vehicles, or even animals. • Tour guides can carry iProximity Beacons so their tour group can find them easily • Chauffeurs could carry one so their passengers can easily find their meeting point • Attach them to public transportation vehicles like buses, trains, or trams to broadcast information to passengers • Create a peer-to-peer messaging service for passengers in each carriage • Offer information on the next stop, which is particularly useful for tourists • Promote your business as you drive around iProximity Beacons can also be successfully used to control actions in the real world. • Identify drivers through their smartphone app and open gates and warehouse doors automatically • Log staff in to time card applications • Turn lights and systems on or off based on the proximity of the smartphone. • Automatically detect workers passing iProximity Beacons in distant operations to determine their safety status • Control security systems • Log visitors to your site • Trigger video or other recording devices The possibilities for increasing quality of life and information for Accessibility solutions are also a great use of this technology. Automatically combining information from iProximity Beacons with the Accessibility functions in smartphones could provide a huge benefit. This is something that we will cover in another ebook in the very near future. 24 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 25
  14. 14. About the iProximity Campaign Management System Next Steps Getting started with iProximity is really easy: 1. Purchase your iProximity Beacons and choose your plan 2. Log into the iProximity Campaign Management System and create your campaign 3. Download the iProximity-Enabled App When your iProximity Beacons arrive, you will be in the Zone! Get started here at www.iproximity.net More Information You will find more information on our website at http://www.iproximity.net Magazine on Proximity Marketing and Information Services The iProximity Magazine is a great way to stay up-to-date with all proximity marketing and information stories. You can find it here - https://flipboard.com/section/iproximity-bqh6Ry Talk To Us We would love to talk to you about your iProximity Beacon application. Send us some information to info@iproximity.net and we will arrange a time to call and speak with you. *Depending on the permissions granted to you by the smartphone owner. The iProximity Campaign Management System is the most advanced platform for creating proximity marketing or information campaigns for iProximity Beacons. With the iProximity Campaign Management System you can: 1. Manage all your iProximity Beacons 2. Create campaigns 3. Monitor, analyse, and optimise your campaigns Additionally, there is a great range of available features that you can use or ignore, depending on your specific requirements. References Google Mobile In-Store Research, Shopper Marketing Council - How in-store shoppers are using mobile devices 2013 Deloitte Digital The Dawn of Mobile influence 2012 Photo Attribution: Ape Photo with Singapore Zoo: Sam DCruz / Shutterstock.com Empty Street Mall 151743362: Deymos Photo / Shutterstock.com Supermarket isle 155054024: 06photo / Shutterstock.com Museum Image: BestPhotoPlus / Shutterstock.com People in front of artwork Popova Valeriya / Shutterstock.com, Airport: Tooykrub / Shutterstock.com Copyright © 2014 iProximity Pty Ltd. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. Apple, iBeacon, iOS, iTunes, Google, Android, and any other trademarks are the property of their respective trademark holders. 26 www.iproximity.net www.iproximity.net 27
  15. 15. Copyright © 2014 iProximity Pty Ltd.