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Top 5 Social Entrepreneurs and How They Nailed It

  1. Social Entrepreneurs and how they nailed it
  2. Social entrepreneurs are people with an idea of innovation to tackle social problems and spread them across societies
  3. They create solutions for the society on a large scale with a noble motive to give a human touch to businesses Let us look at few skills required to make it large in social entrepreneurship
  4. Find a solution It is very important to find a self sustaining solution for a grave problem
  5. Build a Community Find people who can adopt your thought and also help in micromanaging your initiative in all possible ways
  6. Build a Story Your story will be the key to success of your social entrepreneurial venture and will provide a brand image to it which people will relate to
  7. Add a Purpose Set your Mission and Vision statement to provide a direction to the entire endeavour, this will help your team stay together in the long run
  8. Be Proud Be proud of your idea to bring a change in the society and make your team believe in it. Only then will you be able to enjoy the journey.
  9. … and now Its time to look at some of the most successful social entrepreneurial ventures across the globe All these organizations have been honoured by the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship 2015
  10. Light . Hope . Opportunity Founder: Katherine Lucey
  11. Solar Sisters is an entrepreneurial initiative that empowers women by engaging them into sales of clean energy solutions to different communities and remote locations in Africa. Let us know how is this helpful…
  12. 200,000 benefited by Solar Sister
  13. More than 1200social entrepreneurs
  14. Women are trained to sell Women educate other women on renewable sources of lighting and inspire them to join the Solar Sister circle Women earn a share of the sales made and thus are part of the entrepreneurship deal How Solar Sister helps spread the network of sisters? New members register with Solar Sister
  15. 60% increase in usage of renewable source of light
  16. Founder: Jen Hyatt
  17. This is a digital support and recovery service based in UK, for people who are stressed or feeling low, under expert supervision. Here you can express your feelings through posts and other activities. How is this helpful?
  18. 95%users felt better
  19. 80%users could handle their psychological problems independently
  20. Register with Big White Wall Your identity is always hidden from the other users Post your feelings on the wall or make creative bricks to express You can take guidance from the experts present online on your preferred time and therapist – named LiveTherapy You can take different tests to ensure your emotional stability How to benefit from Big White Wall?
  21. There has been considerable reduction in depression and anxiety along with high satisfaction level because of LiveTherapy
  22. Founder: Hanumappa Sudarshan
  23. This initiative aims at transforming the government primary health services in India into professional healthcare delivery centres. It has come up with a new PPP (Public Private Partnership) model Let us know how is this helpful…
  24. 1,000,000 people treated
  25. Increase in institutional deliveries from 77% in 2009 to 98%in 2013
  26. Founder: Rosanne Haggerty & Becky Kanis Margiotta
  27. This is an organization helps the impoverished families in America who have to deal with homelessness , poverty and unemployment. It forms coalitions of local groups and work with the towards providing effective solutions Let us know how is this helpful…
  28. 100,000 homes was a solution to move homeless people into permanent settlement Honoured at World Habitat Awards 2013
  29. Zero:2016A movement of communities to end veteran homelessness by December 2015 and chronic homelessness by December 2016
  30. By using online problem solving, in person training and coaching they could help 100,000 people find permanent settlement by June 2014
  31. Founder: Catalina Escobar Restrepo
  32. This is an organization that takes care of children, adolescent mothers and provides health assistance in Cartagena, Bogota, USA and Spain. It deals with the problem of teenage pregnancy and high infant mortality rate prevalent in the country through counselling and training Take a look at how is this helpful…
  33. 79%reduction in child mortality rate in Cartagena , Bogota, Columbia from 2001 to 2006
  34. 2412Teenage mothers were provided psychosocial assistance by the organization in Bogota , Columbia
  35. Honoured with Silver Cross of National Order of Merit by then President of Republic of Columbia in 2011
  36. “Social Entrepreneurs are not content just to give the fish, or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionised the fishing industry” - Bill Drayton CEO and founder, Ashoka From the pioneer’s desk
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