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10 easy steps to make each day ‘productive’

How often do you tell yourself, "it was a good day!"? Here are a few tips to keep yourself productive each day of the week!

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10 easy steps to make each day ‘productive’

  1. 10 easy steps to make each day ‘productive’ Image courtesy: snehilsworld.blogspot.com
  2. How often do you tell yourself, “it was a good day”?
  3. It is in your hands to make each day productive!
  4. Miracles can happen any day! MAKE EACH MOMENT COUNT!
  5. Image courtesy: wellnessgal.blogspot.com
  6. So, here are a few tips to keep yourself vibrant each day of the week!
  7. 6:00 am Rise & Shine!
  8. Image courtesy: shegotlostintranslation.wordpress.com
  9. Get into the habit of getting up early as it is the most positive time of the day! With less distraction and noise you can set your goals right!
  10. 6:30 am Indulge!
  11. Image courtesywww.cassiejene.com
  12. Morning is the best time to indulge in your favorite activity. Watch TV, read newspaper, listen to music, exercise, etc. and keep yourself fit and ready for the day!
  13. 7:00 am Discover!
  14. Image courtesy: http://asiasmile.net/relax-quotes/
  15. Morning is that time of the day when you can discover new things about yourself. Set at least 2 targets for the day, to judge at the end of the day whether it was a success or not.
  16. 8:00 am Dress up!
  17. Image courtesy: meetville.com
  18. Dressing well gives you positive energy, the confidence to face the day! Something that makes you happy and at ease! Dress well, keep it simple and define yourself!
  19. 10:00 am Hello!
  20. Image courtesy: www.quoteswave.com
  21. Greet everyone, carry your smile! Talk, share your positive energy and express your views. Learn to inspire people!
  22. 10:30 am Set timeline!
  23. Image courtesy: www.vintagenewsjunkie.com
  24. To measure your efficiency, give yourself a deadline for each project! Maintain a priority list and allocate time accordingly. This will help you in churning out jobs on or before time.
  25. 1:30 pm NO time for LAZINESS!
  26. Image courtesy: www.wordsonimages.com
  27. After a heavy lunch, get your ass off that chair! Take a walk or indulge in any activity that shoos away laziness! Find time to think what needs to be done in the second half
  28. 7:00 pm Unwind!
  29. Image courtesy: www.oprah.com
  30. It is very essential to de-stress yourself after a hectic day. Your body and mind needs rest! Go for a run, cook, meet friends, socialize!
  31. 8:00 pm Recap!
  32. Image courtesy: www.quotesonimages.com
  33. Check if you have accomplished all the tasks/goals assigned for the day Highlight the loop holes and move on!
  34. 10:30 pm Sweet dreams!
  35. Image courtesy: quotepixel.com
  36. Hit the bed early! Apart from health benefits, you will wake up the next day all relaxed, positive and rejuvenated. An alert mind can always concentrate more.
  37. That’s all!
  38. So, now…
  39. …you can make your own rules! Set your own clock!
  40. The objective of this presentation is to make you think if you are on the right track or not!
  41. Have a great day!
  42. Prerna Jaswant Account Manager Simplify360 prerna@simplify360.com