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Simplicious Bakery - The First Year Marketing Plan

Simplicious Bakery - Simple Life, Nutritious and Delicious Food
We offer healthy bread, assorted cakes, sandwiches and freshly made beverages to our target customers, workers, students and elderly in Tai Kok Tsui in Kowloon. We hope that through our marketing strategies and programs we can spread the message of healthy lifestyle among each other in such a fast-paced society - Hong Kong.
This marketing plan presentation with mp3 synchronization gives you an overview of the marketing plan of the first year business.

By Sube AU, Sophie LEE, Andy LIU, Donald WONG, Charlotte YAU

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Simplicious Bakery - The First Year Marketing Plan

  1. 1. Simplicious – Simple life, nutritious, deliciousBread, sandwiches, assorted cakes, beveragesHealthy + good to human bodyExperienced bakers + knowledgeable sales assistants + managersHigh quality flour, eggs, milk, vegetablesMake over $2,000,000 sales25% market share in Tai Kok TsuiRetain at least 500 loyal customers 3
  2. 2. Geographic SegmentationWorkers, students, elderlyBreakfast helps regulate appetite + energyElderly gain nutrition values to strengthen healthHealthy breakfast culture Sha re of Sha re of mind‘word-of-mouth’ hear t 5
  3. 3. ExamplesBreadStudents –Baked Croissant withTomatoes and Chickens • All round nutrition – proteins + dietary fibresWorkers – Fresh Graham Bread with Norwegian Salmonsand • High fibre + enhances brain + muscles operations 7
  4. 4. Assorted CakesStudents – 100% Noir Lover • Black chocolate improves skin appearance, contain dopamine making them happyElderly – Citron Cake with Lemon Mousse • Nice fragrance, strengthen immune system 8
  5. 5. Sandwiches – Japanese chicken with Tahini – Korean kimchi – Local organic tomatoes, cucumbers, cheesy cream – Calcium and vitamin E – Dietary Fibres, high calcium 9
  6. 6. BeveragesStudents – Carbonated Vegetables and Fruit Juice • Excitement + all-round nutritionWorkers – Distilled Coffee (Mocha / Caramel / Green Tea) • Modern tastes 10
  7. 7. Objective – Current Profit MaximizationPricing Strategies – Status Quo Pricing – Sets the prices at the market• people do not like expensive organic foodAverage Prices of our Products: – Bread: $8 – Assorted Cakes: $7 – Sandwiches: $15 – Beverages: $10 12
  8. 8. Other Turning Techniques Discount & Allowance Pricing • 10% for loyalty card holder Special Pricing • To encourage purchases of certain products Last-Minute Pricing • Products are perishable no overnight store • Reduce no. of defective goods every day • $1 less 13
  9. 9. Selective Distribution – Tai Kok Tsui residential area16,563 residents over 10,000 potential customers – Including labour force, students, elderlyIndependent Retailer – Higher flexibility in decision making, e.g. material sourcing 15
  10. 10. Online Promotion Setting-up Website (texts, graphics, videos) 17
  11. 11. Advertising on Openrice 170,000 daily visitsFlyering (Printing Advertising) Distributing leaflets; low cost + effectiveEvents Sponsoring (Public Relations) Provides workshops in local communitySales Promotions Offering Percentage-Off Customer Loyalty Card 18
  12. 12. 20
  13. 13. Sales forecast $2,657,773Total Expenses $2,075,155Net Profit $582,618Illustration of our business:1. quarterly growth -> +10% through promotion & retention of customers2. achieve the highest sales in weekly morning (7-10a.m.) 70% (students go to school & workers go working)3. anticipate lower sales in weekends 50% lower (day-offs/public vacations)4. higher driving force supporting sales due to uniqueness of products and geographic location5. highest expenses on materials and HR costs Inclusion of the high-quality of produces and care employees relations 22
  14. 14. Rationale permitting problems finding out causes coping with situations1: Set Up control criteria and areas -Compare potential and actual results2: Monthly Checks -hold meetings3: Annual Checks -brand review 24