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This shot has excellent potential for my chase scene,                                                                featu...
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Departed chase scene

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Departed chase scene

  1. 1. This shot has excellent potential for my chase scene, featuring numerous and distinctive Martin Scorsese workmanship, featuring eye line matches and character expression, in which has been beautifully directed, i plan an including some distinctive shots in my chase scene, including eye line matches of the pursuer target- ing the bag that another character has, including a zoom to and slow motion possibly of the bag on his shoulder, and the main character with the bag turning round in slow motion of the main character of the character going round a corner, combined with a quick cut to a close up of his eyes looking at the pursuer as he goes around the corner, telling the audience he My pursuer will stay vigilant and look the knows he is being followed. part by wearing clothing suitable and stereotypically intimidating, for instance dark and thuggish clothing The chase scene will be situated over a plotted course, spreading over from GMEX train station, to Beaufort street, there will be featured in the short sequence a juxtapo- sition chase scene, be- tween the main character in the lift going down to the bottom floor and the pursuer descending the opposing stairs, the pur- suer will race to the bot- tom, jumping down the stairs and various stunts to get him down the stairs as quickly as possible.The assailant will sprint acrossfrom the stair case and will cut toa P.O.V shot of the doors openingand him being there, cut to a fightscene inside the lift from a P.O.Vshot of a security camera insidethe lift in the corner, panning fromleft to right, recording the twocharacters fighting over ‘the pack-age’