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IPG Discovery 5 Event

Attached is a 'quick fire' 10 minute overview of what I see as the key areas of focus to move content marketing on into 2018. It also contains some key results from our 2017 State of Content Marketing Survey.

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IPG Discovery 5 Event

  1. 1. + 3 other insights into the present and future of content “YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING”
  2. 2. I’m concerned for the future of digital content. “
  3. 3. zazzlemedia.co.uk/the-state-of-content-marketing- survey
  4. 4. Digital content budgets are increasing but strategic knowledge is trailing behind.
  5. 5. 92% * *% of marketers are unclear as to how best to execute strategy.
  6. 6. And yet we’re spending more than ever…
  7. 7. 10% 21% 23% 33% 38% 60% 62% 65% Using paid and earned social platforms Finding the right agencies to work with Video campaigns Finding the best content writers/creators Lack of marketing budget Producing content consistently Measuring ROI of content marketing campaigns Producing engaging content Or produce enough of it and measure effectiveness…
  9. 9. Content Marketers celebrate this…
  10. 10. It’s about delivering constant
  11. 11. SO, WHAT DO WE FOCUS ON?
  12. 12. BECOME A PUBLISHER 01. ‘Brand as Publisher’ is the future…
  13. 13. Brand as Publisher Imagine your business as the best selling magazine in your niche. What would your content output look like?
  14. 14. HERO CONTENT Proposed hero content idea for the Lease Car blog towards the end of the six-month period… Content is the ONLY glue that sticks an audience together.
  15. 15. Look at the evolution of mass media.
  16. 16. @simonpenson The same is happening right now online.
  17. 17. Designed to build long term audience Everything from social to email, paid and PR is integrated Content works through paid, earned and owned seamlessly Full mix of strategic content produced Central Editorial Plan The answer is data-led content strategy spanning paid, earned & owned…
  18. 18. 34 Works in sales Frequent traveller to meetings Married with children 43 Part time nurse Weekends away organiser Married with older children 18 Student Uses trains to go home and see friends Needs ‘cheapest’ Based on serving persona need. DAVID BERNAND AMELIA THOMAS CORINNA WEBER
  19. 19. SEE ALL ADVERTISING AS CONTENT DISTRIBUTION 02. Use programmatic to deliver content, not ads.
  20. 20. PUT. CONTENT. FIRST.
  21. 21. Ads are just holes in the internet… for content. The blunt approach has no future.
  22. 22. Use it to tell stories not just ‘sell’ stuff.
  24. 24. Because these guys rule the world.