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Marketing Strategies for Higher Education: Fasten Your Seatbelts for the Mobile Revolution!

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This fall's College Freshman is the first, born-digital generation. Are you equipped to help shape them?

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Marketing Strategies for Higher Education: Fasten Your Seatbelts for the Mobile Revolution!

  1. 1. Marketing Strategies for Higher Education: Fasten Your Seatbelts for the Mobile Revolution! This fall's College Freshman is the first, born-digital generation. Are you equipped to help shape them?
  2. 2. About ten years ago, I was telling Dr. Michael Clifford about all of the training and education we were delivering to corporations over mobile and handheld devices. I said: “One day students will learn, and perhaps complete entire degrees, via mobile devices.” After the laughter died down, he said he would seriously discuss this futuristic point. Fast forward to ten years later, and we are in the midst of that mobile revolution. After the launch of the groundbreaking iPhone, Android OS, tablets, and other seriously usable mobile innovations we have a global society of seven billion mobile devices, covering 80-90% of the world’s population (if you count those of us who have two or more devices) and a culture that conducts over 50% of its online social interactions through mobile devices (Zuckerberg, 2011). Couple that with the average college-aged mobile device user checking their device 115 times a day (Roster, 2013) and you have the makings of a revolution. Not to mention the fact that the cost of delivering knowledge, health information, and accredited education online and through mobile devices has come down substantially. Do your marketing strategies for higher education take all of this into account? In fact, one of the highlights of my 2012 was getting a call from Michael stating that he had become a true believer based on conversations with Apple, publishers, and schools across the globe that indicated that the vision we set out on as higher education consultants over ten years ago was finally starting to gain traction in the marketplace of ideas as well as produce actionable, tangible offerings.
  3. 3. About Significant Systems and our Marketing Strategies for Mobile Higher Education SignificantTechnologies, a subsidiary of www.significantsystems.org, is a perfect example, selling licensable courses that are low cost, mobile accessible, iTunes U and iBook integrated, and recommended by credit for the ACE, making it easy to transfer between 1800+ schools. As higher education consultants, we don’t just want to bring these to the market though: we want to bring them to your school. The ability to integrate these courses and online educational resources, like iBooks and iTunes U content, into the existing accredited and personalized system allows for a far greater impact than just another set of online courses delivered on small devices. Our marketing strategies for higher education aim to combine both high tech and high touch and this means supporting the personalized learning experience traditional institutions provide to ensure student success.
  4. 4. While many aspects of MOOCs and other recent learning innovations show great promise, what good is the technology if hundreds of thousands of students start courses but low completion rates lead to less student success and ultimately interferes with the degree, job, and life purpose someone is called to? Isn’t that what we’re really about as educators and innovators? Your Own Digital Publishing Company? Our higher education consulting firm is now scheduling appoints for our private one-on- one webinar presenting how a regionally accredited institution can create or enhance their digital publishing company. Our marketing strategies for higher education now include over 100 super high quality textbooks, which can be fully branded and customized by faculty. These books will lower the cost for the student by 2/3rds while creating income for faculty. Most importantly, these books can be inculcated with the cosmology of the institution. And these can be available under the institution’s brand on Apple’s iTunes and iBooks for instant broadband distribution in 155 countries globally. We’d love to get your thoughts. Please let us know if we can schedule webinar for your institution to demonstrate our fresh digital learning assets for your institution.
  5. 5. Contact Significant Systems To learn more about Dr. Michael Clifford and Significant Systems, check out our website. If you have any interest in pursuing our new model of education for your institution, Contact Us. Remember, our goal is simple: • Provide Broader Access • Lower Tuition and Fees • Leave your Institution with Less Debt and More Graduates • Facilitate Education with a Purpose Looking forward to our possible conversation! Dr. Michael K. Clifford Chairman 760.801.5021(My personal cell) mkc@mclifford.com