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  2. 2. • Personal Profile 3 • Company Profile 5 • ProfileContext 6 • ThePathway 8 • Architect Examination (ARE) 9 • HouseModel 10 • Rolesand Responsibility of Architect 13 • 5 Stagesof Drawings 14 • SaujanaImpian (Bungalow) 16 • Telok Gong (Factories) 22 Content
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  4. 4. LAM Registration: SP/O 73 Address: Suite B-102, Perdana Exclusive Condo., Jalan PJU 8/1, Damansara Perdana 47820 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E. Registration: Professional Architect LAM A/O 73, APAM M2245 Tel: +(603) 7725 8168 Fax: +(603) 7733 8169 Email: ohba@ohbarch.com.my/ hbo.arch@gmail.com Principal Architect Name: Ong Hun Boon Registration: Professional Architect LAM A/O 73, APAM M2245 Email: hunboon@ohbarch.com.my Significant Professional Experience -Proposed Taylor’s Lakeside Commercial with Hostel (951 rooms) at Bandar Sunway -Proposed 55 Storey Condominium (Banyan Tree) at Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur -Proposed 2 ½ Storey Hypermarket at Kemuning Utama (Giant) -7 Units of Setia Eco Park Show Houses (The Street of Dreams) -227 Units of Setia Eco Park Phase 2A & 2B Residential Development (The Street Dreams) -42 Units of Setia Eco Park Phase 3B Residential Development -51 Units of Setia Eco Park Phase 7C Residential Development -10850 Units of National Housing at Tajura, Libya -20000 Units of National Housing at Benghazi, Libya -406 Units of RP9 Apartments & Town Houses Development -9acre Mixed Use Development- 6 Blocks of Condominium with Commercial Units at Damansara Perdana( Perdana Exclusive Condomunium) 4
  5. 5. COMPANY PROFILE HB ONG ARCHITECT is a professional practice which encompasses: •Architecture design •Planning •Project management •Interiors 5 The film is determined to pursue excellence in all services rendered to clients, and is committed to provide clients satisfactory end result. The firm embraces good working relationship with clients where the firm acknowledges clients’ requirements of each project of different nature; further interpret, innovate and manage the projects to deliver satisfactory end results.
  6. 6. What profession in the consultant team did an architect work with?? Land Surveyor Land surveyor usually started earlier than an architect, they will define the condition of the land by doing research, marking and survey and transfer the information into the drawing. They will produce a survey plan for architect so the architect will know the condition of the land and the things that need to be concern. Planner When design a bid scheme, a planner is needed to do the planner submission before come to the architect part. Civil & Structure Engineering C&S Engineering is responsible to design the structure of the building. Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering is responsible to design the electrical and mechanical part of the building. Landscape Architect Landscape Architect is responsible to create the landscape. They plan , design and manage open spaces including both nature and built environment. Quantity Survey Quantity Survey is responsible to control and manage the budget and they need to provide advice on contract issues. Profile Context6
  7. 7. If the client want the specific design or low cost, how architect deal with it?? An architect always needs to understand the design brief, all the details of the requirement of the building and the budget. An architect will give advice to the client whether the design that the client wants and the budget given is possible or not. If the design and the budget of the building already deal, then the architect will engage by client. What does an architect do ?? An architect mainly will design building. Some architect will design bridge, some will crossover to design shoe too. Architect is design or science?? An architect needs to know both in design and science. Architect needs to design the building which is an art. Meanwhile, an architect also needs to know the technology that use to build a building, the building construction, thermal comfort and the scientific things in building which is related to science. Project Taken “Recently have done numbers of factories. Preciously, I have done some renovation, bungalow building and did some master plans for others.” What is the client’s needs? In architecture, the client presents their needs and wants to the architect. The architect designs a building or space to satisfy the client’s needs. The architect would discuss the services required specific to the client’s needs for the project, cost and budget. After understanding about the process of building procurement, the architect will advise on alternative methodologies and their advantages and disadvantages. 7
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  10. 10. HOUSE MODEL
  11. 11. HOUSE MODEL
  12. 12. The main responsibility of an architect is to design the building. When the design of building is confirmed by client, an architect needs to convince the message to the consultant team. An architect needs the input in various item form the consultant team, therefore, the consultant team will come out with their set of drawings. For example, manual drawing, structural drawing and landscape architecture design drawing. The role of an architect is not only needs to design the building, he/she also need to deliver the building to the client. An architect is a leader of the consultant team. An architect needs to ensure the design of the building be done in construction and monitor all the consultant deliver the design of the building in order to achieve the same goal which is the final building result. When come to the construction stage, an architect needs to be liable to ensure the contractor can deliver the building on time. There will be a lot of meetings at this stage which normally called as side meeting to check the progress, if any problem found on the site, it is the responsible of an architect to find out the solution. Therefore, the project can keep going on and finish on time. Role and responsibility 13
  13. 13. 1. Schematic Design (SD) The objective of this phase is to provide a defined concept to the client. The architect determine the set of needs that a building is going to meet. The architect may provide several drawings with many versions of the design that include different options. At this stage, the architect may provide the client with concept sketches, sketched by hand or by CAD. 2. Design Development (DD) During this stage, the design is refined into a set of drawings that encompass all aspects. These drawings become the foundation for the construction drawings that are submitted to the government for approval. DD drawings are similar to construction drawings, but may not contain as many details, dimensions and notes. 3. Construction Drawings (CD) As design issues surface, the architectural team works to incorporate these changes. CDs must include all details required by the city, county and federal guidelines. These are the documents to which a contractor is held responsible. These are also the drawings from which construction cost is calculated. 5 STAGES 14
  14. 14. 4. Bidding and Contract Negotiation (BID) This is the bidding process, where the architect is the manager of the bidding. Contractors are invited to make a bid. This process is pretty self- explanatory. 5. Construction Administration (CA) This is the last phase of the architectural design process. There may be changes to the CD. Construction administration refers to the questions or problems that will arise during construction which an architect must address. When the project is complete, the architect will receive a Certificate of Substantial Completion, certifying that the architect’s responsibility on this project is complete. 15
  15. 15. Saujana Impian Awarded the “Best Planned Township Design” by the Town Planning Institute of Malaysia, Saujana Impian was developed in phases, and as such the township is geographically separated by sub-township development as below: Impian Jaya – Phase 1 (Double Storey Terrace Houses) & Phase 2 (Semi-Detached Houses) Impian Gemilang – Phase 3A (Semi-D) & Phase 3B (Double Storey Terrace Houses) Impian Indah – Phase 4 (Double Storey Terrace Houses) Impian Murni – Phase 5 (Double Storey Terrace Houses) Impian Kasih – Phase 5 (Double Storey Terrace Houses) Impian Setia – Phase 5 (Double Storey Terrace Houses) Impian Makmur – Phase 7 (Apartments) Saujana Impian is a mature township in Kajang, a town in the district capital of Hulu Langat, Selangor. This 243 hectares resort-themed township is located about 2 kilometres from Kajang town. The Impian Golf & Country Club is located within this township and there are a number of residential developments (townhouses and bungalows) within the Golf & Country Club as well. 16
  16. 16. Design concept: Modern contemporary Built-up area: approx. 672sq. m. Building cost: approx. 1.9 million Construction period: 12 months Consultant team: C&S engineer, M&E Engineer SAUJANA IMPIAN
  17. 17. 1) drainage for sub- basement level: to use pump for drain out water from basement level 2) relocation of existing street light which is originally located in front of the land 3) sub-basement works caused some soil settlement to neighbor fence and contractor made good the damage. Things concern in the project: Generally not complicated and minimum difficulties SAUJANA IMPIAN 18
  19. 19. Things concern in the project: Generally not complicated and not much of difficulties. 1) strict and comprehensive system by Majlis Perbandaran Klang 2) active fire fighting system for bigger units Factories at Telok Gong Design concept: Modern contemporary Built-up area: range 450 sq.m. to 1278 sq.m. Building cost: unknown (in design stage now) estimated around 45 mil. Construction period: unknown (design stage only) Consultant team involved: Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, M&E engineer 23
  20. 20. Banyan Residence at Bukit Bintang Biggest project handled
  21. 21. Biggest completed project undertaken Taylor's Lakeside Commercial (Hostel)
  22. 22. To be an architect should be tough enough because an architect is working under a pressure environment. Besides, you should make sure that you have passion in this career to give you motivation. Architect need to work hard to minimum educational requirement for qualification. ADVICE TO JUNIOR ARCHITECT ARCHITECT “Architecture, harder to spell than you’d think”
  23. 23. Portfolio