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Operational Excellence in Manufacturing Plants Learn How to make Big Operational Improvements that give Quick Business Ben...
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1 day workshop operational excellence in manufacturing plants

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This is a result oriented workshop, based on the concepts discussed in the game changing book, 'The Path : Leveraging Operations in a Complex and Chaotic World'.

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1 day workshop operational excellence in manufacturing plants

  1. 1. Operational Excellence in Manufacturing Plants Learn How to make Big Operational Improvements that give Quick Business Benefits Cost Effectively Attendees ONE DAY WORKSHOP FOR PLANT MANAGEMENT Rapid and unpredictable changes in Business Manager business environment are forcing Plant Managers Organizations to consider Operations Production Managers central to their core strategy. And, early adopters are already treading the path of Operational Planning Managers Excellence to build a decisive competitive edge. Warehouse Managers Demand PlannersIn the meanwhile, the first ever insider account of Operational Excellence inIndian Industry has been assembled in an exclusive book titled- The Path: Knowledge BaseLeveraging Operations in a Complex and Chaotic World. In a breakthroughapproach, The Path has been co-created by more than 100 practitioners of Operational ExcellenceOperations Management from different organizations, to provide a reference Theory of Constraints (TOC)point on Operational Excellence for Practicing Managers. Lean Principles The workshop, Operational Business Model Innovation Excellence in Manufacturing Plants Systems Thinking covers the insights from collaboration that led creation of The Path. It takes manufacturing teams through an actionable approach to allow them make direct and quick improvements to business results, while avoiding the long drawn, painful and costly way of the usual continuous improvement programs. The workshop is led by Dr. Shridhar Lolla, who specializes in Organizational Effectiveness and Theory of Constraints. He is also an external consultant to Goldratt Group, the pioneers of Theory of Constraints. Earlier in his career, heworked with the Swiss conglomerate ABB in its manufacturing, service and R&D businesses. In his last assignmentwith ABB, he was a Member of the Management Team that built its Global R&D Center at Bangalore, where heserved as the Head of Applications & Solutions Group. He is also author of the book, Building ManufacturingCompetitiveness- the TOC Way. Content Key Learning 1. Operation Centric Business Model 1. How to make quick improvements 2. Responsive Operations 1. Reveal Hidden capacity 3. Designing Responsive Operations 2. Improve On Time Delivery 4. Simplifying Operational 3. Build Responsive Operations Improvements- the TOC way 4. Reduce Inventory 5. Identifying Growth Opportunity 5. Improve Cost Effectiveness 6. Causing Quick Improvements 2. How to Align Operations 3. How to sustain ImprovementsJoin the Hub of Operational Excellence : http://www.time2change.co.in , where practitioners are co-creating the bestpractices to achieve breakthrough performance. For detailed offer on Workshop: write to lolla@time2change.co.in, or call +91 94480 70081.#2304 Nandi Park, Gottegere, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore-560083. INDIA, web: http://time2change.co.in