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home automation

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home automation

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home automation

  1. 1. Electricity Consumption Monitoring and Wastage Control Gadget
  2. 2. Why this Project? 1. Lack of proper graphical user interface. 2. We should make methods of conservation of energy lucrative, easily accessible and cheaper. 3. Provide service and make your end-customer addictive not simply dependent.
  3. 3. Overview of Project 1. Switching of Electrical Appliances, using computer, keypad, remote control. 2. Among these three above mentioned control methods, customer can choose any one of it. 3. Electricity consumption monitoring facility. 4. Time controlled switching of appliances. 5. Manual override system available in case of emergency.
  4. 4. Layout
  5. 5. Features 1. Password Controlled Application. 2. PORT Portability. 3. Hardware-Software Acknowledgement. 4. Highly Interactive and User Friendly. 5. Time controlled switching of appliances 6. Cost Monitoring 7. Faster Communication between Computer and Micro- Controller. 8. Better exploitation and synchronization of microprocessor and microcontroller. 9. Error Management 10. Manual Override.
  6. 6. Password Controlled Application Our prototype comes with a feature of password protection so that our customer is assured that no one other than him/her can login or can gain unauthorized control over his/her appliances.
  7. 7. Port Portability At the time of installment of our prototype, customers are free to choose any USB Port which they wish. After the “Bafo Cable” is installed at particular USB Port then customers are bound to use that port only.
  8. 8. Hardware-Software Acknowledgement As a measure to keep check over piracy, at the starting of prototype a character is send to controller board which if controller acknowledges and sends positive signal then our software works otherwise it closes down simply.
  9. 9. Highly interactive and User Friendly In this project our main concern was developing a prototype which is highly interactive and its end users find it easy to operate. This task was very well accomplished by using “C#” in “Microsoft Visual Studio” environment. This IDE proved very useful and we never felt that we are not regular Computer Science student.
  10. 10. Time Controlled Switching System • According to our team this feature is one of the most attractive one. • Just select the appliance, enter the time of operation, hit ‘ok’ and then forget what you did just a moment before.
  11. 11. Cost Monitoring • In this prototype we have attached individual timer to each of the appliance button so that customer can monitor the time duration for which particular appliance was switched “ON”. • In one of the form we take wattage rating of each appliance and cost of each unit as input. So as to calculate money spent on time to time basis.
  12. 12. Faster Communication • Earlier we tried to develop a part of this prototype using GUI module of Matlab but it didn’t proved useful. • C# proved fruitful because unlike Matlab which is huge software it doesn’t has to convert various file and then establish a connection.
  13. 13. Better utilization of Resources • Micro-controller and Micro-processor works at different processing speed. • This difference in processing speed is wisely handled and maximum processing load is kept on computer(Micro-Processor) while Micro- Controller is mainly programmed to switch ON/OFF the appliances depending upon data received from computer.