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Wagah border

Wagah border Advertisement

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Wagah border

  1. 1. Proposal for Wagah Border Advertising Join Hands With Fastest Growing Company
  2. 2. A Proposal For An Innovative Advertisement at Wagah Border An International Border for India & Pakistan
  3. 3. WAGAH BORDER  Situated near road border crossing between India and Pakistan.  It is an International Border for India and Pakistan.  Wagah border has the charisma, energy, valour of our soldiers versus the Pakistan soldiers.  Almost 20 thousand people come every day to visit Wagah border, which makes it 5-6 Lakhs approximately in a month.  We all know, Amritsar is one of the biggest tourist place of India and this border is 32 Km(s) from Amritsar.  It attracts more and more tourists because of the presence of Golden Temple and Jallianwala Bagh at a distance of 35-40 minutes.  Therefore, it could be a golden opportunity for us to advertise here.
  4. 4. Glimpse of Daily Visitors at Wagah Border
  5. 5. Some more information about Wagah Border  There is a retreat ceremony which happens every day from 4- 5.30 pm in the evening.  People start gathering here from 3 pm to see both the countries facing each other.  People from all the country visit wagah and are mostly educated, higher middle class people.  This means you being our prestigious client can get the response from all over the country.
  6. 6. Our Proposal  A L.E.D. Screen of 16" by 10“ has been installed for live telecast of B.S.F. Retreating Ceremony.  The duration of this grand is 3:30 hours daily.  We get rest of the time of 3 hours (2 hours before retreat ceremony and 1 hour after).  Therefore, this is a big opportunity for your esteemed brand where you can give commercial advertisement on this prestigious international platform.
  7. 7. Commercial/ Slides and Pop up Tickers  Commercial advertisement on this video wall offers the chance to reach mass audience because it has a two impact on viewers.  Commercial/ Slides Impact: i. Via Visuals ii. Via Sounds  Smart Pop-up Ticker is value for money, it runs fast delivers the details of product and comes in multicolour including the logo and tagline of the brand.  Duration Of Ad: 10 Seconds (Daily)
  8. 8. Ticker (Text in Scrolling)  Ticker have become important and effective part of advertising. It brings good impact and maximum information via scrolling text.  It is a very cost effective method to connect with masses.  Duration Of Ad: 10 Seconds (Daily)
  9. 9. Advertisement Rates S.NO PRODUCT UNIT RATE MINIMUN DURATIO N (DAILY) 1. COMMERCIALS 10 SEC 600 3 2. SMART ANIMATED TICKERS 10 SEC 500 3 3. TICKER 10 SEC 150 8 4. LOGO WEEKLY 20 MIN TO 25 MIN 16,000 1 5. PREMIUM LOGO 20 MIN TO 25 MIN 20,000 1
  10. 10. Thank you