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Participant Testimonials Dec 14th 18th 2011

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These are the testimonials that participants gave shravan on a 5 day workshop that he facilitated between December 14th-18th

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Participant Testimonials Dec 14th 18th 2011

  1. 1. HiHere are a few testimonials i received at a workshop that I facilitated from December 14th-18th2011 .1. i have learned a lot and this is the best workshop i have attended in my life till now.- Ssenthil2.Good program.Thank you Sir.- R jayaprakash3.This workshop is interesting beacuse of the Trainer, Mr ShravanShetty. He was sincere.he shared his knowledge with us. - Praveen Kumar4.Your workshop is very useful. -Kathirvel5.The workshop was very useful.- C Palanivel6.We are alreday looking at and hoping this workshop was extended so we could benefitmore.-SabrounJameel7.This workshop should be conducted every year - k srinivasan8.This workshop is the best workshp in my life. i will never forget it till my death- RGowshick9.It is veruusefulfor my life- Kumaresan C10.Yes. i liked it.There was good connectin helping us develop to do well in our careers- Kmanikandan11.This workshop is superb.- R Ramesh12.This was effective in every way from the design to delivery and the Facilitators approachas well -Sri Venkatesh K13.Very good and useful for my Career - G parmeshwaran14. It was a good experience. Should be conducted for everyone - Prabhakaran K15.i was able to overome my stage feat and shyness - K R Vel16. This workshop has chnged my life. I will never forget this experience- Sakthivel.17.Thank you to you , Infosys and our management for this workshop. we can now be at ourbest- K Nithya18.This program will definitely help in my career and Fin the future- Renuka19. Wonderful .-Vivek AD20. Learnt and expereinced. one of the good workshops i have attended. Surya Rao21. we were learning on a sunday and we felt great- KS Kumar22. A motivating workshop-Srikanth23.Aunforgetttable experience- Gopinath