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One Large - Bartender Tips From Cocktail About

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One Large - Bartender Tips From Cocktail About

  1. 1. ONE LARGE Recommends 10 Service T ips for Bartenders by Coleen Graham Provide Satisfaction Every Night You're Behind the Stick It takesa lot of savvyand charisma,alongwitha knowledgeof drinks,tobe a successful bartender.This isone of those jobsinwhichyoursuccessdependsonyourpersonalitymore thananythingelse. You needtobe a providerof drinks,aserver,an organizer,a cashier,a friend,apsychiatristandaneat freak,amongotherthings.Customerservice isthe keybecause the majorityof yourincome will come fromtipsand there are a fewthingsyoushouldkeepinmindwhenitcomestothispart of workingthe bar. 1. Have a GoodAttitude Thisis the hospitalityindustryandeverybartenderneedstorememberthat.Tobe successful,youneed to keepa goodattitude,nomatterhowbad yourday is goingandtreat everycustomerthe same. Simple thingslikeasmile andgreetingwhenapatronsitsdownand thankingthemwhentheyleave can make the biggestimpressions. 2.Keepthe Bar Clean  Nothingsaysunprofessionalbartender(orone whosimplydoesn'tcare) more thana dirtybar.  Use cleanbar towelstowipe downthe bartop anytime yousee waterorspills.  Keepthe backbar straightenedbyputtingbottlesbackwhere yougotthemrightaway.  Dispose of emptyglasses,strawwrappers,napkinsandothergarbage assoonas yousee it.  Replace cocktail napkinsregularly.  These seeminglylittlethingsmake agreatimpressionandcanoftenbe done onyour wayback to the tap. You'll probablyhearitfrom the bosstoo,but it's true:"If you have time tolean,you have time to clean." 3. Make Suggestions This is one of the thingsthat will tip customersoff that you care about their experience.  If you see a womanperusingthe cocktail menufor5 minutes,suggestsomethingoff the menu.  If a couple sitsdownandlooksindecisive,make asuggestion.  Whenyouare greeting someone,setacocktail napkinonthe bar and tell themaboutthat day's drinkspecials.  If you have a regularcome in whogetsthe same thingeverytime,trysuggestingsomething similar,orofferthe same drinkwiththatnew spirityoujustgot instock.  Eighttimesoutof ten,the customerisgoingto take your advice because youare an expertand theywill showyoutheirgratitude. 4. Memory,Memory, Memory You are goingto have waitressesyellingdrinkorderafter drink order, guestsat the bar who hate to see emptyglasses infront of them, and about 20 things that you have to check the stock on. A good
  2. 2. ONE LARGE Recommends 10 Service T ips for Bartenders by Coleen Graham Provide Satisfaction Every Night You're Behind the Stick short-termmemory is one of the keysto beinga successful bartenderand to keepinga busy bar under control. You shouldbe able to retain:  Multiple drinkordersandassociate themwithinthe partysotheygo out together.  Recall whateach of the people atthe bar is drinkingforthe nextround.  Rememberthe names(andpossiblyotherpersonal details)of yourregularsalongwithwhat drinksthey prefer.  Also,have a goodstock of drinksinyour memorybanks,beginningwiththe mostpopularand any local favorites. 5. Anticipate,Anticipate,Anticipate As a bartender,you needto be aware of everythinginyour bar and be preparedfor the unexpected.  How isyour stockof lemonsandlimes?  Do youneedcleanglassesorbeerrestocked?  Is the kegor ice bingettinglow?  What aboutthe drinksat the bar? If you see a customer'sdrinkgettingdowntothe lastfew sips,askif theywant another.  If you anticipate the needsof the bar,everythingwill gonice andsmooth(hopefully). 6. Be Fair  It ishuman nature to give preferential treatmenttoone personoveranother,buta bartender has to dropthat habit.You shouldbe showingthe same amountof care and attentionto everyone atyourbar, oldfriendandnewcomeralike.  Avoidgettingintoadeepconversationwithone patronandnotscanningthe restof the bar for drinksthat needtobe filled,napkinsthatneedtobe replacedandtabsthat needtobe cashed in.If youignore one personthattipwill reflectthe neglect. 7. Be Honest  Everypersonwhowalksthroughthe door isentrustingyou,asthe bartender,withagood experience andone of the worstthingsyoucan do isto break thattrust.  Underpouringandoverchargingwill quicklygetyouaverybad reputationthatmightcostyour joband possiblyimpactfuture prospectsinthe area.Inflatingtabsformoneyinyourown pocketor a drinkfor a friendispurelyunacceptableandunprofessional. 8. Don't Fixate on Tips  It istrue,in the bar your tipswill probablymake upthe majorityof yourincome.However,if you are obsessedwitheveryone givingyouthe best(orevencustomary15-20%) gratuityeverytime, thenit will showonyourface.
  3. 3. ONE LARGE Recommends 10 Service T ips for Bartenders by Coleen Graham Provide Satisfaction Every Night You're Behind the Stick  If a customerleavesadollaronthe bar after ordering3 mixeddrinksin2hours andyou give a lookof disgust,otherpatronswill notice andtheirperceptionof youwill notbe favorable.  Take the tipsyouare given,doyourbesteverytime andthe pay will addup.Some people are juststingyand youcan't helpthat,but othercustomersare perceptive andmaytry to make up for the miser.  Also,don't"beg"for tips, that issimplybadetiquette. 9. Card, Card, Card  It isyour responsibilitytomake sure everyone drinkinginyourbaris of legal age to do so.If you have eventhe slightestquestionthatsomeone is21,ask fortheirID. It's a simple questionthat will save youa lotof hassle if theyare underage.  At first,youmaynot thinkthat thisa customer service issue,butitensuresthateveryone atthe bar is havinga good,legal time.  Consequencesforservingaminorare severe,cancost youand the businessalotof moneyand it mightputyou outof a job.  Youngerdrinkerswill oftengetoffendedatthisrequest.Counterthatbysimplyexplainingitisa part of yourjob.For olderpeople wholookjustalittle tooyoung,thiscanoftenbe flattering, especiallyforwomenintheirlate 20'sand early30's. 10. Most of All,Be Professional  All of the pointsabove allude tothispoint,butitisimportantfor youto projecta professional attitude andappearance.Customerswill trustyouandcome back again if theyhada great experience.  Keepingthe conversationsfriendly,wearingcleanclothesappropriate forthe establishmentand maintainingaprofessional attitude will create anenvironmentthatpatronsand management alike will appreciate.Bartendingisaprofessionandevenif youare usingitas a temporarygigto getthrough