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Check these entrepreneurs out

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Check these entrepreneurs out

  1. 1. Founded in : 2003 Industry : Entertainment (theatre) Funding : Self – funded Revenue bracket : Rs 51 lakh – 1 crore Description : Stages English plays, Conducts theatre workshops at corporate offices, Organizes student interactions on theatre, Theatre festivals and drama of sound and lights. Earns revenue from all theseSunil Vishnu & Karthik Kumar activities. co-founders
  2. 2. Founded in : 2006 Industry : Sports Management Funding : Self – funded Revenue bracket : Pre-revenue Description : Emphasis on identification & Grooming of young talent in Indi, & the encouragement of less popular sports. Unlike other sports management firms that largely deal with the marketing and endorsements of sportspeople. Whenever young talent trained and managed by the companyHakimuddin Habibulla become sports icon, the firm will start Co-founder making money.
  3. 3. Founded in : 2006 Industry : Cleantech Funding : Self – funded Revenue bracket : Less than Rs.10 Lakh Description : Designs and sells products made of terracotta to convert waste into compost. It retro-fits composters at home and other establishments, and provides maintenance advice and assistance through its service plans. Revenue earned by way of selling thePoonam Bir Kasturi product and services. Founder
  4. 4. Founded in : 2007 Industry : Online book lending Funding : Self – funded Revenue bracket : Rs 11-50 lakh Description : The Mumbai based company takes your neighbourhood lending library model online, with home delivery of books that members can borrow online. It plans to beat the competition with a wide range of books & various service offerings. The company makes money fromHiten Turakhia MD membership subscriptions & online ads
  5. 5. Founded in : 2006 Industry : Branded retail puja kits Funding : Self – funded Revenue bracket : Rs 11-50 lakh Description : This Mumbai based firm started out as a business plan that won several competitions at various IIMs and IIT, Kanpur. It provide designer puja kits customized for festivals such as diwali and holi. Sacred Moments sells its portfolio of 8 kits to companies,Prakash Mundhra exporters, retailers and individuals. CEO
  6. 6. Founded in : 2004 Industry : Branded apparel retail chain Funding : Self – funded Revenue bracket : Rs 15-30 crore Description : The loot sells people branded clothing at discounted price throughout the year across its 45 stores. The company makes profits through a differentiated business model that allows it to source inventory at far lower costs than original priceJay Gupta stores, so it can ssell them cheaper. MD
  7. 7. Founded in : 2008 Industry : Online search for rented utilities. Funding : Self – funded Revenue bracket : Less than Rs 10 lakh Description : The Mumbai based company runs the portal Rentimental.com that allows users to search anything that can be rented out, including refrigerators, houses & cars. The firm completes with local classifiedShubham Rai site, but believes its focus on a rental Co-founder model sets it apart.