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SILS 2015 - Institute for Aging Research, Hebrew SeniorLife

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In introduction to SILS 2015 panel of international specialists on “Aging of the Population: Opportunity or Threat?”
By: Lewis A. Lipsitz, Hebrew SeniorLife (USA)
At Sherbrooke International Life Sciences Summit - 2nd edition | September 28/29/30 2015

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SILS 2015 - Institute for Aging Research, Hebrew SeniorLife

  1. 1. Hebrew SeniorLife, Institute for Aging Research Boston, Massachusetts Lewis A. Lipsitz, MD
  2. 2. Hebrew SeniorLife – A Senior Housing and Health Care Organization  112 years old  8 campuses, 2,400 employees, Medical staff of 25 physicians  2nd largest nonprofit in Massachusetts  $200 million in annual revenue  Supports the Institute for Aging Research  Affiliated with Harvard Medical School  775 beds of long term, sub-acute, and rehab care  1,500 units of senior living (independent and assisted)  700+ clinical professionals trained annually
  3. 3. s HSL Communities
  4. 4. Institute for Aging Research • 50 yr. history of social and medical research • $14M endowment for research • 2007 formal Harvard Medical School affiliation • 18 MD and PhD researchers, 4 HMS Professors • $46M in NIH grants ranks IFAR in top 15% • 6 internationally recognized research programs: – Aging Brain - Palliative Care – Falls and Mobility - “Geriomics” – Musculoskeletal - Health Policy and Aging
  5. 5. Falls and Mobility Projects - DETECTION Falls Monitoring Devices: -Wearable (Lifeline) - Environmental Robotics: Detection and Assistance PREDICTION Clinical Prediction Tools (e.g, gait speed) Biomarkers: Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule (VCAM), Heart rate and balance complexity measures Cerebral Blood Flow, Vasoreactivity, and Neurovascular Coupling PREVENTION Vibratory Insoles (Stochastic Resonance) Tai Chi and Muscle strengthening Rx of Hypertension Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Built Environment
  6. 6. Vibratory Insoles: Small amounts of white noise can enhance sensation and improve balance and gait
  7. 7. Tai Chi: Improves, Balance, Gait, Cognition…
  8. 8. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Brain stimulation can improve cognition and mobility.
  9. 9. Our Mission is to Improve the Human Experience of Aging Through Research and Innovation 9