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My name is2

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This is a little overview of myself. It will tell people who don't know me learn some background information about me. This is a visual that will tell you who I am and what kind of person I am.

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My name is2

  1. 1. Where I live  Ambler: mom’s  Hatboro: dad’s
  2. 2. If I Google my name… Google results  Facebook  Sudoku tournament bonus round winner
  3. 3. This is what Google will not tellyou about me Of Children
  4. 4. I am…Strong-willedHandy/Worker Poet Good Friend Imaginative
  5. 5. I want… To survive through life
  6. 6. I am good at… Helping others Working School Taking care of children
  7. 7. Helping Others
  8. 8. Working
  9. 9. School
  10. 10. Taking care of children
  11. 11. I’d like to do again… Building  Adirondack chair  Skateboard Riding/Driving  Quads  Snowmobile  Boat  Forklift Camping
  12. 12. I wouldn’t like to do…Skydiving Hunting