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Re-imagining digital transformation through critical pedagogy


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Re-imagining digital transformation through critical pedagogy

  1. 1. Re-imaging digital transformation through critical pedagogy Sheila MacNeill @sheilmcn Keith Smyth @smythkrs Bill Johnston EdTech 2019 #edtechIE19
  2. 2. Session Overview • Overview • Critical frames of reference • Our critical reimagining • Feedback
  3. 3. Critical frames of reference Discursive, reflective, dialogic process, grounded in critical pedagogy Challenging neo-liberalism open
  4. 4. Transformation as a troublesome concept?
  5. 5. People and pedagogy not technology and managerialism
  6. 6. Academic development and open education at the heart of organisational development Revised conceptual matrix,, MacNeill, Johntson, Smyth, (2019 )
  7. 7. Critically engaged academic development as a key part of digital transformation Academic development as critical practice – central to digital transformation Utilise porosity between academic developers, educational developers, learning technologists Challenge structures current CPD/professional recognition/metrics are modelling
  8. 8. Re-centering “the digital”
  9. 9. The curriculum as an open and negotiated space
  10. 10. Porosity (2) Open scholarship (2) Co-location(2) Co-production(2) Participation Public pedagogy Praxis (1) (3) Designed physical and digital learning spaces Self-selected digital learning spaces Formal and informal learning communities Public third spaces Digital third spaces (3) Negotiation and agency Difference and diversity Curation and creation Vertical and horizontal learning engagement Sustainable pedagogies Reflexive dialogue The Digitally Distributed Curriculum (1) Values (2) Enabling dimensions (3) Instantiation and enactment of DDC (3) Digital artefacts Collaborative public projects Student digital scholarship Digital knowledge domains (3) Open textbooks and resources Open online engagement Open campus engagement Open in the community Fluid curriculum
  11. 11. Civic responsibility - v – neoliberal consumerism
  12. 12. What do you think? https://padlet.com/sheilamacneill /edtech19
  13. 13. "let our numbers be unlimited" This Photo by Unknown author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/London_Corresponding_Society
  14. 14. Thank you

Notas do Editor

  • https://eu.bbcollab.com/collab/ui/session/guest/E5FE4CDC3882770AEA1A93F2EAED6264
  • Questioning current neoliberal political/techno centric view of digital and HE
    Increasing criticality and notions of praxis and agency
    What is value for money? Justifying fee structure?
    What is a university for?
    Matrix, Paulo, Selwyn etc
    Transformation v marginal change v transformation
  • Reflecptive discussion - info lit and participaton not normalized – part of our critical strategy to get people to think about their contexts.
  • Re-centering “the digital” in terms of personal/ civic contexts
    Civic mission of HE v neoliberal market driven consumerism

  • Value rich entity – reimaging of the curriculum - tool to be used by ed/ac devs
    Combination of digital and open practice allows thinking about where it is located and how it is created and shared
    Curriculum is our lens