data structure insertion in b-tree searching in b-tree b tree multiway logging and monitoring automated intelligent call routing web enablement of call center automatic call distributor computer telephony integration (cti) types of call center call center interactive voice response components of ema campaign planning & management ema engine components opt-in interruption marketing personalization and privacy ema permission marketing opt-out sfa technology sfa applications from leading vendors keywords barrier to successful sfa sfa purpose of sfa e-crm architecture steps before implementing crm what is crm? why crm is needed? technology consid six “es” in e-crm customer intelligence stages of technology implementation frame work of e-crm e-crm customer life cycle management infix to prefix using stack evaluation of postfix expression expression tree binary search tree tree avl-tree threaded binary tree binary tree traversal (dfs & bfs) complete binay tree binary tree full binay tree infix to postfix using stack avl-tree rotation reconstruction of binay tree general tree doubly linklist queue circular linklist linklist stack
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