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.NET Core 3 Changes Everything

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This talk from DotNetSouth

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.NET Core 3 Changes Everything

  1. 1. Shawn Wildermuth Microsoft MVP, Author, and Speaker https://wildermuth.com @shawnwildermuth .NET Core 3.0 (and 5.0) This Changes Everything…
  2. 2. Who Am I? Author, Instructor, Coach Pluralsight Author > 20 Courses to my name http://shawnw.me/psauthor Wilder Minds Training Courses on Vue, Bootstrap 4 & SignalR http://shawnw.me/my-courses Making a Film Hello World Film http://helloworldfilm.com
  3. 3. What is .NET Core 3.0? Next Iteration of .NET Core 1st attempt at bringing desktop .NET Improvements to ASP.NET Core Can build desktop apps Improvements to builds
  4. 4. C# 8 Preview Big Language Changes Patterns using statement changes Nullable reference types Async Streams Ranges
  5. 5. For more C# 8, See Phil Japiske’s talk Room 106, Tomorrow 2:40p
  6. 6. .NET Standard 2.1 Supports Net Runtime Versioning 2.0 is still the default But can opt into 2.1 as needed
  7. 7. SDK Changes Versioning of the SDK Updates will not keep every version 3 digit last version # is the discriminator e.g. 3.0.101 will replace 100 But…3.0.200 will not replace 101
  8. 8. Build/Deploy Improvements Improvements include: Builds always build an executable Not necessary to dotnet run Can single file deploy, not just xcopy Tiered Compilation now default
  9. 9. Demo Build and Deployment
  10. 10. Desktop Apps Build WinForms and WPF on top of Core Does not mean they’re xplat But stepping stone to .NET 5 Entity Framework 6 also works HighDPI in Windows Forms support
  11. 11. Demo Desktop Apps
  12. 12. Interop Encouraging More Migration Expose/Consume COM Windows Only Support Win32/WinRT APIs better Better native interop e.g. C-Callable
  13. 13. Local Tools Build your own project specific tooling No longer required to make global Allows better CLI support for ops Uses new dotnet-tools.json to define
  14. 14. Fast JSON New Span<byte> supported JSON Will be faster than Json.NET Json.NET is still supported But for perf-oriented needs… …System.Text.Json is better choice
  15. 15. IoT ARM64 Support for Linux Primarily for IoT scenarios Ubuntu and Debian supported GPIO support included for Raspberry PI
  16. 16. *nix Improvements Various Improvements to Core on Linux ARM64 Support for Linux Primarily for IoT scenarios Ubuntu and Debian supported GPIO support included for Raspberry PI SerialPort support for Linux
  17. 17. What about .NET 5?
  18. 18. Roadmap
  19. 19. Takeaways Get It: http://dot.net My Blog (for this demo): http://wildermuth.com