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Getting Intimate with Your Data - Working Our Way out of the Lab

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Getting Intimate with Your Data - Working Our Way out of the Lab

  1. 1. Analysing deux Will the scholarship ever leave the lab? Getting Intimate with Your Data ! ! 18 February 2014
  2. 2. Any Success with TA or DV? Did anyone get a chance to poke around with
 Voyant, TAPoR or ManyEyes?
  3. 3. An Interesting TA Case Study ‣ ‣ Objective: Goal was to reveal the connection between business and society in the historical record of the HBR Clement Levallois and Valerie Alloix ! ‣ https://www.kaggle.com/c/harvard-business-reviewvision-statement-prospect/prospector#100
  4. 4. A Sample Text/Network Analysis ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ Merging the singular and plural forms of terms ("lemmatization"); Removal of the most common terms from the English language (based on a list of 5000 frequent terms - stop list); Detection of terms composed of multiple words ("n-gram detection"); Identification of the 10 most frequent terms for each year; Publishing frequency equalised as years preceding 2000 were grouped in 5 year periods; The next step was to manually inspect these 10 most frequent terms for each year or group of 5 years. Result: https://github.com/seinecle) Clement's Levallois Cowo software (
  5. 5. Aylien Text Analysis
  6. 6. How was: ! "Dennis the Paywall Menace Stalks the Archives"
  7. 7. Dennis the Paywall Menace Stalks the Archives "I suppose I would wish D. C. Thomson
 well in moving on from Dennis the
 Menace to history, if it wasn’t for the
 fact that it involves the theft of public
 cultural property." - Andrew Prescott ! Access versus Preservation Access versus Process Privileging certain collection because they are available
  8. 8. "It seems as if archivists have been gripped by a mania to digitise as quickly as possibly, regardless of the implications for future scholarship of how this is done." ! "Scottish students in Glasgow now study Welsh wills (freely available) rather than Scottish wills (locked behind a brightsolid paywell) – a lesson for the Scottish government to ponder there, surely." ! Andrew Prescott
  9. 9. "Digitization makes the most traditional forms of humanistic scholarship more necessary, not less.
 But the differences mean that we need to reinvent, not reaffirm, the way we engage with the humanities."
  10. 10. "Process raw data received through our senses into concepts, patterns and implications. Everything coming in through our senses is information waiting to be processed and understood." ! Wm Jones - Keeping Found Things Found
  11. 11. UnBuilding Grand Central Station
  12. 12. Data Consisting of What? ‣ Basic types of content that we are used to deal with: ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ Text Numbers Images Video Other, more “complex” stuff: ‣ ‣ ‣ Temporal - Time - Events Spatial - Space Coordinates - Place Relations, connections, links - genealogy - Networks
  13. 13. Time ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ Timeflow: Journalists TimeFlow was created by: Fernanda Viegas and 
 Martin Wattenberg
 (Flowing Media, Inc.) and Sarah Cohen (Duke University). The initial development was sponsored by Duke University's DeWitt Wallace Center for Media and Democracy.
  14. 14. Space and Place
  15. 15. Network Analysis
  16. 16. Networks and Relationships
  17. 17. Thinking Longer Term
  18. 18. for Next Lecure (25 February): Presenting I Please take a look at: ! The Visual Complexity Website http://visualcomplexity.com
  19. 19. Thank You shawn.day@ucc.ie @iridium