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The Social Media Plan from DeCaro Design

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The Social Media Plan from DeCaro Design + Social Media

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The Social Media Plan from DeCaro Design

  1. 1. Social MediaT h e P l a n
  2. 2. STRATEGY: THE PLANT h i s p l a n h a s t w o p r i m a r y g o a l s Increase Unique Traffic to your website Convert Anonymous Traffic to known Visitors by Promoting Premium content to visitors from Social Media Sites via Free Content2
  3. 3. Social Networks Micro-Blogging Bookmarking/Tagging Online Video Photo sharing Podcasting Presentation Sharing SOCIALMEDIA
  4. 4. SOCIALNETWORKS Facebook Google+ LinkedIn Pinterest
  5. 5. FACEBOOKFan/Business Page GOOGLE+ Brand your page Items like create a group, encourage interaction, create content, engage and respond, create poll, contests, give discounts, post photos, videos, shares, product information Also, participate in other groups/fan page, comment. Brand your page Create circles/groups within your page, add specific people to groups, not everyone can see your page or comments, encourage interaction, create content, engage and respond, post photos, videos, shares, product information
  6. 6. LINKEDINProfessional Network PINTEREST Brand your profile page It’s your professional resume, with recommendations. Prospective employers, clients, co-workers, business contacts can review your profile. Join and interact in groups. It’s a social network that allows users to visually share, curate and discover new interests by posting (also known as “pinning”) images or videos to their own or others’ pinboards (e.g., a collection of ‘pins,’ with a common theme). Users can either upload images from their computer or pin things from the web, using the Pinterest bookmarklet, Pin It Button, or just URL.
  7. 7. BLOGSBLOG TOOLS & PLATFORMS BLOGGER WORDPRESS TUMBLR Increase recognition Increase engagement Encourage comments, forum pages, etc.
  8. 8. BLOGSBLOG TOOLS & PLATFORMS Number of posts Audience growth-unique and returns Conversation rate Conversions Subscribers Inbound links Technorati, Alltop, and other directory listings SEO improvements METRICS
  9. 9. MICRO-BLOGGING TWITTER                 Build reputation Promote other social networking activities through Twitter Compile list of company Twitter users Promote company blog post through corporate account Communicate support issues from social media to support team, sure follow-up Friends/Followers 2nd-order followers (follower’s follower count) Social Capital - influence of twitter followers Pages ranking on key terms from microblogging sites SEO improvements METRICS
  10. 10. BOOKMARKING/TAGGING STUMBLEUPON REDDIT DIGG DELICIOUS Referrals from bookmarking/tagging sites Page ranking on key terms from bookmarking/tagging sites METRICS
  11. 11. ONLINEVIDEO YOUTUBE VIMEO Referrals from social video sites Views of videos on social sites Page ranking on key terms from YouTube & Vimeo METRICS Create video series Update Videos on social video sites and link to core site
  12. 12. PHOTOSHARING Referrals from photo sharing sites Views of photos on social sites METRICS Encourage employees to share any interesting and marketing relevant photos from social marketing or sales events Take pictures of any relevant marketing events Utilize photo sharing sites to share images with links back to blog or core site FLICKR
  13. 13. PODCASTING Referrals from from podcast directories Views of podcasts if hosted on podcast sites METRICS Repurpose webinar content when applicable for resource section, promote through podcast directories Record relevant telephone conferences for use as podcasts, promote through podcast directories Create list of podcast directories
  14. 14. PRESENTATIONSHARING Referrals from Slideshare Views on Slideshare Pages ranking on key terms from Slideshare METRICS List all presentations on Slideshare Update Slideshare listing SLIDESHARE
  15. 15. SOCIALMEDIATOOLS & PLATFORMS Sprout Social HootSuite Google Analytics MARKETING METRICS Radian6 Alterian SM2 Meltwater Buzz Simply Measured LISTENING METRICS www.slideshare.net: Rob Marlbrough, Fandom Marketing: Social Media Overview: Tools, Metric, Strategy, Trends; [www.fandommarketing.com]
  16. 16. ADDITIONALNOTES&OBJECTIVES Train sales people about better use of Social Media Create company Social Media policy Discuss Social Media policy with SEO and SEM vendors or in-house department Consider uses for Ning and other Social Media sites not listed
  17. 17. T 760.809.5429 E info@sharondecaro.com W www.sharondecaro.com