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Comparison between preliminary task and final product

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Comparison between preliminary task and final product

  1. 1. Comparison between preliminary task and Final Product By Ryan Talmage
  2. 2. Front CoverThe layout for my draft magazine is very unprofessional as it is unordered with the leftthird of the page not being used to address the target audience on what is featured inthe magazine. For my final product the use of a left third helped my front cover lookuncluttered and professional for the Indie demographic. The use of a colour schememakes the final front cover look attractive with the use of conventional colours that fitthe Indie Genre. The use of orange font on my draft makes the front cover lookunattractive to the target audience and difficult to read, this helped me understandhow the use of colour is important in order to make a magazine conventional andappealing to its intended target audience which helped when making the final product.The image in the draft is too large while the final front cover’s image is placed on theright side with a title explaining what it is about making it look more like a professionalmagazine. The masthead on the final product is big, bold and attractive that stands outfrom the rest of the magazine making it more distinctive while the draft uses a varietyof different colour schemes that make it look ugly and unappealing. This let me knowthat a masthead is important in order to make my magazine stand out to my targetaudience in order to appeal to them.
  3. 3. Contents PageThe layout of the final product is very conventionalfor a music magazine as it features what is in side themagazine with sub-headings and imagesaccompanying them. In the draft layout of mypreliminary task it is very bland without the use of amasthead and the use of only one image which willmake it unappealing to look at.When creating my final contents page, I looked at mydraft layout and saw what I did wrong and how I canmake my contents page informative and interestingto read. I decided to add images to most of what isfeatured in the magazine to make it look appealing. Ialso decided to include all article on the left side ofthe page instead of both to make it look morepresentable but that meant not having it fit in theroute of the eye like in my draft but overall is laid outa lot better in my final product.